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Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever that only partially work was scheduled culture , and partly the case in the activities of the British dog lovers , gave the beginnings of the breed golden retriever . The name ” retriever ” is derived from ” to retrieve ” – bring on searching. History says that the golden retriever is the work of Lord Tweedmouth culture , which in the years 1868-1890 Newfoundland crossed with flat coated retriever , Irish Setter , irish water spaniel , bloodhound , a black Labrador retriever and a defunct tweed water spaniel . The aim was to obtain a culture with a perfect golden retriever hair . The characteristic features of retriever , a working dog , it is innate , instinctive find and bring to guide the dead or living animals and marking (the ability to remember the collapse of a shot bird , quick to find her and bring the guide ) . Today, Golden Retriever, but still too little appreciated in Polish circles, hunting , perfectly suited both as a retriever , leash and Alpine . Its initial purpose was substantially expanded. It’s a dog strong , resistant to cold , strong , well- floating and aportujący . Today is also a golden retriever guide dog , the dog and the dog therapist assistant . These highly valued social roles thanks to its balanced psyche , full of praise for a man of love , patience and willingness to work. Often we see the competition Goldens PT Obiedience in Agility teams and other sports competitions , although their figure is not like so agile and supple dogs such as Australian Shepherd ( Aussie ) .


Do not forget, however , that there is no dog omnibuses , not everyone will be a good blood tracking trial retriever , or a dog therapist , it depends on us , on our deliberate choice of a dog , its training and innate predispositions it depends on how active our pet will feel good. What is most important is to remember that this is a hunting breed that needs activity , a decent dose of movement, cooperation with human and canine large reciprocate love. Therefore, my dear prospective buyers – imagine , therefore, that in our house there is “child”, which manifests talent in specific areas , and our job is to ensure the development and the activity that will not adversely affect their health and bring a sense of accomplishment . The growing dominance last race on the European market has contributed to the negative aspect of the popularization of the breed , which is reflected in the mass psudohodowlach and a large number of dogs in the breed type . It is a destructive phenomenon for the quality of the breed and dangerous in terms of health for dogs. Also, their mentality and behavior in relation to the unconscious of his steps owners can be a source of trouble.

The correct profile characterological dog is part of the master race. If we want to make our golden was a gentle , trusting , friendly , sensitive and willing to work a dog, we need to find such a breeder that choosing association not only be guided by the conformation but also the psyche of both parents. The signals which provide us with the media, an aggressive Gold of a dog that attacks ” without reason ” can have various causes. They may be the result of frivolous approach dog owners who buy Golden Retriever imagine that just a dog ” is ” and grew up alone, because it is so gentle and good family dog . It can also be the result of transmission errors or unwanted breeding psychological traits . Golden Retriever, although it is a dog of a cordial and amiable disposition in relation to humans and animals, requires training, attention and dedication to him a lot of time . This is due to the requirements of the basic training is every dog – patience and consistency . When choosing a school or instructor training your dog , you should be guided primarily by selection methods based on positive reinforcement . All other force techniques and methods is likely to have a negative effect on our dog , inhibiting and suffocating in the dormant potential – friendly nature and willingness to work . With all its joy that radiates our pet should not be forgotten that often goes along with her carefree and a big rush to the playground. In the eyes of ” fresh ” the owner of the first training and education of your pet may appear tedious , difficult and full of frustration. Just be aware of this and not another Golden Retriever nature make it easier to get through the initial difficulties of learning. Golden in dealing with children shows the enormity of patience, ideally suited as a family dog , provided that a member of our family and not the mascot. Many people think that buying a dog of this breed will solve their problems. The family dog, take care of children , will always be the perfect playmate , always on hand and ready for anything. Unfortunately, it is not. That is defined as a Golden Retriever family dog does not mean that it is such a good and patient ” nanny to the children .” It’s a living thing that can be good and bad days. The patient does not give consent for throwing his duties to deal with children and all-day games. Yes , the Golden Retriever is a wonderful companion play , but let’s give him time to rest. Let us give him moments of restful sleep , let a break in the silence .


Golden is a dog of a harmonious and strong construction. Expressive head, with a clearly marked stop and dark, wide-set eyes make up the unique effect of the image of a cheerful and intelligent dog. Ears of medium size, set at eye level. Straight back, deep chest with prominent forechest. Straight legs with strong bone. The tail is set and carried out of the backline, reaching the hocks, and a rich pen. Walk dynamic. The coat should be thick with undercoat, straight or wavy. Colour gold or cream. It should be noted that there are significant differences between the two types of Golden Retrievers – American and English (popular in Europe). This is a topic for a separate article.  More details in the pattern.

The Golden Retriever is a dog is easy to maintain. It requires attention to garment or frequent brushing and trimming to remove unnecessary amount of undercoat. Pay attention to the hygiene of the ears and mouth. We need to check your eyes – if there are no secretions. Also, it is important to care for the length of your nails. Too long, in the absence of the possibility of natural clashes can cause deformation of the fingers. All, of concern, dog health symptoms should be reported to the vet.

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