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volpino-italianoVolpino – Italian fox-neck look on his face and building resembles a German Spitz miniature. Volpino dog is also called Quirinal. It was established in Italy in the seventeenth century. It is much less common than Spitz Miniature (Dwarf Spitz).Volpino ancestors were quite popular during the Renaissance. These are fun family dogs, however, are not suitable for guarding. Some are trained for hunting dogs. Volpino coat is usually white and creates a small orifice. The tail is curled over the back, and the ears are small and erect, typical of Spitz.Dwarf Spitz has its own charm. It is devoted to his owner, intelligent and playful.



Italian Spitz – one of the breeds of dogs , belonging to the section of the European Spitz dogs . According to the FCI classification Without working trial . This is a very rare dog . In total, around the world there are about three hundred specimens of the breed .historical Overview Italian Spitz is one of the descendants of European Spitz which existed in the central part of the continent since the Bronze Age , and the fossilized skeleton was found next to the settlement of the pile foundations . Thus, Italian Spitz has the same ancestors as the German Spitz , which is not a child , but relative. It was grown in Italy since time immemorial, both in the palaces of the nobility, and in the huts of ordinary people , where it particularly highly valued because of instinct and alertness . He was a dog of Michelangelo , in the eighteenth century, tireless companion of the carters of Tuscany and Lazio, always ready to loudly warn them against strangers on the road.appearancebuilding Construction of a square , the length of the head is almost four tenths length of the body .head In the shape of a pyramid , the length of nearly 4/10 of the height at the withers. Skull length exceeds the muzzle ( 6,5 : 5) , the width between the zygomatic arches more than half the length of the head (7.3 : 11.5 ), the longitudinal and transverse cross-section slightly ovate , very slightly marked furrow , slightly emphasized occiput . The top of the skull and muzzle are slightly convergent. Grown bony forehead slopes almost vertically to the base of the nasal bone and are well educated . The nose moist , fresh, with open nostrils . Seen from the side is on the same line as the nasal bridge and is not above Flews . Always black, both in dogs white and red ointment. Muzzle shorter than skull , with converging sides , pointed. Bridge of nose straight .


Seen from the side of the lower jaw defines the lower edge of the muzzle. Lips seen from the front Flews top form with the lower edge of a straight line. Lip mucosa visible angle , which are very short muzzles . The edges of the lips black pigmented. Jaws does not seem very strong , normally developed and fit well with the front edge . Branches of the mandible simple. Teeth white , evenly set, fully developed. Scissor bite, pincer bite tolerated . Eyes wide open , normal size , express alertness and liveliness . Round, lie on planes forming the angle of the back wide open , eyes completely adhere to the eye , the iris dark ocher color , eyelid rims pigmented black . Ears short , triangular, carried erect , have rigid cartilage and are set to the inner side of the front. Set high and narrowly spaced , the length of the ear is approximately half the length of the head.neck Length roughly equal to the length of the head . Worn always straight. Tight fitting skin .trunk Squarely built body length from the foremost point of shoulder to point of buttock corresponds to the height at the withers. Topline: Topline straight , the loins slightly convex . Withers : Slightly raised above the topline . Croup : An extension of the lumbar region . Angle between the hip and the root of the tail is 10 ° . Chest: It reaches the level of the elbows , ribs well sprung . Long bridge. Bottom line : Floating slightly from the bridge towards the belly . Bottom line slightly marked.tail Embedded in the extension of the croup, carried permanently curled over the back . Length of the tail is slightly less than the height at the withers.limbs The forelegs . Vertical and completely parallel to the median plane of the body . Shoulder length corresponding to one quarter of the height at the withers and the angle of inclination of 60 ° . Arm longer than the shoulder blade angle is 60 ° . It is more or less parallel to the median plane of the body . Forearms straight and vertical , with a slight bone , distance from the ground to the elbow slightly more than half the height at the withers. Elbows parallel to the median plane of the body . Wrist and knuckle seen from the front of the forearm extend a vertical line . Viewed from the side are slightly bent. Front Feet oval , with well knit toes . Cushions feet and fingers and nails black . The hindquarters . Viewed from behind, from the buttock to the ground completely vertical and parallel to each other . Thigh length corresponding to approximately one third of the height at the withers, completely parallel to the median plane of the body . Lower leg slightly shorter than the thigh , a light bone structure , inclined at an angle of 55 – 60 ° . Hock: distance from the tumor to the surface of the calcaneus is just over 1/4 of the height at the withers. Hock viewed as the rear and side set is vertical and parallel. Interest rear oval , with the same characteristics as the front feet .Coat and coat Hair is thick , very long , very straight and stand-off , rough and stiff , you should never fall , even if it is not very thick but must stand out . Body seems like a wrapped muff , especially at the neck , which creates abundant hair collar . Head covered with half long hair , covering the bridge of his ear, the hair on the muzzle short. The ear hair very soft and short tail very long. The back legs forming fringes . COLOUR: • A solid white . • A solid red. • Color champagne permissible , but not desirable. Pale orange hue on the ears – tolerated , but in any case an imperfection .gait Without such a short jumps at the trot and canter like . In any type of gait step is to be comprehensive . Skin tight everywhere fitting, without sagging .Behavior and character Very attached to his surroundings and family, with a distinctive temperament , lively , cheerful and playful .


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