Prepared foods for dogs March 14, 2014 at 12:26 am

Dry food


Despite its name, it contains approximately 10% water. Although all species have similar nutritional composition, use of different materials, and some may be better digested or tastier than others. One of the advantages of dry food is its low cost, especially if you have a large dog. It can be purchased and stored in large quantities for several weeks. However, if it is held too long, it can erode and lose vitamins. Dry food is more concentrated and can help dogs suffering from food. Abundant stools are difficult to remove, for example lawn, although less smell. One word of warning – at the beginning it is difficult to assess how much dry food should be administered, and its excess can cause obesity.


Food semi-dry


Sometimes called “soft-moist” contains about 25% water. In general, resembles canned or piece of meat and for this reason many owners prefer it on the dry food. Semi-dry foods are packaged in a medium-sized portions and do not need to be refrigerated. Diets based on a semi-dry foods are more expensive, but are a good option for dogs accustomed to fresh meat when it is difficult to get them. Some small dogs love it. It contains a lot of sugar, and is therefore not suitable for dogs with diabetes.




This is probably the best known food for dogs, but many people do not realize that there are 2 types to be used otherwise. Some contain grits , making it a complete dish , others only meat and for them to add crackers to balance them . You always have to read the description of the preparation . Administration of the meat itself without the biscuit is expensive because it takes more of it to satisfy your appetite dog and it is not a nutritionally balanced diet . Each species has a different composition of canned and may require different amounts of biscuits per can . If the dog does not want to eat biscuits , you have to try nutritious canned . Note that, although convenient, they are heavy to carry and take up a lot of space ( we carry and store more water than other types of food ) .Canned have different tastes . Some components may not correspond to our dog and cause diarrhea. You can also get special canned food , including food for puppies , of fine texture , food with a mild flavor for demanding small dogs , and food for special recipes for dogs with certain health problems ( doctors ) .

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