Dogs Carnivores October 16, 2013 at 5:48 pm

Dogs are carnivores . Dog teeth are structured differently than human – are used for tearing and shredding the meat. They have flat surfaces for grinding grains, as is in the case of human teeth . The process of digestion begins in the stomach of a dog , and not in its mouth. All the digestive enzymes are meant to digest meat and raw products . So if your dog has to be healthy , you should get the meat .Like the human body , the body dogs consists of cells , each of which needs 45 nutrients. A protein are from 9-12 amino acids , minerals, vitamins , carbohydrates , fats and water. Of course, all these components must be included in the diet in proper proportions in order to get the appropriate chemical processes necessary for their digestion, absorption and excretion. The cells are kept alive only when they are immersed in a liquid, which strictly controlled composition can not be changed by more than a few percent .All nutrients can be assimilated to fuel his replacement by the body for energy. The energy used to generate heat , so that the dog can not control his body heat storage . Furthermore, everything that the dog does , the fun , running , working , etc. depend on how much fuel he will provide , for the more high-quality fuel , the more energy you produce your dog .To measure the amount of energy provided by the dog food, used the term ” calorie ” . In the optimal situation , each pupil should eat the amount of food that is needed to meet the demand for calories . The appropriate number of calories your dog will survive in good shape for the age, to produce the energy needed to grow , reproduce and maintain good health throughout life.

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