Dog Training October 16, 2013 at 3:38 pm

The dog is usually totally dependent on its herd , which is his family, which lives . He is a man and a dog all the functions of life – food, companionship , exercise and a safe haven . This does not mean that we should approach the dog as a child .The people who treat the dog to pet uncertain , nervous and overly attached to them . Some people think that this proof of devotion, however, is not the case . The dog simply can not handle the situation when it is away from its owner .Puppy usually everywhere it for your own . This is not surprising , since we provide all his needs . When a pet has become accustomed to the new environment , we should encourage him to be more independent. It’s not the dog we need less , but not to us addicted from their emotional security .Of course, we should know what the word ‘independent’ in the dog. This is not a dog who does what he pleases and when she feels like it . The idea is that the dog was confident enough to withstand the absence of the owner and do not get excited , such as when we go somewhere in the house or go to the bathroom.What can we do to encourage the dog to be more independent ? There are a number of ways. We should not always react when the dog awaits our attention . We should only be done on our terms. When the dog comes to sit next to us , we move up . If you start to whine and paw catch us , you need to ignore it . Some might think it’s cruel , but that does not.When the dog is too exuberant when greeting us when you get home , you should ignore it until it calms down . Then it should be rewarded for having calmed down . If you start to jump on us , we turn our backs on him .Do not allow this, the dog went everywhere for us . Closing the door behind him. It should also teach your dog some exercise and perform commands that has earned our attention .

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