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This breed is still quite rare . Excellent guardian and protector and at the same great family dog , which is 3 in 1 It looks impressive, but everything in it is just a dog tags : pendulous ears , do not cut the tail of medium length hair . Males reach a height of about 70 cm (measured at the withers ) and weighs in proportion to the building , which is about 40-45 kg , females are smaller, about 58-65 cm and 30-35 kg. Hovawarciej fur coat also comes in three variants:blonde – from the golden sand , the most common and often confused with Golden,black and tanblack – the rarest , but most beautifully shiny in the sun.Hovawart (pronounced exactly as it is written ) is an old German breed of dog used for guarding farms , restored in the early twentieth century Polish literature Hovawart widely described in the first volume of ” Encyclopedia of dog show ” Hans Raber . See a pattern hovawart .



Because the generation of Hovawart raised livestock , quickly befriends household pets , especially if accompanied by szczenięctwa . Although Hovawart , seeing for the first time a hen, which in addition is running , it stops at popędowi pursuit , but pursuit is the result of curiosity – what’s escaping “something ” rather than desire to hunt chickens for breakfast.The model Hovawart is a dog of medium temperament , balanced and thoughtful . With a calm, consistent guide grows into a wonderful family member happy playing with children , as well as an effective defense , a strong need to guard your own site .Hovawart is a dog friendly people , sensitive, very connected with his family. But it’s a dog master. Most will stay close to the person who spends most of his time to playing , training , walking. The fastest it will execute the command .Hovawart dog is a working breed belongs to the so-called . performance , versatile , used in emergency , police, to guide people niewdomych . It also has excellent sporting dog . After passing the exams IPO schutzhund , dog shows race can be displayed in the working class .Currently, the emphasis is on utility hovawarts predisposition . In the homeland of the breed , Germany, utility lines can be found with a dozen generations. Dogs with such lines are generally more temperamental and have a great need to work with people.Hovawart dog as any dog of exceptional intelligence , is a dog tags of many contrasts subordinated to the guide , but stand your fond , menacing guardian and defender , but sensitive and gentle , calm and steady, but fast as lightning . A good guide as it will lead hovawart that these contradictions are not mutually exclusive , and complete.Misha sometimes takes part in dog shows, dressage organized for schools. When a strong and passionate attack helper , nobody wants to be the location of such delinquent . But then I go to him in the crowd of spectators , where  gasping with delight stroked by enthusiastic kids . Parents stand by and watch in disbelief that this is the same dog …