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Yorkshire Terrier

Each recognized breed has established , international standard , the standard of the breed . Data standards of the breed are of great importance at the start of breeding dogs and are almost ” Bible ” of each breeder.Commission establishing the compliance of members of that race with the international standard of that breed decide definitively whether the dog is suitable as a breeding animal of the breed and that his descendants will get called . Card origin. Description Yorkshire Terrier standard is as follows . It is a small animal , but compact build. Body proportions dog viewed from the side are close to a square. Body weight does not exceed 3.2 kg . The dog remains ” proud “, upright posture . Should emanate from it ” self-confidence ” . Front and rear legs are straight, parallel to each other, and the limb joints at right angles . Topline – level. The neck is long enough and harmoniously set, so that the head is carried gracefully . The skull is not rounded , but not flat. The so-called stop ( fault between the forehead and the bridge of the nose ) is not overly marked , but clearly visible . Length of muzzle is shorter than the length of skull measured the alloy. Pigmentation mirrors nose and eyelids are black . The eyes are dark, medium size, with a lively , intelligent eyes . They should not be at the same protruding. Earlobes are small , well set , and the shape of the large letter ” V” inverted apex upwards. They should be set high and not too distant from each other. Teeth: symmetrical , strong bite , so-called . scissors . Full set of teeth as possible ( a total of 42 teeth ) . Long hair is completely smooth , without hair wavy and curly . The structure of the hair silky, heavy. From the top of the bridge of the nose to the tail hair on the sides of decomposing , with the exception of the hair on top of her head . The color of hair dark, stalowoniebieska ( not black or gray ) . Hair is at the three layers shaded – reddish brown ( in the type of ” tan ” ) . This means that with the same base is the darkest in the middle of the slightly lighter , and finally even brighter . The movements of the dog are harmonious and vigorous . Forelegs and hind legs are placed and move in parallel , do not cross the walk and are not bent at the elbows and the spine remains straight line even during motion.

Imaginative breed dogs is quite a complex story. Various sources agree that the ancestors of modern Yorkie appeared in the counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire as a result of the Scottish Terrier crossbreeds . Among the notable ancestors yorkshire terrier is mentioned waterside terrier . This small dog appeared on the boats sailing as a rat-catcher . There is a presumption that the admixture of blood waterside terrier gave yorkowi miniature size, long robe and a blue-gray coat . In order to keep the hair silky and miniaturization, some sources indicate a cross Yorkie with maltańczykami . British Cennel Club recognized the breed in 1886. Its popularity is due to Yorkies excellent communication with the wider environment , both on two and four legs … It should be remembered that we are dealing with a terrier having a hunting instinct . Good sense of smell , let discussed malcowi effectively traverse normal rabbits. Quadruped , who was able to track down the rabbit was valued in the poor working-class areas of England. Yorkies were also used for killing rats , hunting small rodents. In industrialized nineteenth-century urban areas , in the absence of an organized deportation garbage rat plague was widespread. Nowadays, the main vocation of our hero to be The couch cuddly . This small , about 3 kg ( and sometimes and smaller ) , nice figure , feels great on your knees or your lady . This does not mean that York is sluggish oaf . On the contrary – it’s full of temperament , active little dog called ” unruly broom .” Especially ladies liking the company yorkie .

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How much discussed dogs are sought after, popular, shows the scale of demand . Well, in Warsaw Branch Kennel Club , at one time , the number of litters of yorkshire terriers beat the head of any other breed of dog . Issued annually tattoo numbers exceed the number 1000 ! In many European , and not only countries come several thousand a year. The breed was officially recognized in the nineteenth century, but its particularly dynamic growth occurred in the second half of the twentieth century. Hans Räber reports that in 1961 only sold in the UK ( overseas ) 2361 Yorkie . The winners of the exhibition , especially the U.S. and Japan , paid a huge sum . The growing popularity and reaching for the massive demand not only conducive to the development of culture but rather the production of that breed of dog . In Poland, there is a phenomenon . Pokątnemu favorable circumstance , a street sales are small size dog , where you can easily hide his bosom …Some interesting race is quite complex coat . For example, ” coat ” Yorkie should be steel – dark blue ( not black). Puppies of this breed are born black , regardless of genotype (GG , Gg , gg ) . Greying of hair in various shades , is a few months aging dog , but only copies the first two genotypes . Responsible for this is a dominant gene “G”. Gen ‘g’ occurring in the system does not cause graying homozygous . Why buying a yorkie in view of the success of the exhibition , it is good to know the ancestors puppy and breeding occurs in the transmission line .

Toilet yorkie , maintaining the proper condition robe is a whole philosophy . Comply with all rules relating to the good looks of the dog is a must. York looks exceptionally beautiful, well maintained , and vice versa – dirty, smelly, unkempt York is a nightmare … In the case of a domestic dog just the bare minimum care , and a show dog that lives in curlers , with constant control garments . Combing , bathing , regular trimming hair with proper care in order to improve the possible weak hair . Brush , comb , olive, curlers , appropriate drivers , and on top of the head ” topknot ” that is tied ponytail. The process of preparing for life yorkie exhibition starts quite early. Already 5-6- month-old puppy is sprinkled with olive zaczesuje hair on the forehead to the back. After a few months , when the hair grows , it will be in the right place tied bow. It’s just a minor detail the ritual ceremonies associated with the exhibition . Of course, it is necessary to the whole range of cosmetics . Good preparation for the exhibition yorkie requires knowledge and is not a simple procedure. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the Section breed Kennel Club and the community of people with expertise in the maintenance and proper preparation of this dog .From general information to remember: ubiquity and power of this dog may be the reason for different situations. Niewybiegany york can discharge energy among others by digging in the garden, or chew the furniture. That activity , combined with the initiative could lead to total upaprania a dog. It is therefore appropriate hygiene control and bath robes at least every 3-4 weeks. It is better to avoid the situation where a long unkempt hair can smell very pleasant. York , like other small dogs it is not much. But the food should be appropriately intense, carefully chosen and include all the necessary health and development components .

The living space Yorkie may come down to the size occupied by his master’s property. It is important to organize a good lair. Appropriate level softly padded basket , box , located in a quiet place . The dog feels the best in the immediate company of her guardian. It is easy to adapt to the situation. It strategist procedure can be importunate , slightly hysterical . So do not forget the designated walk, which is a prerequisite for good health as physical and emotional little boy . Like all dogs will also york ploy will behave calmly and not noisy … In case necessary , physiology issues can be resolved through the cuvette with sand . Proceedings of the Yorkie requires a calm firmness and consistency. This energetic and clever dog can ” go to the head.” Should therefore not be subject to his grateful minkom , charm and forgive him everything . Brutalizes does not mean the relationship. Thing reign of York , in the production of obedience and not to allow the dog to the rule at home.

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  2. I think this is one of the most significant info for me. And i am glad reading your article. But want to remark on few general things, The website style is wonderful, the articles is really great : D. Good job, cheers

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