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Dogo Argentino


It is one of the few breeds that originated in South America. As in many other such cases, Dog Argentine has his creator , leader – in the person of the doctor of Cordoba – Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez. He was a keen hunter which was decisive in his farming operations . The theme somehow make a new breed breeding attempts were expectations for the needs of the dangerous Argentine hunting pumas, jaguars , highly manoeuvrable and fast peccaries and wild heavy European style . Any attempt to wyżłami , Setters , biglami , foxhoundami the Shepherds not zadawalały local hunters. It was a fighting dog of outstanding mental toughness , yet it was to be blessed with an excellent sense of smell quadruped , able to work at different speeds , robust. Its size and weight are also important , as outlined in the assumptions , as it was characterized by considerable activity , agility and strength but also allows you to establish a winning fight against a tough opponent such as animals in the form of a family of different sizes predators. There are few breeds of dogs that have a clear identification of their ancestors. In the case of the Argentine Doga can very accurately traced , step by step , all stages of breeding projects , which have resulted in a very interesting , elegant yet hard , extremely brave and courageous dog. Strategy genetic composition is quite complex and interesting especially for professionals , so here mention only race that went into our hero : Fighting Dog of Cordoba , Pointer, Boxer, German Harlequin Dog , Bull Terrier (white) Bulldog English, Irish Wolfhound , Dod de Bordeuax , and mastiff Pyrenean mastiff . Dogs are strong in every concept . Some of them have the advantage of white in the coat which is significant as it is a dog Dog Argentine white . In the process of forming the present race, especially the use of the Irish Wolfhound , is considered to be a brilliant move. The Celts used the dogs for hunting wolves . Great strength , courage and speed Wolfhound predisposed him to effectively pacify these predators. It is the largest and most powerful representative of the Greyhound family . This composition had a significant effect on strength, speed , determination , and perseverance Dog Argentine . These features combined with the intelligence of a group of inherited especially after the mastiff and militancy ( ) – make up the outstanding personality of the dog . Therefore, it is probably no coincidence that race liked the people organizing dog fights . Despite the ban , they are still popular in South America and in many other countries. The shameful dealings is unfortunately also in Poland.

Negative appearing sometimes in Argentine and Great Danes associated with the white coat is deafness . These items are eliminated from the culture. The former Argentine breed puppy needs of possible close contact with other animals , and of course the people , learning obedience , subordination conflict-free , serene coexistence , fun, how much traffic . Standard Dogo Argentino has precise requirements for both construction as well as height, weight , coat , etc. Due to the required militancy dog attaches great importance to the proper angulation of the limbs, which are driven dog gear and bearing end the fight . An important feature of a good bow shoulder muscles , lower back and thighs. Weight 40 to 45 kg. Height 60 to 65 cm. Dogo less than 60 cm in height shall be disqualified . In terms of weight and height of the judge should be flexible , as the Dogo is a dog fighting breeds of large and small performance decrease its effectiveness . Among the characteristics rendering mentions a blue or a different color than the dark or nut – brown eyes , deafness , spots on the body , long hair , nose, white or clear white spots, prognathism (upper and lower ) , pendulous lips , head hound , more than one stain on the face . In assessing the quality of a dog on a feature of the present race is far-reaching tolerance while missing molars is very important to the uniformity of arches incisors and strong scissor bite , well set teeth . Among the curiosities standard pillow fingers should be mentioned that should be thick and rough, with the bosses , allowing the dog for a long , pain-free running on stony ground .

Dog Argentine is dog fighting , possessing characteristics predestynujące him to fight to the death . Discrimination threshold has moved far beyond such guard dogs , but put in a state of aggression ( attack ) can not break it to any command until the death of his own or the enemy. Therefore requires very careful education , civilized , right from the first weeks of life. For this race I recommend above all, preferring obedience training , giving the title a dog – companion. Higher forms of training Dog Argentine , those that contain elements of aggression, especially when the owner has little experience in dealing with mentally and physically strong dog, can lead to very dangerous situations. That is why I stress the need to develop methods of absolute obedience but extremely mild and not with a firm hand , which can stimulate aggression. Properly conducted from the first week of life Dog Argentine is mild and friendly to the world and people . He is considered a dog with extraordinary abilities . In Argentina , these dogs are working to good effect in the police and customs services . According to their great work on the establishment of hunting. Their incredible versatility is the fact the perfect fulfillment of the obligations guardian defenders as well as avalanche dogs or guide the blind . At the same time , Dogo Argentino is very affectionate and loyal companion dog .


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