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English Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels English is the nature of dogs with nice and friendly , which makes them great dogs for company. Their attractive appearance and extraordinary obedience even provide spectacular exhibition successes . Affectionate , friendly and easy to train cocker spaniel becomes a trouble-free family member only if he devote enough time taking care of the proper physical and mental development , and education of the dog. This breed popularity and incredible take of dog lovers is due primarily to the specific characteristics of their character and physical advantages, excellent . Cocker Spaniel dog is in fact a cheerful , busy and has a great temperament , especially in the field. It is easy to arrange . Cocker spaniels have a huge passion for buszowania , browsing in dense shrubs , reeds and thickets. They are characterized by a passion for swimming. , Diving and retrieving from the water and on land .

They are tied to the owner and very alert, have a mild nature , and are quiet at home , but if necessary very vigilant . These innate traits and ease undergo obedience training spaniels are about the suitability of the use of hunting dogs as płochaczy and aportujących small animals – so when hunting in the area dry as the water. Hunters in England, appreciate excellent working dog in the field, a number of tasks assigned to him . One advantage of the forest, the other in the field, yet another in wetlands , rich in ponds , rivers and lakes . Dog aportujący animals usually do not exhibited . Because fetching – according to the English hunters – ” spoils ” of perfection and purity working dog tags , intended primarily for display or shooing game. Therefore, for example, foxhoundy are used in hunting foxes , Harriers – the hare , beagle – rabbits . In turn, retrievers used only to retrieve and bloodhounds ( hound ) to follow the trail of wounded game. Still other races are used as norowce or blood tracking trial . So far-reaching specialization has led to the emergence and spread of a group of hunting dogs across subgroups płochaczy , among which the first place – precisely because of the absolute work – take spaniels . Origin spaniels is not exactly known today , like many others, much older breeds of dogs. Numerous signs seem to indicate that resembled a spaniel dog was known fourth century BC The prototype spaniel preserved in the rediscovered sculpture, dating to the time of Philip II , father of Alexander the Great. The dogs of similar appearance spaniel had to be well known in ancient Carthage. For there are researchers who claim that the name ” Spaniel ” comes from the word ” span ” , meaning in the language of Carthaginian rabbit. According to other dog lovers name their dogs owes Spain , which supposedly originated. Still others , the name of the spaniels originate from the word ” Espana ” , which staroirlandzkim dialect means bushes , hedges . German cynologist Rudolf Lons is of the opinion that the name comes from the German ” spanen ” , which means that the dog remains in suspense at work. The fact is that since the seventh and eighth centuries , there were long-haired dogs in Spain , with hanging ears, used for hunting , probably brought there during the Crusades . These dogs then spread to France and England, where he appeared – according to the writings – in VIIIw . According to Beckman , none of the descriptions of found not characterized the pattern, or the appearance of these dogs. They had to be located on the Iberian Peninsula relatively short time, and then were exported or extinct.Spaniards define spaniels as ” perro inglese ” . in ” Lex BajuVariorum ” from the beginning of the eighth century can be found mention of the dogs used for hunting with falcons , and so płochaczach . Welsh Law 948 , the call of the dogs used in hunting spanielami . About spanielach mentions in his work the Livre de chasse Gaston de Foix (XIV century) and Chaucer in Wil of Bathes Prologue . In 1570 appeared the Latin book by Dr. Johannes Caius ( John Keys of Kays ) , the court physician to Queen Elizabeth, De Canibus Brittannicus , then translated into English and printed by Abraham Fleming in 1576 already widespread in the period divided by spaniels on water – running in water and land – working at the capture of the birds in the network, or used to hunt with falcons . This division gives rise to the subsequent emergence of distinct breeds of spaniels . Next spaniels used for hunting , existed in England since the thirteenth century dwarf variety spaniels , dogs, peace . It has given rise to two distinct breeds of spaniels . Classification spaniels , initiated by Caius , determined ultimately by the end of the sixteenth century and so , in addition to working spaniels water (water spaniels ) , spaniels land divided into higher education, the purpose of which was to drive out birds during hunting with falcons , and lower , which warowały before the birds caught in the net. Lower growth will make it easier to overlap them with the birds. Due to the nature of the work of these two varieties of Spaniels , the first given name springer spaniel or a starter , the other – sitting spaniel , and in later years cocking , woodcock , and finally – a cocker spaniel . In the seventeenth century, after the introduction of firearms for hunting , hunting rules have changed . Spaniels started to be used differently than in the past – had to rouse both animals and fetch . This started a breeding setters , which began in … just spaniels . And among the latter still traditionally divided on terrestrial and aquatic , terrestrial less distinguished – cocker spaniels , medium, and also heavier – Clumber spaniels and more – springer spaniels , Welsh spaniels , Sussex spaniels and Norfolk spaniels . Next to them are still grown dwarf spaniels , of various shades , as the dogs room . In time, however, more and more closely to formulate requirements for appearance, the anatomy , growth , weight, and ointments led to the patterns of several distinct breeds of spaniels , adopted by Kenel Club in England, and then – the International Federation and canine organizations in various countries.

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