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This breed was developed in the nineteenth century by Frederick Doberman tax collector. The dog he needed to defend. It was formed from the intersection of Rottweilers, Weimaraners, Pinscher German and English Greyhound.Dobermans are alert, bold, fast and reliable both in defense and in attack. After the first show in 1876, quickly spread throughout Europe and the United States. Initially, cut off their ears and tail, but now more and more countries cease this practice.Doberman comes from good breeding and well-mannered dog is a great companion. There are also breeders who breed Dobermans nervous and aggressive, to act as the aggressive enforcement. Through these activities, however, was bad opinion about race.Today, more and more of Dobermans meets congenital heart defects.



The innate elegance , dignified way of moving, toughness and courage Doberman enthusiasts authorizes these dogs to express themselves about them in glowing terms . Circulating the reviews are not very favorable and less edifying : ” nerwus “, ” false ” , … ” murderer ” . Both the present and the race can not be attributed to other genetically programmed wrong. No standard does not contain such assumptions. Rasowość lies in the fact that the dog’s psyche is determined by the breed standard , and this is one of the fundamental differences between racial and rasopodobnymi dogs and hybrids . Let us be worthy of the Doberman . The creator of the race was lived in the years 1834 – 1894 in Apoldze ( Thuringia ) – Friedrich Louis Dobermann . ” His” dogs named after the death of the breeder. It is significant that the various sources mention all sorts of professions dealt with this man : a tax collector , a tanner , dogcatcher , night watchman , an employee of the magistrate in his home town . One thing is certain – he needed a strong, fast , bold , versatile fit a dog that is not afraid to shock or the roar of gunfire . The initiator of the creation of race , but did not leave any notes, because a lot of information on it will remain only in the realm of conjecture. There is considerable discomfort for modern dog lovers , as you can clearly trace the concept of culture . To derive the present race, except for dogs – hybrids which F.Doberman used because of their personality traits , in successive stages of its formation , ” co-authors ” were as follows: shorthaired pinscher , German shepherd , German pointer , Rottweiler , Manchester’s terrier , greyhound . According to the “Dog Magazine ” from 1910 also has a Doberman ” ingot ” the blood of the French Beauceron , which actually is similar in type .

Family tree of modern Dobermans begins with a dog named Graf von Belling Grünland ( 1899r. ) . This progenitor only slightly different from the Rottweiler . From the very beginning of the race was the main idea of utility dog. Probably so that Dobermans have proved to be in the army and police. Even during World War I and became famous for extraordinary courage , strength and calm reaction to the shots. As messengers przedzierały the trenches under heavy enemy fire . During the battle became famous Ajax von Elsterstamm Cesar , who was able to follow the trail before 90 days (!) And in the marshy before the 45 days when other dogs take a lead up to 4 – 5 days . The speed and strength of these dogs well when checking relocate military reports , often from a distance of several kilometers . He is known contemporary test in South Africa where the police doberman ran the track in a desert area , about 160 km . During World War II served in the German army of 45 thousand . dogs. Dr Brukner , which subject to the then , the German cynology , emphasized the excellent impression made utility Dobermans . Therefore, elite Wehrmacht units were equipped with such in Dobermans . They worked well in paramilitary units and police. Specially trained , covered themselves notorious , very sharp , aggressive dogs .

An important feature of the present breed is a high degree of neural sensitivity , constant vigilance and careful recording of everything that is happening in the environment psa.Wiąże of the need for a strong bond with the owner and his family. Both this issue and the civilizing process , raising and training Doberman requires more care , spent more time and attention than other dogs in training . Correct handling of Doberman is to rule over it in such a way as to be understood by all the commands for the dog , both at the time of their issuance and enforcement , and rewards for good performance of the command. Errors in the proceedings may end up in the dog’s aggression against his master. The extraordinary sensitivity Dobermans craftsmanship and careful use of this feature . ” The plasticity of matter ” personality of the dog , in practice, this means that we will have a nice , caring , communicative friend or aggressive , forbidding adventurer that in yet another version – nervous coward … to a large extent it depends on us. Boundless loyalty to the owner, incorruptible nature of the dog , rule , putting it in other hands . Devoted dog feel disappointed , betrayed , cheated. This can lead to pathological behavior , distrust , and finally aggression.

Correct mentally doberman shows no tendency to malignant aggression, both for humans and animals . The various sources described is when the doberman brought a flock of very young , striped pigs to the village . Mother of pups was shot the previous day while hunting . Another time , the same dog was seen at the edge of the forest when playing with two young deer .

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This type of ” business card ” is well illustrated by the behavior of the Doberman breed standard compliant . It should be known that it was a very important standard of information – ” clue ” how to deal with a particular dog in order to bring it up to normal , nice and serving us , as expected, the individual.

Growers receive careful selection of pairs of dogs calm and balanced. Mass-rearing – production , meant that in some individuals there is excessive aggression or cowardice , ie Features negated by the breed standard , and determining the need to eliminate these animals in captivity. Last but not least , when buying a puppy , you should carefully look at what type of culture we have .

The general advice . Nutrition – I recommend a balanced , ready , good feed and dispensing them by normative provided for the respective periods of the dog’s life . It is advisable to establish regular mealtimes . Treatments : Doberman is the perfect dog for an apartment. Even in słotne day does not bring into the house of mud and water. Just wipe the fur and paws old towel. Bath with shampoo is not recommended. Best of all is the natural contact with water. From time to time, brushing , quite hard, with short hair brush , which is more than cleaning, massage , beauty exhaust needs clothes .

In conclusion – the advice of a general nature relating to people who are not familiar in dealing with dogs – advise against purchasing Doberman – Dog , by those of you who have small children at home.

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