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Pekingese breed is very old, is already present in ancient China. In 1860, the first pekingese hit the old continent. At the end of the nineteenth century, the Empress Tzu Hsi acquitted breed and tips on how to breed pekingese.Characteristic features of pekińczyków are round, dark and big eyes, wide nose with open nostrils, very hairy legs, lush mane and flattened profile.The nature pekingese are stubborn and irritable, they may even attack its owner, if improperly it is dealt with. Usually, however, after such an attack dog regrets what he has done and is doing everything to make you forgive him. Although his character is very cute pekingese. They are long-lived dogs, even though the short nose makes it harder to breathe. Sometimes I meet with them benign tumors (lipomas).




Rarely is a breed is so vivid in the legends and history. Probably Pekingese bred in Tibet and because of this country even before 500 BC race were exported through Manchuria and Mongolia to the kingdom of China. Here you simply gained immense popularity thanks to the legend , which says that the Buddha was accompanied pekingese and if the danger threatening them you changed the lions . Based on the belief in the legend pekingese kept only in the courts and palaces. Few people know that the thirteenth century pekingese were surrounded by almost a cult and they can be only residents of the imperial palace and his master could be only the emperor – no one else could get ownership of the Pekingese . Case almost unheard of , but it was believed until the eighteenth century when , exceptionally, allowed white pekińczykom dwell in temples and be worshiped in them by the people who believe in the dogma proclaimed that the variety of colors dog – lion is not only the animal, but the reincarnation of the dead ancestors.The trivia is worth noting that protect against diseases Pekingese strictly no holding other dogs in the vicinity of the imperial palace and absolute ban on being pekińczyków outside the walls and buildings of the palace. Incredible is the imperial palace did not regret the money and everyone Pekingese living in China, de facto imperial court , he had his own personal concierge , whose duty it was to take care of it , to the royal pet has not approached any other quadruped , which was punishable by death, negligence on .

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There are cases – after warming trade relations with Europe that Europeans happened to beg the Emperor Pekingese dog breed – but none of these ‘ gifts ‘ did not arrive alive to Europe, not to mention the fact that the EU has stimulated cultures . The reason was the practice of feeding pekińczykowi the last meal before traveling palace of broken glass or sharp pieces of bamboo. The law said that no one but the emperor may not have ownership of the Pekingese and guarded by this law !It was only in 1860, John Hay exported from China five pekińczyków and offered them to the English Queen Victoria.From now on, you can not imagine England without a Pekingese dog breeding . Officially recognized the breed in 1898 and then was the first official standard , and in 1904 was made an independent Pekingese Club . Pekingese expansion into other European countries soon followed , in 1900 pekingese came to Germany and then spread throughout continental Europe.



overs of the breed argue that the nature of the Pekingese is more like a cat than a dog. This dog stubborn, cheeky, independent and courageous. But that’s not all the features of his character-Pekingese is a friendly, very attached to its owner, his family home, where he lives and caressing. This is not a typical pet, to caress allows only people and during which he wants! The feeling Pekingese must be earned and so you can really never be the donee.This little lion is sometimes cheeky, surprisingly impetuous and warlike. Exactly what was described by the Empress of China.


When it comes to the requirements of this pekingese do not expect a long and tiring walks. Not suitable for the practice of dog sports and physical training increased . This is due to the anatomical conditions pekińczyków .Please note that this Pekingese dog per owner rather than the whole family , so it’s good when the start of our relationship with this breed Pekingese learn that one person involved in the health , feeding and care exercised over him . Pekingese then not experiencing any frustration or stress , because it does not have to wander from hand to hand and get used to other people than his master .Buying Pekingese we must be prepared for a lot of jobs. His profuse coat requires laborious and attentive care , with which you can save on suitable equipment and cosmetics. Comb regular intervals especially in the chest , side , abdomen , otherwise the hair will be searched and cause painful pulling . Limit the walks in the winter, because our pet will all the snow. Particular care require large, exposed and protruding eyes , which are subject to injury during play or running across the lawn . It is good to wash the eyes with special preparations – in the eyes can not see any lesions . Pekingese have a shortened muzzle , making it difficult for them to breathe , hence the reluctance to long and tiring walks and rainy and cold weather , which can not tolerate . On hot days pekingese may have trouble breathing , hence the need for shady walks and provide them with access to fresh water . Should also take care of the right kind of nutrition balanced feed matched for small breeds .

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