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The problem with the advent of the home a puppy is polluting his apartment urine and feces . Pure science should start from the moment of bringing your puppy home . To reduce the losses associated with the presence of a puppy , preferably roll the carpet in the room where the puppy will stay and room to spend a few days in newspapers.

Within a few days the puppy will choose the one part of the space to deal with their needs , then the rest of the floor can be removed newspaper. In the following days we reduce the amount of newspapers to one , absorbing fluids newspaper and place it near the front door to a later time, the dog relieving needs associated with leaving home .Puppy care of their needs most after sleeping , and after eating, after exercise, fun. The desire to pass urine or stool may indicate anxiety puppy exercise and sniffing the floor. So if the dog just woke up , finished food or fun , or fidgeting restlessly in place and sniff the floor, and is out of the newspaper , it must be easily transferred to the paper.After each bowel movement in the newspaper, the puppy should reward good words , pats , or preferably a good bite to know that this behavior is desirable and beneficial for them (because they can then get a reward ) .

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Punishing your dog for soiling the carpet or wood flooring is not recommended and may cause the opposite effect than expected . The dog can then be afraid to do in the presence of the owner and of fear of punishment , which is associated , not piss on the carpet , but piss in the presence of the owner, to fix their needs such as sofa , where nobody sees it . It may also happen that the dog painfully punished by the owner will be in fear at the sight posikiwał . The effect of punishing a dog for inappropriate handling of a neurosis may be manifested by an inability to donate the dog feces and urine in the presence of the owner, the owner keeps the dog on a leash or staring at the dog .It happens that the puppy bites newspaper to shreds , or do not want them to be. In this case, better to replace paper cloths ( rags ) to the floor. Dirty cloth after each rinse , if after washing cloth will continue to ” smell ” with dog feces , it does not matter – the smell of manure will encourage your puppy to recontamination of cloths .When passing the quarantine period after vaccination and can no longer go out for a walk , then teach your dog to settle out. Since the puppy is already accustomed to fix the paper (or cloth ), starting with him for a walk we take the newspaper with you and put it on the grass, and a puppy on the newspaper. When the puppy starts to defecate outside the newspaper (preferably on grass ), you can opt out of taking a walk newspapers .Attractive place to deal with the needs are for a puppy space ( lawns, trees, poles ) , which are handled by other dogs ( the smell of manure stimulates other dogs urine to mark their presence ) . Walk should last at least as long as the dog take care of their needs . When the puppy defecates ( on paper or directly onto the grass ) reward his good word , pats , or preferably a good bite .If the dog began to settle their needs outside the home , keeps urine and feces by the time you are away from home, we stop spread his newspaper on the floor ( cloth ) .From puppy to go out often , even every hour initially , then the easier it will be to refrain from emptying the house. Do not ignore signs that the dog that needs to go . Whenever the puppy wakes up , and when he turns anxiously at the door and looking for a newspaper , you need to move out. Several months the puppy should move out 5-6 times a day , an adult dog at least three times a day. Keeping the dog house with a full bladder favors bladder disease ( inflammation of the bladder , stones in the bladder ) .If we have a garden where other dogs do not come , we can learn from the beginning puppy defecate outside the apartment. It is then aware of the release or the elevation of the garden dog after every nap , after every meal , and active play, when it is restless and if not for a long time wypróżniał up .If after returning from walking the dog to pee set , again carry him out. If there’s a will flush properly – reward tasty morsel .

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