Learning the commands “sit” October 16, 2013 at 5:19 pm

The seat is a natural position for the dog . The study of this command is a good start training. But before I proceed , make sure that the dog does not have any problems ( such as defect hips) and can easily sit down , not having any trouble with it .When we know that our dog is completely healthy and has no problem sitting down , make sure you have a treat . Keep it between thumb and forefinger , the dog saw him . Hand is directed upwards. Then we call a dog. You have to show him that we have in hand a treat . Best to give it to smell , and even to lick , but you do not have to let him take it.Then wait for a while , without spending any commands . The dog will focus his attention on us and sit down . As soon as you see that the dog sits , it must be immediately rewarded delicacy and pride . Then you have to repeat this process two more times.When you repeat this process , you need to attach to the stimulus sound and visual character . Then just enter the command . When the dog sits , say ” sit” and gently raise the wrist. This should be repeated 5-10 times.Finally, we spend the command ” sit” , using both voice signal and the movement of your hand , even before the dog begins to sit . This sequence also need to repeat 5-10 times. When the dog does not want to sit down after the command , do not repeat it . We take delight in its range , the level of the arm and spend the sound of discontent like ” oh! ” Then wait a few seconds and try again.When a dog has more or less learned to command , we should not give him a reward every time. Best to give a treat every other or every third time or even a quarter . The dog in this way, learn faster , because it is never certain when it receives a reward. You should never completely eliminate the awards and always have to praise the dog

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