Nursery for dogs October 16, 2013 at 5:31 pm

Very good investment in the future of your dog is to take him to classes in kindergarten at the age of puppyhood . Our pet will have the opportunity to do so for fun and socialization with other dogs. He can also learn appropriate behavior when in contact with the representatives of their species.Mind puppy is very absorbent , like a child’s mind . All you dog learns as a child , you will remember for a lifetime.When looking for puppy kindergarten , we should look at what is on offer. Best to take your pet to this nursery , where in addition to playing with other puppies offered basic obedience training . Of course, fun and socialization are very important. It is important for people and dogs enjoying themselves , and the instructor was friendly and knew about what he was doing .Meetings with other dogs should be enjoyable for our pet , but they should be under our control and not rely solely on the fun and madness , which could lead in future to us that it would be difficult to control the dog in the presence of other dogs.In the nursery , which is well run , puppies should be able to play together for the first 2-3 hours of classes on the first two meetings , and at subsequent meetings for about three minutes after class . In this way the dog will know that it first needs to work with us , and the reward will be playing with other dogs. This principle should apply throughout their lives and to teach it as a child would be a sensible step .During the classes in kindergarten puppy should learn basic concepts such as “sit “, “down ” or “stop ” . It should also learn of becoming a place and coming on command . If the nursery is run by professionals , the dog should be no problem to perform these commands .If it happens that the leading nursery say that the dog is too young to train , you better stay away from this nursery . Witnessing this will be a lack of knowledge about dog behavior.

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