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Boxer (dog) October 31, 2013 at 8:05 pm

Boxer (dog)


Derivation of the race , it also has its own history. In the Middle Ages , in the European countries occupied by the Germans used for hunting dogs called barenbeisser ( devourer bears) . In the British Isles , in a bloody circus performances and bullfights used include bullenbeisserów ( dławiciel , devourer Bulls). Some varieties of these dogs were crossed with each other , including in the breeding experiments already existing in England called the bulldog breed .Bullenbeissery also occurred in Germany. Had the reputation of a very clever dog , cat impressive speed. They were able to fix the nose trick for most furious bull. They were also very efficient at hunting as dogs nagonkowe . Many authors have reported that the original German hunting dogs , at various times were crossed with English Mastiffs . In the second half of the nineteenth century , a significant extirpation in Germany and especially wild game , wild boar, contributed to the decline in the popularity of these dogs in a certain sense to retrain them. They have become essential in the cattle forcing traffickers . Hans Raber says that ‘s a good bullenbaissera paid surprisingly high prices. A master butcher to the question whether there would sell his dog said, ” even if it would give me enough ducats if my dog weighs , I can not give it back , because he is at my work is absolutely necessary .”Among the ancestors boxer dog tags should mention also present in the Middle Ages in France , which according to historical sources was called ” dławicielem Brabant ” . At the end of the nineteenth century, many occurring in Germany bullenbeissery make a career in the urban community . Not only butchers but other social groups – students , actors begin to appreciate the hilarity of this dog , temperament , unique facial expressions of his mouth. At that time, began to use the name boxer .


With anecdotes about ancestors boxer survived such one of Tyrrasie , dog Bavarian bandit chieftain . ” Awfully big and definitely long dog , ointments brown , with dark stripes and black patches , guarded with admirable zeal safety of his master and saved him from a number of danger. Pubs are usually put on the table , and his fiery gaze was always directed at the door so that he could see coming . seemed also that he knew very well enemies Hiesel (s bandit named Matthias Klostermaier or Hiesel of Bawarii.Przyp . aut. ) , often because rats are not attacking a man who , as it turned out later not had good intentions in relation to Klostermaier . therefore many villagers believed that this animal was possessed by the devil. ” That the offender ended up on the gallows and the then customary with Mr. hanged the dog.Leaving the kind of historical sequence kynologom should mention that the ” mother race ” will be a bitch called Meta von der Passage , which appears in the pedigrees of all boxers and a composition of blood brabantczyka , and seize the English bulldog . In addition to the mainland breeding boxer , especially Italian (to a lesser extent German ! ) Powers in this race are the United States and England . Enthusiast and connoisseur of these dogs can easily know the copies of the continent with a slightly different sculpture of the head, strongly arched forehead and chin strongly indicated that gives the effect of ” arrogant ” poddarcie nose.Poland cynology joined quite late in the breeding boxer. In the 20 years between the first models were imported from the Czech Republic and Germany. The national exhibition to be held in 1935 in Lviv on 34 dogs for guarding and defense were the only two boxers . It’s hard to talk about any pre-war breeding lines as such have not survived . Some experts these dogs , thought that the then owners of boxers led peculiar breeding policy by crossing them with English bulldogs . Both races were called ” cwajnosami ” , distinguishing only ” the big ones ” ( ie boxers ), and ” the thick ” ( ie bulldogs ) .


he post-war initiative , basically farming origins of these dogs in Poland were quite tedious . Poniemieckie remains very different units , crossed with similar others, Danes de Bordeaux . The effects of these actions , inscribed to the so-called . Pre- Book , and the sharp , three generations of selection, if there were no unusual characteristics of the breed – the fourth generation of the right to earn a pedigree.Current position in dog breeding Polish dog tags boxer is strong , especially the actions of a few Enthusiasts of the breed , influx of ” fresh ” blood , by importing valuable material and coverage abroad. At the international dog show in Poznan , there are around 70 representatives of these nice , yellow and brindle pets are evaluated separately although they are one race . Only the winner of the breed is somewhat ” common ” .It seems to me that the popularity of boxing in our society is moderate which penalizes the uncommon dog. Great looks, great physique , dynamics, jumping, wonderful harmony of the anatomy of sophistication rarely seen in the community of dogs – all promoted boxing as an original ” calling card “, definitely ennobling ” the other side of the leash .” Typical boxer is quiet and yet very fast , intelligent , gentle and obedient , yet alert, observant , bold and distrustful to strangers . Very attached to his guardian and family members . Strongly defends the leader and members of his family . Is easy to train and works well both as a dog as a companion and protector . His bitterness and fearlessness gives the owner a substantial safety comfort .Appearance : Height at the withers : male 57 – 63 cm , female 53 – 59 cm . Weight : Males about 60 cm of growth – more than 30 kg , females of growth ok.56 cm – Wed 25 kg . Colour : yellow or tabby , short hair , shiny , clunky . Head: Slightly domed , clear front edge , mouth wide and strong, not pointed and narrow. Boxer has always overshot . Eyes: dark, intelligent eyes , expressing energy , not gloomy or bad. Body: silhouette square , straight back , withers well built , chest deep, reaching to the elbows , the topline elegantly sloped towards the rear .

Cons: head tapering or buldogowata too bright eyes, muzzle converging or light, nose niedopigmentowany, roach or sway back, loose elbows, any distortion of limbs, asymmetrical white markings too large (more than one third figure), malice, unpredictability, lack of temperament.



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Seeing a name or havanais bichon havana silk dog .

You have a little ” move ” in dog breeding in order to correctly identify which of biszonów we have before us . Otherwise not have the benefit of hawańczykiem . Especially rare , completely white Havanese may pose difficulty to distinguish it from the Maltese .Where does our hero , and what was his fate ?Although the breed’s development is attributed to Cuba, where the Spaniards brought discussed dogs , their origin is associated with the western parts of the Mediterranean. There is a hypothesis that the ancestors of the Bologna Havanese dogs were crossed with small poodles with the participation of Maltese blood ingots . Many features of the exterior Havanese can confirm the likelihood of that hypothesis. This is a small note . The pattern is said by Italian sailors allegedly discussed dogs brought to Cuba. I think this is unlikely because the Spaniards , not the Italians, the authors were extremely bloody conquest of the island. In 1492 Columbus landed there . Next trip pacifying – Velasquez , especially Cortez led to wygubienia native Amerindian population and the seizure of the island ( the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries) . These expeditions had ample molosowatego type dog tags .It is likely that small dogs fancy came to Cuba when the island was in complete possession of the Spaniards , in the later centuries.Boring a lady , the wife of cane growers and tobacco , dogs need a companion , representing some diversity of life, and who are the pride of residence.A dog , especially a dog pedigree shared with the man all the vicissitudes of life , political changes , wars and revolutions . Especially the latter in their effects are almost equally humans and dogs. Revolutions entail far-reaching social change .

The resulting new regimes are doomed to misery all social classes and groups of people called . previously favored . Pedigree dogs are treated as a residue of the bankrupt system in various ways denied , fought such as ” obsolete capitalist ” and ” a synonym of nobility ” (see – ” Polish Greyhound ” ) . Times , the social relations that followed the French Revolution , Russian or Cuban does not promote the development of pure-bred dogs . pedigree dog as a synonym for the enemy , too, was perceived enemy … Therefore, the spirit of God to blame dogs often brutally eliminated .Havanese , formerly popular in Cuba , very gentle , creating the impression of a little timid , now there’s a rare dog . But with a good race result is growing and becoming popular in the United States, Switzerland and many other countries including Poland . This small (less than 30 cm tall ) dog for company attached to the household , it is nice, very active and likes children with whom willingly playing . Of course, control is indicated for adults because children can not be too insistent in play . Some interesting is that this cheerful, even playful dog can also be arranged as a kind of watchdog . Weight and height do not predispose Havanese to guard , defend in terms of active physical barrier . However, it can be a great ” signaling ” appears uninvited guest . Lively, ubiquitous dog is a great observer and his observation translates into good control of everything that happens around you.Havanese The coat makes it a “living hugs .” Soft touch hair reaches up to 18 cm. This silky , sometimes wavy or twisting the . Needs of cleaning , combing , etc. However, due to the requirements of the standard do not garment trim , cut , cut short hair. some adjustments can be made only on the feet and on the forehead for improved visibility . robe also on the face is somewhat organizing . Overall, however, there is a natural preference .The coat can be : white, cream – fawn, brown ( the color of the famous Havana cigars ) , brown – red and black . Patches are permitted in these colors.


Each purebred dog in appearance and psyche must correspond to conditions specified in the standard. It is no different with hawańczykiem. Therefore, I invite you to read the below stated standard and recommend the book by M. Dłuska, E. Widlicka – Sokołowska St. Kuchlewski: “Maltese, Bolognese and their cousins.”Experts – practitioners are breeders of the breed. However, the observations do not entitle individuals to generalize, the applicant may provide a contribution to the knowledge of the breed. Therefore, I invite breeders to comments, to present their observations on the Havanese.Havanese

Bedlington Terrier at 1:13 am


Bedlington Terrier

Historically, almost every family working in the north of England had a Bedlington Terrier – that of those times come very sophisticated epithets like ‘poodle for the poor’ or ‘comfort miner’. Fortunately, I forgot about them, and the name ‘lamb’ is still in circulation!  Born in Northumberland  The British terrier with the appearance of a small sheep comes from the area of Bedlington in Northumberland, northern England county already lying on the border with Scotland. Its creation was undoubtedly influenced by Dandie Dinmont terrier and poodle, but surely the English greyhound Whippany inherited characteristic silhouette and lightweight agile movement of a gazelle. These dog tags were rooted in centuries British landscape, in the late eighteenth century there were so many that started registration of newborn pups to be able later to put the proper pedigree.


darling miners Since the beginning of Bedlington Terrier was a favorite of the miners , who eagerly cut off the rats in their homes and in mines. Be recognized as a hunting dog , as this sturdy dog with strong muscles measured without hesitation with rabbits , foxes and even badgers . While hunting for predators Bedlington was even a little better than the Fox Terrier, because , according to popular opinion was more composed. But this is not the end – with the participation sporemu blood hound and related construction Bedlington Terrier successfully competed in the race . From the poor to the court chambers salons But how mining “dog for all ” has become a dog for companionship and kanapowcem what it is today ? It’s very simple – Bedlington Terrier won the hearts of the British High Society . Forced out of the houses of the poor by increasing the other races has become an interesting object of interest for the eccentric aristocrats . It is through their treatment changed little farm silhouette to give a longer neck and a more harmonious appearance , emphasized even unusual haircut . The first breed club was founded in 1869, and soon after Bedlington terrier went out to conquer other countries : Canada, USA, Germany and the Netherlands. Everywhere heated up the place , but never got a wider popularity and if not for his unusual appearance, certainly long ago to have about him – unfairly – forgotten. Live indicator The British miners valued the Bedlington Terrier , not only for his zeal in the fight against pests and talent poacher , and not too sophisticated look (their dogs looked far less than today’s fikuśnie bedlingtony ) , but also for … the ability to anticipate the storm. The dogs reportedly were able to predict a thunderstorm in the tens of minutes before the first lightning – a flurry of lightning was the real danger to the primitive.

If we only see him live bear, is dangerous not appreciate his living temperament . We are filled with energy , is impulsive and without hesitation put everything on one card , but it can also show and gentler , more affectionate side – Bedlington is a real mix of gentleness and proper terierom impulsiveness . Top agreement with you if you, who will have the character as full of contradictions , and who therefore better understand the complicated soul Bedlington Terrier … The penny is not it shameful shyness , the easy to believe that a small lamb . Despite its appearance is rather Bedlington Terrier troublemaker who does not know what fear or nervousness , and who cares about the right balance between the body and the soul . Fairly quiet at home, going for a walk is more exuberant as much about interesting things , so many intriguing scents … Note , May bedlingtony quite strong hunting instinct and are able to chase prey on track ! Athlete … Although the Bedlington terrier perfectly fit to please him in a few decades the role of pet and mascot of the British nobility , it still has the memory of the good old days when it could easily blow off the very legitimate hunting and behave like a member of a colorful family pełnoprawnemu Terrier should. Bedlington terrier is a born athlete – her ego muscular body requires regular exercise. From time to time he must also ensure the freedom wyhasania without a leash. The legacy of their ancestors charcich Bedlington terrier oddziedziczył penchant for speed , instantly responsive and seems to that it has completely niespożytymi energy supplies . He can make huge strides and easily transplant obstacles that are up to two times higher than him. and pet … After such a huge portion of movement and exercise in the fresh air, Bedlington finally feeling a little tired and in a blink of an eye przedzierzgnie in plush bear, the family pet , who is in love ran his eyes behind you and you. Of course , the man will not be able to resist such an approach and immediately grabs the dog in his arms , to whisper in his ear affectionately and tenderly rub the head. Valid only to not give us Bedlington terierowi wrap around his legs – allowing it to all make it easy wypaczymy it character ! Like any terrier , bedlington also requires a rather heavy-handed guide, but do not come to terms with the brutality and violence. Until we recognize the leaders and the head of the guide , so long will be deaf to his orders . unique Bedlington Terrier is a nice dog in the house that will welcome with joy , not only family members but also friends, and will be for them behaved impeccably . It is, however , another side to the coin – they are dogs gentle in dealing with other quadrupeds , but I can not believe it excessively … Bedlington Terrier is flesh and blood and did not give up to the enemy, and will not attempt to escape. Hooked ( and little it takes to find the hooked for ! ) Puts aside all his gentleness which has acquired over the last decade and is furious battle to fight. Bedlington terrier s been quite popular in Poland in the seventies , but then – just as in other countries of the European continent – have disappeared from the horizon and are now a real rarity. Dog and child Bedlington terrier is a dog uwielbiającym fun and happy friends with everyone, who share his approach to life. A child in his company , or in the company of a child Bedlington certainly they will not be bored for a moment , and if you manage to draw people – including a child – a walk in the suburban meadows lucky Bedlington Terrier will have limits ! I just need to remember that the child will not be able to keep it lively terrier in check – walks away without adult supervision rather out of the question . The Lord is the only one Although the Bedlington terrier accept and welcome treats the whole family (including the circle of friends and close friends ), but for his master recognizes only one , the only person . The one who will win the heart of Bedlington , you may be sure that the little lamb decisively and efficiently uses the tooth in his defense.


Beauceron at 1:05 am



The representatives of the old French breed of dog , structurally , are a cross between mastiffs and Doberman . The remains of the dog skeletons 2,000 years ago unearthed in western France , to speak of a very high affinity ancestors of our hero to modern living beauceronów . The first written records of old French herding dog , which was also used for hunting bears and wild boars found in the fourteenth – century “Book Hunt ” Count Gaston Phoebus , which has already been quoted in previous newspaper columns . Paris Basin area , near Briare Canal connecting the Loire to the Seine , is a region of French culture , the lowland sheepdogs guarding the former cattle and sheep herds . At the end of the nineteenth century were given copies of the long-haired called ” chien de berger de Brie ” and shorthair ” chien de berger de Beauce .” These races are closely related , they have some common features such as dewclaws on hind legs . An easy criterion for distinguishing a robe and coat . Black or tawny Briard was once considered for koziowłosą variety Beauceron . Object of our interest is a thick coat , very short on the head, fitting smoothly into the body , forming a small ” pen ” on the tail and very long ” pants ” on the hind part of the thighs. The most common color of the coat is black with tan markings red . Thence the completely wrong association of a relationship between a rottweiler iszkockim Beauceron Gordon Setter . There are also beaucerony tricolor , harlequin : marbled, black and gray with rust – red markings. Undesirable is too bright primary color and white markings will disqualify a dog. The Beauce Sheepdog is a dog with a quick, intelligent , hard-working , need a lot of traffic. A copy of the compliant presents a strong personality which is far-reaching obedience provided domination guide. His enormous physical fitness, stamina and strength required discharge energy through a daily , long walk and look ahead . Thus, difficulties may arise in adapting to urban life in an apartment . Has a reputation as a fearless dog , he can be brutal at times especially when a stranger kinsman invades its territory. Like the vast majority of purebred reasonably raised , treated in a nice way , respectively civilized – like children and are the subject of patient and gentle . The extraordinary vigilance and the need to embrace far-reaching flock entrusted to the area as well as the Beauceron makes an excellent guardian . Therefore, these dogs , to good effect , guard houses standing on the sidelines, fold , stable but also factories , workshops and special objects called . In France, are selected for the role of a military dog . Also acts as a lifeguard. A significant reduction in general ” red socks ” is a decline in cattle. Nevertheless it is still a popular dog in the French countryside .The annual championship of France working with a herd of sheep berger de Beauce relate brilliant success. Although very early FCI registered standard Beauceron (No. 44) , their popularity beyond the ” home of more than 400 cheeses ” is small. In Poland, there are several pieces but everything indicates that these excellent sporting dogs, not worse owczarkom German or Belgian , will be with us more and more popular . Significant role in the development of a particular type of dog tags breed clubs play . In France, since almost 100 years working Club Francais du Chien de Berger , who “protects ” the desired development of farming, publish the pictures and descriptions of the best representatives of the breed , and finally the recording of livestock . Among the important tasks of the Club is to organize tests for dogs guarding . It is about preventing a degradation of the dogs in the form of performing only the role of companion dogs . Maintaining a complex versatility Beauceron is not easy. No dog is born trained and best-laid will fell a secondary illiteracy if not used in accordance with their abilities. It is no different with the Beauceron . The dog , with the help of two or three companions , should independently handle the charges of herd made up of several hundred head of cattle and sheep. This means that the wider protection; forcing a different area , preventing scattering herding to the farm or yard, a closed-circuit – not grazing herd and prevent entering ” the damage ” . The remarkable fact should be mentioned Founded in 1927, the Club des Amis de Beauceron and appearance , a kind of bible race by Siraudin . About all that apply ” czewonej stockings ” tells the newspaper … coincidentally … ” Le bas rouge ” . Beauceron population in France has several thousand dogs. In 1980, the registry book ( LOF ) showed 3025 units.Appearance: rectangular, strong silhouette . A little ” diabolical ” word head especially when they are shaped ears . Height : Dogs 65 -70cm , females 63- 68cm . Adult females weight : 27-37 kg , the weight of adult dogs is 40-55 kg. Colour : the most common is pure black with rust – red podpalaniami on the lower parts of the legs , trzewioczaszce , neck and chest . The other coat I mention above . Coat : Short, dense, adherent . Head: slightly arched, extended the skull , muzzle elongated , slightly pronounced stop and strong jaws . Natural Ears are pendulous, shaped , cut, erect. Eyes: dark, round , placed horizontally . Body: broad, capacious chest, tucked up flanks , slightly elongated silhouette marked withers , loins slightly sloping towards the rump. LIMBS : Strong, muscular, with good angulation . The hind legs are double dewclaws .Cons: increase beyond the limit , too heavy or too small head , nose other than black color , with bright eyes , short or curled tail , no dewclaws , other derogations from the standard.



Bergamasco Shepherd October 28, 2013 at 3:25 pm











Cane da Pastore Bergamasco (lit. Bergamskiego Shepherd Dog – from the city of Bergamo , Italy ) is an almost perfect dog that meets the desire to have scary -looking dog , as large ( females 56 cm + / – 2 cm, dogs 60 cm + / – 2 cm) , but does not require time-consuming maintenance. For this smart , dedicated , stróżującego , and all very safe , because his respect for the man will not let him hostile to him, the dog guards and guards it , but not ” perform judgments ” . As if that were not enough , this is a dog who particularly loves children and really cares for them , it is also the perfect companion of man. Bergamasco and it is very sensitive to heat, which the owner can give him , if he loves with dedication and generosity . Bergamasco is an ancient Italian breed usable , with abundant coat all over the body and does not need more treatments , is to remain in its natural state . Not to be brushed. Dreadlocks are formed around the age of the dog and grow between the length of the age. They have to be wider than in other breeds ” cord extension ” as Pula, or Komondorów . With age they become exotic , even ” knock ” with its beauty and originality.


A former race dogs guarding flocks spread in the Italian Alps . Particularly numerous in the Bergamo area , known for the intensive rearing of sheep.


Bergamasco is a dog of medium size, with a natural , rustic appearance, proportion and solidly built . The whole body is covered with hair . Body inscribed in a square , the overall impression of balance , harmony and naturalness . No part of the body should not give the impression that it is exaggerated , or not sufficiently developed.


Length of the body , measured from the most forward projecting point of the shoulder joint ( connecting shoulder and arm ) at the end of the buttock is equal to the height at the withers ( the trunk is so square) . Tolerated , though this is not desired, the deviation of no more than a 1 to 2 cm. Head length is 4/10 of the height at the withers. Depth of chest must be 50 % of the height at the withers.


The task Bergamasco is chased and defend the herd, makes them ideal for the alertness and ability to concentrate and balance . It is easy to learn , and its definitely in combination with care and dog tags patience make him a perfect guard dog and companion , successfully performing all sorts of tasks . It is firmly attached to the man .


Length of muzzle equal to length of the skull , the head of parallel lines , it seems great. It is covered with a dry , well -fitting leather that can not form folds or wrinkles.


Broad and slightly curved between the ears , slightly rounded and broad forehead . Lines that parallel the length of the skull the same as the length of the muzzle. Skull width can not be greater , as half the length of the head. The forehead is slightly curved , so when viewed from the front or from the side , the zygomatic arches are clear . Frontal furrow marked, the occipital protuberance clear and conspicuous.

Stop :

Pronounced , but marked above all by the convexity of the forehead, eyebrows pronounced and highly developed nasal and frontal bones .



Gradually tapering to an end – the side lines , viewed from above , are slightly convergent, but not so that the muzzle was pointed , is quite blunt . Length of the muzzle is equal to the length of the skull . Muzzle width measured in the middle of its length , extends approximately half the length and the depth not to be less than half the length . The topline of the muzzle should be straight . The bottom line should be fixed jaw and lips not . Quite difficult to determine the position of the corner of the lips, but that it should be more or less on the vertical line passing through the outer corner of the eye. The lower edge of the jaw is almost straight .Lips: Fine , very large , separate to himself and only cover the teeth . The banks are well pigmented lips .Teeth: The jaws are well developed, especially the mandible . Teeth white , large , regularly spaced , teeth complete . Scissor bite .Cheeks: Few clear .Eyes: Large , the iris of a brown , a darker or lighter shade , depending on what color . Set well forward , are an expression of mild and alert. Eye opening slightly oval shape . Slightly slanting eyes – an imaginary longitudinal axis of the eye was built about 15 degrees from the horizontal. Eyelids close fitting , with black edges , very long eyelashes , supporting the hair falling in his eyes .Ears: High set , partially collapsed – roughly one third of the length. When the dog is , raises some of the basics. A triangular shape and a length of 11 to 13 cm , a width of 6.5 to 8 cm. Broad at the base , they reach the rear edge of the place where the head connects with the neck, and the front half of the skull. The end of the ear slightly rounded , hair on the ears is soft and slightly wavy at the ends forming fringes .


The upper edge of the neck slightly arched neck a little shorter than the head and it is not more , as 80 % of its length. Neck circumference , measured at mid-length , should be at least twice the length. Skin fitting, without dewlap . Neck covered with thick hair .



Withers clearly distinguished from the straight line of the back . Loin little arched , slightly sloping croup .Withers: High and long. The neck flows smoothly into the trunk .Back: Episode chest straight, well muscled and broad , length about 30 % of the height at the withers , smoothly changes in lumbar vertebrae, and this – in the rump . Length of the lumbar approximately 20% of the height at the withers , so it is clearly shorter than the thoracic . Width equal to the length of the loin should be well muscled.Croup : Strong , broad, well-muscled and sloping at an angle of 30 % to the horizontal , the width between the tumors of the hip should be 1/7 of the height at the withers.


Roomy , with a curved bridge , reaching to the elbow . Chest , measured behind the elbows , is 25% greater than the height at the withers, and its diameter must be 30 % of that amount . Depth of chest is 50 % of the height at the withers.


Strong and thick at the base , tapering , covered with goat , slightly wavy hair . Tail length is 60-65 % of the height at the withers, without difficulty reaching the hocks when abandoned , but it is better that he was a little shorter. The rest is shaped sword , because it is easy for the first 1/3 the length and bent at the last third . In a move the dog waving it like a flag.


Front legs :

Seen from the front and side are simple, and the length from the ground to the elbow is 50 % of the height at the withers , in harmony with the size of the dog.Shoulders: Well built and massive, heavily muscled. Blade length is slightly more than 1/4 height at the withers , 15 to 17 cm . It is inclined at an angle of 60-70 degrees to the horizontal. Shoulders : Well muscled , with strong bones, 30% of the length of the dog’s shoulder , inclined at an angle of 60-70 degrees to the horizontal. The angle between the blade and arm bones varies between 105 to 125 degrees.


Must be set parallel to the center line of the trunk , in a vertical line, extending from the withers to the base. The angle between the arm and the radius bone of the forearm is 150-155 degrees. The whole leg , from the elbow, covered with a rich , long and thick hair , pozbijanym in clumps.Forearm: Vertical , length of at least an arm’s length , with strong bones and strong muscles .

Wrists :

Dry , moving , with a distinct bone- grained . Protrudes forward a little in front of the limb.

Pastern :

Dry and flexible , viewed from the front lines are on the limbs , seen from the side is set slightly obliquely .Feet: Oval ( hare ) , a compact and well- arched toes . The nails are strong , arched and dark , pads strong and dark .

Hind legs :

As a whole, proportional to the size of the dog , set parallel to each other .

Thighs :

Long , broad, well-muscled , so that their surface is slightly convex . Length will be about 30% of the height at the withers and its width 3/4 length. Angle , which creates the thigh to the pelvis , is 100-105 degrees.

Lower thigh:

Strong boned , dry , well- trained muscles . Lower leg length is approximately one third of the height at the withers and its inclination relative to the horizontal line – 55 degrees.

Stifle :

No turning neither outside nor inside. The angle between the femur and tibia of about 130-135 degrees.Hock: The lateral surfaces must be wide and the distance from hock to ground is no less than 25 % of the height at the withers. Angle of the hock is from 140 to 145 degrees.

Hock :

Its length , measured from the heel bone to the foot , the same as the distance from the ground ankle . When measuring only metatarsal , it is about 15 % of the height at the withers. Must be set vertically . Dewclaws should be removed.Feet: Same as the front .


Step long and free , the most desirable form of movement is quite long , balanced trot . Thanks to its structure, the dog can easily enter into a gallop , which may persist for quite a considerable distance.


Tight fitting over the whole body , delicate, especially on the ears and front legs. It does not create wrinkles on the head or dewlap . Mucous membranes and black haw .

Fur :

An extremely abundant, very long, shaped differently for different parts of the body . Rough coat , goat , especially in front of the body . From the middle of the chest across the back of the torso , and in all limbs, hair – depending on age – either forms or has formed a drooping web. The hair on the head is not so rough, covered his eyes. On the limbs, the hair creates evenly spaced strands , falling downwards, so that the front of the dog looks like one mass of hair. The rump and hind legs thick webs cover the whole surface . The undercoat is short and dense, so that the skin is not visible, and greasy to the touch. See the best dog tags that you can buy in the UK. contact


Uniformly gray or gray patches in different shades , from the lightest to almost black . Acceptable shades of beige and tan . Colour uniformly black acceptable provided that it is not black or pure or shiny. Unacceptable color white and white markings tolerated , if not exceed one fifth surface.


Height at the withers: Ideal for dogs 60 cm with a tolerance of 2 cm in both directions , females 56 cm with the same tolerance .Weight: Dogs: 32-38 kg , females: 26-32 kg


All departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault , resulting in a corresponding reduction in the assessment. Equally faulty is a dog with very little overhead, as well as one that constantly moves pacing .Cons negative culture : Convex or concave profile . Pronounced overbite . Binocular squint . Nose incompletely pigmented . Height above or below the standard . Curled tail .