Fleas in dogs March 7, 2014 at 9:07 pm


The fleas on the dog spend a little time – about two hours a day. The remainder of the day quietly lay their eggs in the house and garden. You can assume that for every face on the dog flea falls ten fleas spread throughout the house.To fight them effectively , you must destroy all at once. Bathing in the middle przeciwpchelnym not work the best, and its effects are short-lived. Fleas can come back at the dog after a few days of the most accurate bath . Experts evaluate the effectiveness of different collar przeciwpchelnej . The best means to control fleas are : powder, ointment , lotion and spray kill fleas on the dog and ” poison ” to combat fleas in the house.Never use two measures at a time – do not we put a dog collar przeciwpchelnej after a bath in insecticidal shampoo unless recommended so the vet . This way you can cause poisoning . Please refer to the instructions for use of and adhere to it. The best and healthiest way to control fleas is regular vacuuming the apartment. Places where the dog particularly likes to stay , to be vacuumed daily. If we put Flea & Tick Collars for vacuum cleaner bag ; kill parasites sucked inside . The dog must regularly bathe and brush .

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