Coughing in dogs March 7, 2014 at 9:09 pm

Depending on the site of irritation of the nerve endings contained in distinguish cough mucosa tracheal , bronchial and laryngeal . In an artificial cough in dogs can be called by pressing two fingers on the rings of the trachea trying to narrow it . A cough is the sound created as a result of the rapid excretion of compressed air through the respiratory system. Depends on the resistance that exhaled air has to overcome on the way . Cough can have a dog different degrees of severity. It may be common , rare or panic , and depending on the severity of the disease process dry or wet and painful. Sometimes dogs are preparing for the cough becoming legs wide apart and pulling the head forward . Cough is the most common treatment of diseases of the respiratory system , circulatory system and as a result of aspiration . Sometimes coughs of leakage through the nose or mouth open wykrztusiny liquid .

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