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Shih Tzu is one of the “lion dogs” Far East, which are associated with Buddhist beliefs. The Chinese used to call them shi-tze-kou (Tibetan lion dog).His appearance shih tzu is a reminder of a lion. The temple dogs hit the Chinese court as gifts for the guests. There were raised with love. The first units arrived in Britain in 1930, initially determined to have Chinese apso. The similarity to the Pekingese, however, tends to believe that these races are related to each other.This dog has a lively temperament and friendly nature. It has a distinct personality and kept the added charm to independence. It’s ideal for a peaceful dog who admittedly enjoys walking, but can it be enough garden or backyard.Shih tzu for almost all my life is happy and playful. His abundant hair requires intensive care. Dogs that are not issued, meets with short hair.




Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is a breed originating in Tibet. These dogs are among the oldest breeds derived from the Lhasa Apso and Pekingese . In the sixteenth century, it usually sacrificed greatly in China each guest. With the Pekingese he enjoyed sympathy of the imperial court . Among Tibetan dog lovers created a big fuss when in 1930 the dogs were brought to England from China , which initially were considered lhasa apso . However, it was impossible not to notice a difference in the shape of the head and hair of both races. Long argue that if these dogs , shih tzu is called , it comes with a separate race or a slightly different lhasa apso .Were right but also those who are in the ” Chinese apso ” seen simply apso deviating slightly from a Tibetan – Chinese themselves determine because of the dog as a ” coming out of Tibet.” In China , however, has been given the clear ” Chinese ” attributes , especially your nose and made it very clear break between the frontal bone and nasal cavity, which really made like him to Pekingese . Today, hardly a hundred percent tell what is true and what is not , especially the lack of accurate records on the subject. It is certain, however, that the shih tzu , although considered today as the Chinese race , much closer to the lhasa apso than pekińczykowi and you can not deny their common origin

History of the breed

This breed is considered to be Chinese , because there found her English . Held at the imperial court krótkonose pekingese dogs crossed with ofiarowanymi by the Tibetan overlords type dogs in the Tibetan Terrier , have resulted in long-haired and krótkonose . The roots of the breed should therefore be traced in Tibet. Wealthy residents of the capital – Lhasa – stuck in their homes two kinds of dogs , big and small Tibetan mastiffs , nice boys ” knee ” . Dalai Lamas were also a large number of small dogs . Because they considered them to be extremely valuable , sacrificed his next kings of these little treasures. As they were the epitome of the Buddha accompanying lions were called Shih Tzu dog or lion .The palace of the Chinese emperors conducted a more professional system of breeding dogs , less spontaneous. All dogs were drawn on special plates breeding , which also recorded the stories of their culture and life. She Empress determined the selection of breeding pairs , and because the dog was usually very much for their support staff serving held responsible for the health and proper care of animals. At various times, the reign of the Chinese dynasty different types of dogs are preferred. Once they were pekingese , pugs gładkowłose once and another time long-haired shih tzu . The latter was the least . In 1908 , after the death of Emperor Tzu Hsi , his son took over the throne of Pu -Yi , was still a minor. Dog breeding has been the neglect , without going into liquidation .Chinese are very jealously guard their little friends , treating them as messengers of the holy Buddha on earth. Although many dogs were taken to diplomats accredited to the court , it was not possible to pekingese and shih tzu left the borders of China. Apart from the difficulty of being transported by sea to other parts of the world the Chinese people would prefer to feed them ground glass than let the profanity .Group of valuable animal lovers proudly took up farming in Beijing. In 1934, Dog Breeders Association was established in the city , and before that even Western-style organized several times a year the exhibition. In 1938 he established and announced Chinese standard shih tzu . When in 1939 the Communists took power , the Chinese cynology ceased to exist and live in this time, the dogs met a tragic fate. They were considered a sign of luxury and decay typical of the Imperial Court .

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Although single copies already reached shih tzu Norway and England, their official arrival in Europe is determined on the year 1930 . Then Miss Hutchins returned from China to England , bringing six dogs of this breed . Four belonged to her, and two to the Lord and Lady Brownrigg . Both women together engaged in farming beloved breed even in Beijing. Preserved photos from the exhibition Beijing , where they show a very nice and well-built dogs , with a poorer layout than what we see today . A year after the return of Miss Hutchins came to London lordostwa Brownrigg . They also brought with them some of the breed , already own culture overseas .A great lover of shih tzu was also the Duchess d’Anjou . However, it does not lead to systematic breeding in France , was a great connoisseur and repeatedly asked for help by the Englishwoman , had served his council ekspertki . English culture has developed very well. There have been a number of exchanges between France , Norway and England . As before, it was with pekińczykami , shih tzu became a real sensation . How many years ago Queen Victoria Pekingese , as in the thirties Queen Elizabeth (then Princess of York ) received a gift shih tzu – Choo Choo . Despite pug , all breeds introduced to the eastern European kynology England , had a decisive influence on their culture and dictated certain preferred tendencies.In 1934 the club was Apso and Lion Dog , and a year later founded the breeder has a separate club for the shih tzu . The popularity of the breed grew rapidly in 1939 were 183 registered dogs of the breed . The whole world staring at well organized cynology English , pointed to the new breed very quickly. In the thirties, a few dogs were imported to the United States , Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Italy .As a self- shih tzu breed was recognized by the AKC ( American Kennel Club) only in 1955 . The recognition of standards and adoption of a herd book was in 1969


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