Poisoning a dog March 7, 2014 at 9:04 pm

It may happen that your dog will find at home, in the garden or on the street toxic products ( cleaning products, rat poison , insecticides ) and swallow them . As soon as you notice this , try to make vomited : Force him to drink more water very salty or enter emetic. After emptying of the stomach , use a laxative , for example, paraffin oil or castor oil.Further action depends on the type of poison ingested . Metaldehyde , the main component of the protection against slugs , will be offset by barbiturates . The antidote for coumarin , most commonly used rat poison , will vitamin K action of strychnine , causing violent cramps tetanus , mitigate the barbiturates . Remember that you should not give milk , which in some cases ( poisoning with insecticides , phosphorus ) can aggravate the symptoms of poisoning . Apply more effective shielding drug and contact your veterinarian immediately .In the case of gas poisoning your dog will react faster than you. First, you get tired , then drowsiness and weakness , onset of sleep and coma . In this case, do artificial respiration and immediately drive the animal to the vet .

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