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St. Bernard

For several centuries, near the pass of St . Bernard , linking Switzerland and Italy , in the Augustinian monastery , grown dogs, whose job was to rescue people in the mountains, avalanches przysypanych , dying of cold. In the Alps , at an altitude of about 2500 meters above sea level, sometimes from September to June is several meters of snow , and the temperature reaches – 30 degrees Celsius. A very common occurrence is fog, storms and blizzards . Especially in the past, when there was no tunnel linking the two countries , it was difficult to traverse mountains and hikers pass through eight months of the year very difficult to enter . And so – to help those in need – in the eleventh century Bernard of Aosta founded the monastery passes and shelter .She began a great career as an indispensable helper dogs on the mountain wilderness .

Deserves special mention that the original Saint Bernard was a dog twardowłosym , lighter and smaller . In the nineteenth century, St. Bernards were crossed with nowofundlandami so next shorthair copies appeared Longhair . It soon turned out that the harsh mountain conditions on fur snow freezing is a major impediment to the movement. To this day, the pass for that reason are bred Saint Bernards for garment harder and much shorter than in most specimens encountered at dog shows in Poland and beyond.But back on the wilderness alpine routes , to the days when dogs were not , as now , almost exclusively attraction for tourists from all over the world, many visitors to the monastery converted into a hotel. In those years, the help provided by the monks were highly organized. The most difficult sections of roads were patrolled daily. One man was carrying two dogs , an experienced lifeguard and younger , only przyuczanego bernarda . The training lasted for a very short time . After a few lessons, young lifeguard was able to work independently . This is a very important feature of Bernardine – if you understand what you require of him doing it immediately.These dogs are impressive minded partners and, therefore, the absolute error is the use of violence . The effect of this action might be just the opposite of the expected response and stubborn dog jam . St. Bernard is a great defender of the situation is necessary – but brave and balanced combat . Humor , even movie scenes taken from the life of a great expert described the dog and a trainer Joanna Milewska . Puppies discussed race Joanna watched as he hung the laundry and then gather at some point began to do the same , to pluck the strings underwear and brought to the door of the house …. On another occasion , in a hotel when the maid took the used towels from the room and went corridor , St. Bernard ran for her and the truck , terrorizing the girl brought everything back ….Outstanding intelligence and sense of direction that pay dividends for a long time and not only alpine rescuers . In the most difficult conditions , at night , during a blizzard or storm – Dogs always ended up in shelters and are irreplaceable helpers religious. Most talented Bernards took trips alone without people. This dog patrol consisted of three , four pets . After digging out from under the snow victims of two dogs formed a near by heating their bodies , and the third cucił licking his face . Fourth task was to bring the monastery assistance. An important addition to any dog rescuer was attached to the collar, a small barrel of alcohol to warm up the found wanderer.

During the almost three centuries reported that rescue of the dogs two and a half thousand people. There were many dogs who became famous for great dedication , intelligence and efficiency of operation. The most famous among them is the legendary Barry, who lived from 1800 to 1814 . It is difficult to determine what is truth and what is legend, the undisputed facts show, however , that it was a superlative dog’s personality . Barry had a great sense of direction , an excellent sense of smell , outstanding resistance to frost , incredible intelligence. He also had an almost telepathic properties . For several minutes before he could warn of an impending snow storm , when people still did not notice any signs of it . Similarly sensed descent avalanche broke off abruptly from the place where he lay , and after a few minutes there tons of falling ice, snow and rock . When I was approaching fog or snow turmoil , Barry was restless , and he ran up the mountain to look for the missing . His most famous achievement was to save the boy , whose mother sat on the back of the dog and tied a long scarf . Barry brought him to the shelter . Mother sadly died , pushed by an avalanche in the bend rock , from which she could not get out. On a recent trip Barry was a man in a snowdrift . When he came near him , a tourist from fear struck him with a sharp tool , fatally wounding him . Referred to the shelter , and then transported to Bern for treatment , Barry unfortunately did not survive .Before the monastery at the Great St. Bernard Pass is a statue of a dog on a pedestal with the inscription : ” The heroic Barry saved the lives of forty people and was killed by the forty- first ” . If you are in Bern, visit the Natural History Museum. Barry was there.St. Bernard parameters : a strong , muscular body in each passage ( the average weight of a dog – 80 kg , females – 65 kg , dogs especially often exceed 100 kg weight and reach 90 cm in height at the withers ) . Length of the body exceeds the amount of 8% . There are two variations of the Swiss breed : short-haired and long-haired . With the exception of garments anatomical differences between them does not exist.


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  1. The question here on the forum a lot of these freaks who are St. Bernards? She has more of a great desire to reading, as perceptions about the breed, and why this race, and what is your Piesio, and in general everything that you have to pass … Feel and greet.

  2. Hello! I have a DA and St. Bernard.

  3. Hello, please write how much has your dog, you had behavioral problems if any, was, what are your Benka relationships with children … you were the problems can jump up on people when they greet, I have this problem, but what is the strangest only to strangers, at home or in the yard is not how you enjoy jumps (unless the at my mother, as it brings something to jedzonka) is doing this to me on the street to strangers, who usually responds to it —- oh, oh how pretty I Piesio, kiss, kiss, shot a tutu … and then she gets glupawki, you just do not hear me .. Well, and is incredibly Lakoma, enough to not enter the throat that someone sees them and it does not give, also not know how to weed because it takes me longer damn it! Daughter suffers because this shit steals her joke, just pulls it out of hand, and it is not about domination, because Alice can the dog do what you really want , but if it comes to dog chow is just going deaf, as in the situation above … What do you think?

  4. I have two English mastiffs, Black Russian Terrier and St. Bernard at the age of 4 years. My Saint Bernard Sydney quite different from the current ideas about bernardynach: is dominant (it was hard to raise him, but once caught, that he is not the most important, since it does not have any problems with him) and really had a great caretaker. She is also very smart, knows how to behave in every situation, does not show excessive aggression, loves our 7-year old daughter, even though the foreign children not zaufałabym him. Until recently, I was still bitch St. Bernard, but unfortunately passed away last year from us. Never in my Bernardienes I had no problems with the jump up, though Sydney is trying to attract attention, but then you have to just ignore it and it goes right. They are wonderful dogs and one of my most beloved breeds.

  5. Well, what if it turned out that now five month Iris, a few months we will try to dominate it will be a serious problem, because I do not have in nature such steadfastness that will allow me to raise Dominat, so chose in race which I love, but which is also a mild , and it seemed to me that the most appropriate for children, I have a 5 year old daughter, Alicia, who only learns how to deal with such a large dog, and honestly say to not trust, or a dog, or small, so try not to leave them alone. You wrote that it shows excessive aggression, so I requested the aggression turns out … you can write in what situations it is getting more or less “aggressive”?

  6. My brother has a St. Bernard bitch, but not recognized as a race – apparently not considered securities ZK her father or mother. Father huge over stukilogramowy dog from Ukraine, the mother did not know. The female is very cool, the adhesive I put her picture at the end of a topic: “My friend MOF” but then I was still a baby. It has a nice heavy but not sloppy massive structure. straight back and a very nice mouth so bitchy, not as big as dogs. It has a large paddock and stall but sleeps at home in the hallway.  Bratostwa urge to enter the Molossian, but for now peas against the wall …

  7. What a sweet dogs, even menacing dad. About the defender and friend, I dreamed of as a child. Furba such a dignified lady, almost grown, how old is she? Of course, the coolest photo of him sleeping in piernatach and the chase of maluszkami.  Now we are waiting for Iris Justine

  8. Welcome. I am new Members and also the owner of a St. Bernard . It is a two-year bitch . Lovely and quiet (except for exceptions). In total domination came about dogs and their proper upbringing. Frankly I can not imagine that the 75kg dog had had over me . This is dangerous . A pop up at the man ‘s badge of dominance. But prioritization does not have to be violent . All interested I would highly recommend a book about it – ” Eye of the dog ,” John Fischer . I believe that every dog owner should know it by heart. Can not even imagine how many errors could be avoided then . I am with my bitch I have two problems . First, do not want to eat. I mean . but it poorly and did not get fat from a must . It is healthy and dewormed . Second – I would like to have a small Bernardine . But none of this . Dating – although organized in good time – fails. As if all goes well but as it comes to the most important moment – my St. Bernard sits . The dog must overcome the taste . And so it was seven days of that sometimes bitch covered on power? Please someone who knows something about the issues raised guidance.

  9. Thanks a lot for your reply. When it comes to food – my St. Bernard is a former big bone and a former high ( father about 100 kg) , so this does not fit its thinness . I give her dry food with increased energiczności but she eats it every other day. I tried different companies but the effect is still the same . Quite happy to be cooked food (meat , rice, vegetables) but it’s cooking because of the time-consuming for me is a big problem . I heard that after the first young female should take proper ” body.” Marciniec I know the book but I think too much is made of the breed standard and too little about the nature and upbringing of St. Bernard . As for reproduction. I know almost everything about the pseudo- culture , hip dysplasia and forumowiczów opinion on dogs without pedigree . My bitch has no pedigree ( pedigree father , mother – both parents saw what I knew to decide ultrasound done without dysplasia ) so it is a hybrid . Was subject to assessment – based breed standard is approximately Yet consciously and responsibly want to have young hybrids (hi hi) . For the health of females indicated and besides, I already willing to buy any dogs ( friends ) . Stud , I chose a pedigree , is healthy and experienced in ” those” things. So please advice what to do to succeed coverage . The dates when you go on a date I know everything .

  10. Super-Duper website! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am taking your feeds also

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