Miniature Pinscher October 14, 2013 at 4:56 pm

Miniature PinscherThe breed is now commonly referred to as ratlerkiem. It is a miniature copy of the Doberman. It was established in the late nineteenth century, and its ancestor was not doberman pinscher but Shorthair.Miniature Pinschers were bred by breeders with puppies German Pinscher medium. Chosen the smallest items, and eventually received a puppy shorter than 30 cm. It is no different from anything except the size of the initial race.This dog is characterized in that the length of the body is about the same as the height at the withers. The neck is nicely arched, firmly installed, should be neither short nor fat. The tail is set high, shortened the length of the three circles, held up.

Description Miniature Pinscher breed Retriever is a popular breed of dog, more often bought as a “mascot” mainly because of their characteristic small size. In fact, ratlerki is a very energetic and lively dogs who enjoy the company of humans and other animals. They are curious animals and the environment, they like to travel with their owner, do not tolerate solitude, so very important in the breeding of this breed to ensure your dog gets large amounts of traffic. Miniature Pinschers are wide awake, bright and bold because, despite the small size of the body are performing well as a Watchdog.

His head is more rounded, and the muzzle shorter as  in miniature Pinscher, feet extremely thin(say it like matchsticks)  the temples often seen protruding skóry.Uszy clearances and large. His gait is uncertain, is shaking up posture(Very sensitive to cold).

it’s very fast and bouncy dog  jumps like a spring and shrill barks.This is a typical dogkanapowiec loves to sleep in pierzynach.It’s not embarrassing ideal for housing in the cityRetriever loves everything and everyone: adults, children … except rodents! Another common name for this breed is a “rat-catcher” and the owners of these dogs in the house holding her beloved rat or mouse, you should keep them as far away from this little dog, if they want to keep their pets alive …It is a little boy with a heart of a lion. With good positioning is the perfect companion for a man will do anything to please his master and he is ready to give his life for him.However, if it is ill-mannered, can become nervous and biting dog.

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