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Manchester terrier


Manchester terrierTerriers with black and tan are known in Britain since the Middle Ages. In the nineteenth century, living in Manchester breeder John Hulme associate these dogs with whippetami, resulting in the well-known to us today manchester terrier.Currently manchester terriers spread throughout Europe and North America. This dog is not easy to drive, it is typical for independence and militancy, for which there is still lively temperament. Manchester terriers are great szczurołapami. Today, this breed is one of the less common.



Manchester terriers derive their origin from the Old English Terrier with a black and tan coat . This breed no longer exists but not only flows in the veins of manchester terrier , but foksterierów , Airedale and many other breeds from group III . Direct ancestors manchester appeared on shows in 1859 in the country of origin or in England. English Kennel Club began to enter into this breed studbook in 1873 . But it was the year 1863 ( in  took the January Uprising ) changed the face of race. The London exhibition 99 pieces reported manchester terrier ( they were called then) black & tan terrierami ) . They are divided into growth criterion taking into 3 groups . The English at the end of the last century saw an opportunity to create several breeds: standard and miniature size , the division in 1863 reverberates today. In addition to manchester is smaller than the race which differs from the lower growth in the construction and details : English Toy Terrier.

Manchester end of the nineteenth century, the construction of a dog heavier than today’s champions, like the type of light staffordshire bull terrier. Englishmen wanting to refine the construction of race, and at the same time to create the perfect dog for hunting rabbits began to pour blood Whippet. Manchester has gained much elegance without losing mental acuity typical terrier.

Generally, manchester terrier terrier is visually unusual . It is a terrier with the shortest hair among this group , the addition of a pitch-black with a small number mahogany markings. Terrier was to assist the hunter fighting with a fox in a hole , but with the hair manchester króciutkim to 2 millimeters in this work is useless – soon to be slashed . Terrier should  game, and even in play manchester behave quietly . And it’s black so little to be seen . So what is the aim in creating dog breeders in which denial saying, ” terrier ” ? The answer is simple , despite appearances – manchester was the perfect dog poacher . At night fast as a greyhound , quiet as a hunting owl , black and therefore invisible , intelligent dog easily overtook the rabbit. In the house while the innocent Mink Shorthair dog with merry mesh in love with their owners warmed himself by the fire like a cat. Manchester terrier was undefeated as a rodent exterminator . Having been involved in the ” sport ” poor English – the killing of rats on time. It turned out that they are so good in those fights that were called Rat Pit – killer rats. Records that fell were then and still are impressive , although I’m not sure if anyone would be correct . To prove here are some governmental record-breaking time  100 dead rats within 8 minutes and 50 seconds , then 6 minutes 35 seconds , until the result incomprehensible to me today 6 minutes 13 seconds ! Taking home a few manchesterów me the results are not surprising – these dogs are really quick as lightning , and the question bothers me : why they took so many rats ? They were and still are dogs, bold, fast, strong and extremely physically fit . Fortunately, these days we do not need to use them for pest control . Their role is to accompany brought to man. For those with a flair for sports Manchesters recommend as great players in agility . Their passion and the will to fight on a possibility of joy to his master if you are unbelievable.

The most popular are now Manchesters in the Benelux countries (especially in Belgium are not only numerous but also very high quality ) , stormed acquire Germany. In Poland, the first Manchester was imported from Germany BORIS , but came as a pensioner and did not leave behind offspring. Good times for manchesterów began after 1994, when it came to my kennel gorgeous manchester Terrier Belgian Fanatic ‘s SUPRPRISE granddaughter twice World Champion . SURPRISE in the house called the Inca. INKA shown at the World Exhibition in Belgium received a very prestigious title of World Champion of Youth . Achievements of the girls are: International Champion , Polish Champion , Junior Club Winner . Champion Show , etc. In 1996, he joined the INKA SZOTI or Slaphap SHINDIG . This ultra- titled International Champion also moved to Aluzja . The progeny of this couple is a true elite of manchesterów . Then the flock manchesterów living in Aluzja joined another Belgian , daughter of Best Stud UK. Britain Ch.Pl. – Fanatic ‘s UNICORN .


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