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Czechoslovakian wolfdog

Crossover dog and wolf dealt with Karel Hartl from the 1955 breeding station guard Libějovice. The first attempts were unsuccessful – wolf puppies “Brita” and a German Shepherd “Caesar of Brizoveho haje” born before 26 May 1958 year. The aim then was not, however, create a new race, a biological experiment. Hartl wanted to explore how it affects the fertility of individuals crossing from such associations and the characteristics of appearance and character of the wolf traits are dominant over the plug. It was mainly to investigate the inheritance of traits. Features wolf (fearfulness, aggression, a tendency to escape) were typical of animals F1 (first generation). Therefore, we decided to further attempts to use only the sustainability of shepherds.


Mallard were very similar to the wolf externally : have the same dimensions and volume of the brain sable color. Also inherited an enormous capacity for regeneration : while the cross after running 100 km stretch were three to four hours to fully rested , shepherd needed for a 10-12 hour stretch after running a half shorter . Cz.W have a much better sense of smell and orientation ( especially at night ), and were more resistant to weather conditions : cold, heat and rain. Young dogs of the second generation it was possible to train , if puppies had been taken from his mother and brought up early enough without contact with other dogs. The training of the defense gave up when only a few dogs . All individuals have attached themselves to the very people who occupy them , but it is difficult to establish contact with strangers. The idea of creating a new race -based hybrid probably arose in 1958 . Mr. Rosik and Kubaska began training at the guard dog originating in association Brita and Caesar for a guard dog , stróżującego and tropiącego . Since the dog is well exercised dogs decided to split into different breeding lines to prevent depression characteristic of inbreeding . The crossing was used exclusively Shepherd from Czechoslovakia culture except as Ahmed Haus Berlin . Wolfdogs were mainly bred for breeding and military stations , in small quantities , by private breeders.


The wolf Brita was associated not only with Caesar , but also from the German Shepherd ” Kurt Vaclavky . This is how the first two lines CzW . Third line founded wolf” Argo ” and Shepherd ” Asta with SNB ” in 1968 in a police station in the breeding Býchory . Results crosses came to be abbreviated CSV = ” Cesky vlcak .” in the seventies, the dogs were born mainly in the new breeding station near Malacky, which belonged to the border police in Bratislava. race here enriched wolf ” Sarik .” in 1974, it was associated with ” Xela with Pohraniční posts reached ” (F3) and ” Urta of Pohraniční posts reached ” (CSV ) . recent crossword was again Libejovicach . puppies wolf ” Leidy ” and she ” Bojar von Schotterhof ” born 26th 04.1983 . Pies F1 ” Kazan with Pohraniční posts reached ” from this litter was directly used in breeding CzW . this intersection divided late breeders – they partially blocked the line of descendants of Kazan , which is therefore very rare. since 1983 conducted a closed breeding – the breeding apply only wolfdogs . June 14, 1965 at the International Congress Kennel Club in Prague Karel Hartl gave a talk on “The results of breeding wolves with dogs .” At the end , he presented four generations of these dogs. The first attempt to present internationally Wilczaków met with great interest and provoked a lively discussion . In 1966, farmers have attempted to enter the pre- CzW guestbook . The aim was to separate the CzW of German shepherds and lay the foundation for a new breed . Special committee presented 30 copies , but it rejected the request. This decision led to a significant decline in interest in this race. However, farmers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia remained faithful to the breed and to end 1980 puppies were born in 1863 . In the struggle for recognition was created March 20, 1982 in Brno Breeders Club CzW ( with offices in Prague and Bratislava ) , which was recognized by the Association of Czechoslovak Breeders another 2 April 1982 . CzW has been recognized as a national breed .

In the year to create a club studbook 56 dogs were entered in Slovakia and 10 dogs from the Czech Republic . And bonitation first exhibition took place in mid- November 1982 near Bratislava . Presents nine dogs and eight bitches . The evaluation was very sharp. Only one male and one female were given excellent . Received the title of best dog “Rep of Pohraniční posts reached ” wolf dog type, with a dry head , small , jantarowymi , obliquely set eyes . The best bitch was ” Cmuka of Pohraniční posts reached ” . The second show in May 1983, there was a large number of descendants Repa and whole litter Cmuki . They turned out to be a very valuable breeding pair . Most dogs showed the desired wolf exterior . From this point of the exhibition and breeding inspections already held each spring and fall in the same place . At the international dog show in Nitra in 1983, received one CzW , a year later, there were already 33 The year 1983 was born about 200 dogs of different generations . To 31.12.1991 to studbook dogs were registered in 1126 . Along with an average of 300 puppies per year total number of Sun by the end of 1995 was approximately 4,000 units . International recognition of the race was held on 13 June 1989 in Helsinki. It was the culmination of the efforts of the Czech and Slovak breeders. After the division of Czechoslovakia 01.01.1993 , at a conference in Bratislava, January 23, 1993 Club divided . At the meeting CMKU July 4, 1993 stated that the name and country of origin of the breed remain unchanged , while the patronage of the race will take over Slovakia . However, any change in the pattern is possible only by mutual consent of both clubs. The final approval of the race took place at a conference in Mexico in 1999.


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