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Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin (also called Japanese Chin) comes from the Far East. Apparently Korean ruler gave his boys the Japanese emperor palace. Only the most noble families could be in their possession. These dogs were kept in bamboo cages and worn in a wide kimono sleeves.In 1853 arrived in England as a gift. 27 years later, in 1880, received as a gift from the Japanese empress German Empress Augustine.China Japanese are living, cheerful and eager to old age to play with the dogs. They love long walks. They are responsive and firmly attached to their owner. They are easy to raise. The hair does not require too intensive care, only the corners of the eyes must be cleaned daily.


historyThe first mention of the breed appeared in 57 BC Ancestors of these dogs were sacrificed to the court of the Chinese emperor by the Korean rulers . According to historical sources , this breed was transported from China to Japan and Korea by diplomats. There is also a hypothesis that they come from dogs brought by Buddhist monks in Japan . These dogs have become a favorite dogs salonowymi not only in Asia but also in the USA and England, where he became a fellow of Queen Victoria.appearanceSize: 25-28 cmWeight : 3-4 kgrobeThe coat is silky, smooth and long. The whole body except the head is covered with abundant feathering . The ears , neck , thighs and tail are decorated with abundant feathers. Colour is white, black, or red patches . Valued are symmetrically placed patches covering the eyes , ears and body . natureJapanese Chin is a spontaneous , grateful dog , likes to have fun and the company is a good breed for a family with children , you may live in a small apartment , it needs a little movement, but is very active , so you should invest some time to play with it. It is very obedient , quick to learn , training should not cause a problem. However, can hardly learn to clean , which can be quite considerable disadvantage . This breed is prone to eye diseases , so you should receive special attention. You should be careful not during upałó , as this breed is often difficulty breathing because of a flat nose.Japanese Chin is a very rare breed , but the growing popularity of dogs living room , there are many farms that breed .Japanese Chin

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  1. I wanted to introduce you loved this wonderful breed, which she intensely now I’m learning and I’m waiting for my dream china and probably will never come because I still have some roadblocks in  However, I believe that simply is not easy to find unique animal, the very popular breed even be looking for the whole of Europe. Something’s going on in the subject line, far, far away but I do not want to jinx  In the meantime, show some photos  Then wklepię pattern and some poopowiadam what I learned the same. Unfortunately, my experience is only as głaskacz and przytulacz hahaha.  Bialystok here last year and Paco have the task of fighting check it at home the “Peking” with passion at all. Very him with passion as you can see.

  2. Welcome all  I discovered the joy of the information in this forum about the breed, which are representative of the happy owners. I mean, of course, Japan China in our lives almost osiemnastomiesięczna female – Gaia Rajton Bost, home fimka  Greetings!

  3. Let ‘s beautiful goddess you pieskach rewardfantka there are few in Europe . I do not know exactly how much (but I’ll find out – if it is not registered as nakolankowych I count but there are also probably a handful ) . There are a few farms ( to name my zdasniem leading – Imparato , with a very beautiful dogs too – Rajton Bots , Aquamarine , Damalwibor , Gorzowska Panorama ) china generally we are not bad because everyone started to perfect the genetic material . We have a lot of imports . Following this race for nearly two years and the rates show a slightly increasing trend but I do not think China is umasowił ever ( and I hope it did not happen ) . Apparently someone was that it was the Japanese response to the Pekingese hahaha but in fact the closest to Tibetan Spaniels ( characteristically ) They have amazing characters . There are … no Japanese . Such Zen . In a quiet, dignified , and at the same time as there’s a valid ( and it is very important that proper – in general they always do everything according to the circumstances haha) while I can get the crank that the shock . We love their people to retain were strangers distance. They are very similar to the characters mentioned Tibby . May little cat character. Distance , dignity , peace , at home, their “no “, not naprzykszają (like damn chihuahuaki ) guests , etc. Do not sleep on the ground, just like cats choose a higher place – a chair , a chair back, and how to let japońcowi it as I could on the cabinet or table . They love to move , walk and work. Themselves are not aggressive and abhor przemcą so only positive training generally do not bark too much and already in general are not barking or a blower or on walks . They like to be soundly running out , apparently successfully trained dog sports . While the pictures are so płaskoryj and ball of fur that can not be having direct contact with China did not fall in love . Beats of these magical aura . Litters are few , from 1-3 (sometimes more but I’m talking about the average) but females are usually born without any more complications (here compared with chi that every second has problems at birth ) . Puppies are hell unlike anything between Gremlins and niedokołysanym hamster. Puppies are cute and they look like stuffed animals . I am in love with the breed and certainly I have ever Japanese at home. But still something I do not get along hahaha way to him.

  4. Very tasteful these china  I wonder how they made such a short kufke – I even have it own theories  A long time ago, probably will be some thousands of years ago, anyone born  Chinkowi did and so was But I’m smart

  5. In our house Bernese live on a permanent basis . They are our passion , and they are in our … type might say . Chin is a surprise to us , in every sense of the word First … I’ve never would have expected a trinket in our house … Trinket reminds me of ferocity , szczekliwością i .. upierdliwością . When Julia fell in love with czinach Irina , his hands dropped us … Such a thing … Let’s face it , that the appearance of the Chin … EGH … But a distinctive character … This character can not be described ! Grutn that fimka that the “good morning” breaks all psiarzy friendly with us , for a moment , however, raises ABSOLUTELY all my heart! This walking gentleness, love , devotion i .. angelic peace ! This dog literally everything! The hug , fall in love , but also on long hikes . Fimka listens to the problems of my child whispered the dog ear fimka falls asleep and wakes my children , fimka returned us half Polish . I walked through the trees , darted after rozmarzających żeremiach beaver , ran the hot , coastal beaches I have to admit that this inconspicuous little bitch sooooo much taught us

  6. Japanese Chin is a small quadruped with a royal pedigree. The true origin of the breed is widely debated. It is widely recognized , however, that the dogs come from the territory of China and were brought to Japan in the first half of the eighth century. Since then, each noble house wanted to take possession of pets and create their own unique variety. As a result of these practices , a number of varieties of cinchona . Dogs have different size , weight, coat color and physical features. The first China ( or as accepted to speak – Cziny ) appeared in Europe only in the nineteenth century. In all likelihood have been transported by the U.S. Navy officer Matthew Perry Calbraith’ego and donated to Queen Victoria. Their original purpose is no different from today its functions – the dogs acted and acted as entertainment and entertaining time of their owners . Dogs China Japanese can perform several truly circus tricks that can entertain the audience . One of such is hopping on its hind legs while twisting of the front paws . At run time, a number of spectacular dogs may seem unique , very high-pitched sounds .

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