Obesity and the dog March 7, 2014 at 9:14 pm

If your dog eats more than normal, you suspect an invasion of internal parasites or other diseases. Part of females exhibits increased appetite in heat before , and almost all – in the end of pregnancy and after childbirth. The administration of certain drugs is the cause of the increased interest in food ( hormonal preparations , vitamins, micro – and macro ) . Increased appetite observed in dogs in the cold season , especially in animals kept outside the home.Excessive food is the most common cause of obesity , especially in older dogs in which the production of hormones regulating metabolism is limited.



Another cause of obesity can be bad metabolism , lack of physical activity , disease . Obesity leads to a reluctance in moving , shortness of breath , dog quickly gets tired and reluctant to respond to commands . Fat accumulates mostly in the intestinal mesentery , causing enlargement of the volume of the stomach. Less frequently observed in dogs local obesity in which the fat accumulates in the form of tumors and folds floating above the surface of the coating skin .

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