Dealing with puppy October 16, 2013 at 3:46 pm

To puppy feel at ease in the pen , it takes a few days. Should be gradual habituation . If all we do well, will pen a nice place for the dog and the dog will treat this place as their own den .When you first introduce your puppy to the crate , you should let him go in there alone and thoroughly explore everything . When a dog does, you must temporarily close the door and open it after a while , praising the puppy. Then throw him a treat to the pen , and when it will take , close the door for about 30 seconds . When you open the door , praise your pet . This should be repeated as often as necessary until the dog is happy to spend five minutes in a playpen . Then leave the crate door open and the next day we start all over again.After several days, reaches that same puppy will enter and leave the pen , and will be willing to remain in the middle irrespective of whether the door is open or closed . During the training, we should not leave the puppy in the pen closed for more than three hours . Perhaps he will be there any longer , the door will open.Some puppies and dogs will never give up training in the pen and start to get excited when you need it to be. Excessive beeping , peeing , biting or scratching wire means that the dog is not well suited to the pen. In this case, best to keep your dog at home or find another solution.

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