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This breed is still quite rare . Excellent guardian and protector and at the same great family dog , which is 3 in 1 It looks impressive, but everything in it is just a dog tags : pendulous ears , do not cut the tail of medium length hair . Males reach a height of about 70 cm (measured at the withers ) and weighs in proportion to the building , which is about 40-45 kg , females are smaller, about 58-65 cm and 30-35 kg. Hovawarciej fur coat also comes in three variants:blonde – from the golden sand , the most common and often confused with Golden,black and tanblack – the rarest , but most beautifully shiny in the sun.Hovawart (pronounced exactly as it is written ) is an old German breed of dog used for guarding farms , restored in the early twentieth century Polish literature Hovawart widely described in the first volume of ” Encyclopedia of dog show ” Hans Raber . See a pattern hovawart .



Because the generation of Hovawart raised livestock , quickly befriends household pets , especially if accompanied by szczenięctwa . Although Hovawart , seeing for the first time a hen, which in addition is running , it stops at popędowi pursuit , but pursuit is the result of curiosity – what’s escaping “something ” rather than desire to hunt chickens for breakfast.The model Hovawart is a dog of medium temperament , balanced and thoughtful . With a calm, consistent guide grows into a wonderful family member happy playing with children , as well as an effective defense , a strong need to guard your own site .Hovawart is a dog friendly people , sensitive, very connected with his family. But it’s a dog master. Most will stay close to the person who spends most of his time to playing , training , walking. The fastest it will execute the command .Hovawart dog is a working breed belongs to the so-called . performance , versatile , used in emergency , police, to guide people niewdomych . It also has excellent sporting dog . After passing the exams IPO schutzhund , dog shows race can be displayed in the working class .Currently, the emphasis is on utility hovawarts predisposition . In the homeland of the breed , Germany, utility lines can be found with a dozen generations. Dogs with such lines are generally more temperamental and have a great need to work with people.Hovawart dog as any dog of exceptional intelligence , is a dog tags of many contrasts subordinated to the guide , but stand your fond , menacing guardian and defender , but sensitive and gentle , calm and steady, but fast as lightning . A good guide as it will lead hovawart that these contradictions are not mutually exclusive , and complete.Misha sometimes takes part in dog shows, dressage organized for schools. When a strong and passionate attack helper , nobody wants to be the location of such delinquent . But then I go to him in the crowd of spectators , where  gasping with delight stroked by enthusiastic kids . Parents stand by and watch in disbelief that this is the same dog …

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  1. Dog taken from a shelter dog is traumatized . So often this love is a difficult feeling. You have to overcome their distrust , fear and uncertainty , and it happens that a wronged dog and soothe the soul . We do not know yet past the dog , do not know if and what kind of injuries suffered by humans or other animals , and yet these experiences shaped his character. Carers at the shelter do not have the time to ensure that all ward daily dose of tenderness and caresses, which for most pets is very important. That’s why a lot of adopted dogs from the shelter very quickly adapts to domestic conditions , which are always better than hostel- . Finding a family can be grateful and devoted . But there are also those that are suspicious , blocked, and it is difficult to assimilate , have strong feelings. Work on them will take some time . The dogs in the shelter can be divided into three types: willing – at any price he wants to attract attention, has written in his eyes ” just take me, and you will gain the most faithful friend.” This dog learns quickly and is trying to ingratiate himself to all members of the household . You probably will not be with him much trouble parenting . It may , however, prove that as quickly feel the most important member of the family and is going to fall on your head. INDIFFERENT – not jumping on the grid , greeting each potential master, not trying to draw attention to himself . Probably been through a lot . Is weaker mentally or do not feel confident of gibberish kind. With such a dog you have to work a little longer , but with each passing day his progress will be more and more proud of you for choosing him and gave him a chance to survive for many years in a normal house . Scared – sitting in the corner of the pen and shaking with fear or attack anyone who tries to get close . With him is the hardest , straightening his fractured psyche will take a lot of time . So you need to think about the choice , as it may happen that the dog will never function as healthy , you will always have some fears and obsessions . Perhaps , however, you manage to completely cure it and it will be your success . He will give you the greatest satisfaction. Besides, it’s scary to think the fate of a dog , if you would spend a lifetime in a shelter .

  2. First trip with a confused dog will not be easy , especially when you take advantage of public transportation. If a dog novelty under stress can throw up or get out , and you ‘ll have to clean up after him . The drive also may be associated with difficulties. Many wandering dogs were taken from the house by car and released on unfamiliar terrain . This dog associates car with another abandonment and can not be put into the vehicle. When you arrive home, give him time to familiarize themselves with the environment and residents . Show him his place , previously prepared , give him a drink and leave for some time alone , so a little tamed . Do not invite your friends to show them the dog , he will still have enough new experiences . Do not leave him at home alone, so as not to increase his stress. Many dogs will be cheerful when you introduce them to a new home, and some may even scare the sudden change . To help the animal to adapt to new conditions, reassuring him , do not make a frightened dog to do something against his will , and if that does not help , do not pay attention to him , this will give the desired sedative effect . SAVE MU SHOCK It is essential to proper nutrition in the early days of adoption. Dogs in the shelter are fed porridge with meat . On the other foods you need to adjust them gradually. And especially you can not give your dog a ” delicacy ” in the form of eg sausages or pies, because you get diarrhea , and her dehydration, body weakness , and decreased immunity . Then your mentee will catch any disease , it can easily catch a cold . The blame for the death of the animal’s owner frequently blamed shelter , accusing them of that sold him a sick dog . Meanwhile, the dogs falling ill and after leaving the hostel is in 80 percent of these , which dramatically changed the way of nutrition and ingredients , or which , for example, bathed in a shampoo for humans. TIME to get used . During the first days spent together dog to get used to your presence. Spend a lot of time let him to know you, a house and a new family. Talk to him , talk slowly and gently. Do not overdo it at the beginning of stroking – might not like either bad he was associated . Once the zżyjecie and will feel safe in your company , I’m sure you will all caress. You have to reckon with the fact that for the first few days, weeks, a dog can do at home, because I was nervous , scared , or have never lived in a house and does not know and does not know that it is not there to fix , or vice versa – you never go out to relieve themselves in the air , so is not able to move . You need to learn consistently , without anger , slowly . He feels lost . Together they begin to just build a bond between you that once ” broadcast on common waves ” . Give him time to met your needs . Do not rebuke him too hard for the first offense . Do not yell at him if he does something wrong, he may be frightened and locked , and then all the work on it will have to start from scratch. Perhaps once yelled at him and he was beaten . You can not allow to lose confidence in you . BE CONSISTENT . Let him feel that he has found true , new house, which has its place , and that is love. But that does not mean that you have to indulge him in anything . Do not make this mistake from the beginning or firm. The dog immediately needs to know what habits prevail in the new herd as he can and can not do. The rules in this herd will accept , take note of and will comply with them , provided that you act consistently . Do not let him do something for which it previously skarciłeś . FIRST WALKS . Keep your pet walks on a leash only to teach them to walk with you. Too much freedom can hit him to the head. Let him off the leash only when you decide that you no longer trust him . For the first time , however, do it away from people , other animals and traffic. Top on the large but closed area – for example, an empty school playground. I do not know yet whether it resides in the spirit of the hunter or if not stretching for cars. Observe whether afraid bangs , shots and other noises. During the holidays, New Year’s Eve and weddings , when the sky will be fireworks, keep the dog on a leash, because I do not know if he remembers anything , and how to react .

  3. ISSUES: Complex lack of love . The dog , who has not been in the past due to him serving feelings may be as insistent demand this of us . We then have a serious problem , we need to reconcile the desire to pay his grievances with common sense , education commanding the dog a sense of hierarchy herd. Demonstrating the dog excess of love can make it considers most important for someone in the family. Such a situation always brings problems of education , and sometimes even aggression directed at us . As an expression of sincere love we advise you to spend your dog as much time, especially in the form of walks and exercise. It is the dog likes the most . Sleeping in the same bed with you and eating with him at the table from the point of view of the dog’s case really secondary. Aggression towards other dogs . Leaving aside even past the dog shelter is not the best place for proper socialization with other dogs. Being in a small pen with other four-legged creatures can cause stress territorial and consequent aggression towards kin . In such a situation it is advisable to contact as often as our pet with cute dogs for a walk , so that the desire to have fun outweighed the possible tendency to fight. You can also save a dog obedience course for the group , which gets used to the company of other dogs. Distrust and anxiety . It’s probably the most common problem. It is normal that the animal , which suffered from a lot of evil people , struggling to rebuild trust them. If the dog is afraid of a raised hand , urinates on the back protector , afraid to eat from your hand , and when we speak nice to him , he looks as if he wanted to hide under the carpet , it means that his psyche has in the past strongly skewed. Everything must be done to avoid causing anxiety and try to spend time with the dog as much time, in the most natural way , such as walking . For a dog like that do not relate sharply , even while playing , nor rebuke in any way. It should gradually tame it with him , showing him a lot of sensitivity – petting, treats – in such a way as not to violate their behavior borders relationship with the dog , with time he also must learn to respond to the cry and to respect certain prohibitions , and we should learn understand that he is not yet ready to accept all of our behavior. Do not force your dog to love . Success can only be achieved gentleness and patience.

  4. Very good material to assimilate and apply in life

  5. Great article for anyone who embrace you some misery.  For me now for over six years lived. I remember those difficult beginnings as afraid of everything. Her husband came only after 2 years.  For foreign men still does not approach. Probably a lot of this has passed our malunia.  But today is so grateful dog for a walk that sometimes I look at her and she is just stuck in my legs that it can not even see  It’s nice to have such a rescued mongrel in the house.

  6. And sure, it’s cool!  My Gawroszek (from the street) does not come close to any foreign person, although it is already with me almost nine years. When someone comes to us for nothing come home. As for walks on a leash flexi only because I left him roaming tendencies, and this has a strong hunting drive. To look up has its own garden and it certainly is a happy dog.  Belga (with Thumb) defeated panicky fear of the outside world after about four years …  Oh, a long time to write. Thanks Marysia for this text.

  7. Sure, it ‘s cool to have adopted dogs My adopted the Opportunity Jessi when I brought it home it zesikała with fear until today does not like large men staring into her eyes , and when a child wants to pat it growls a warning ! Buggi was a ” complaint ” to the culture . When I brought it home, that dog did not go (he had more than a year ) . I drove and I took him to veto , and even looked up and said it was a very sick dog and is probably terrible dysplasia , because if not it is going have to make him terrible pain . Buggi could be eight hours without moving , not react to food, to cry , as if to cut off from reality . It turned out that the dog is not because ….. a lot of stress ! What had he done the previous owner that it has led to such a state ? Buggi learned from Jessi and Gucci confidence in man, and they were for him the best Pet Therapy Now Buggi runs, jumps and barks loud with joy when I get home . Sisk adopted , as was two months and panics seeing the handset from the shower – probably more than once she got her head when she bathed her owner to a willing to buy it to show a clean dog , because Siska was kept in the basement in the faeces of the ankle . To this day I could not odwrażliwić her on the phone from the shower , a bitch terrible trauma

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