The choice of method of training October 16, 2013 at 3:43 pm

There are many methods you can use to train your dog – from the primitive beginning , a rather sophisticated finishing . The methods of training in some (but relatively small ) extent, is affected by technological progress . For example, does not need to put a fence around your yard , because you can install invisible electronic fence that does not allow the dog to leave the area because it sends an electrical pulse every time the dog will try to do it.The choice of method or a combination of several methods of training depends on what best suits the owner of the dog and what works best in a particular race.Before you started the training program , you should consider what is the purpose of training and what you want to achieve. Many people headed to look at buying a dog , not paying attention to the typical character and utility features of the breed . As a result, the owner is unhappy , when the dog grows up.Almost all dogs can learn to perform basic commands of obedience , but the characteristics of the breed may hinder this task. Both Collie Collie and Jack Russell terrier can learn the command “down – stay ” , but probably in the terrier need more time and determination by the teaching your dog the command. In recent years in our country have become popular labrador retrievers . Many families are choosing to buy a dog , because it is really a wonderful breed – suitable for children , is prone to training and requires no special care of hair . Unfortunately, many people forget that this breed requires a large amount of traffic and is a member retriever , therefore, like to retrieve everything that is not glued to the ground.Our website contains brief descriptions of hundreds of races, so if anyone wonders what to choose , take a look at the descriptions of the most interesting in this case. In addition, many books have been written describing the breed of dog , more or less detail .

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