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Berger Blanc Suisse

History of Swiss white shepherd dog tags is closely linked with German Shepherds , to the 30’s of the twentieth century it was one race . The ancestors of German Shepherd dogs were used in the Middle Ages to guard and defend their possessions , which underwent numerous modifications . After the great European wars of the seventeenth century began to develop Cattle and sheep are no longer needed big dogs – expensive to maintain . The preference while different types of schools, differing in construction, hair – depending on the services for which they were used – generally called Shepherds . Shepherds of Thuringia and Saxony were small , disasters, wolf – gray color , with small , erect ears , of Württemberg and other southern lands were characterized by a thick bone on the other hand , capacious chest , strong hindquarters , moving fluid trot , to have pendulous ears and more phlegmatic temperament . Mostly white or patchy growth of 50-60 cm. The nineteenth century due to the reduction of pastures and sheep at the expense of intensive cultivation of land , brought a decline in the number of shepherds , the utility began to be used for other work than herding flocks . At the end of the century , by crossing different varieties of Shepherd , was made dog coat with abundant undercoat , suitable for each service.

Dogs already took care of the kennel club Phylax , founded in Berlin in 1891, worked for 8 years. 3 April 1899 . Captain Max von Stephanitz and Arthur Mayer , hosting nationwide breeding exhibition in Karlsruhe, impressed by the dog strong , resilient and wise named Hector Linksrhein . The exhibition formed an association called the abbreviated SV ( Schaeferhundeverein ) . Captain bought a dog to his kennel Grafrath , changing his name to Horand and registered it as No. 1 in a herd book German Shepherd . As a curiosity, given that in Hanover in 1882 and 1887 was exhibited white Greif , and then 1888 . Hamburg White bitch Greif and 1889 Kassei white Greif II Baron von Knigge culture . Dog Greiff II , born in 1877 , was bought by Friedrich Sparwasser , a breeder from Frankfurt and from LOTTE bitch , bitch gave LENE ( do not know what ointment was ) that it was covered with Kastor (after Pollux’sie ) was born of the abovementioned famous Hector / actually nearly 1 January 1895 . So grandfather and ancestor of the German Shepherd is a white GREIF … Brother Horand – LUCHS from another litter (which also contributed to the creation of the breed ) passed to his descendants white ointment . The white coat , as well as different length robe was at the beginning of the breeding of pure-bred widespread as the ” ointment may not affect the usefulness of utility dog.” Max von Stephanitz Frederick Emil put my attention to the flawless nature of the dog and its suitability for the job, and aesthetic considerations were going by the wayside . Not only Germany , but also Switzerland early interest in German shepherd and 1897 in Basel R. Lottner , founded Habsburg club Shepherd . Great interest has resulted in the foundation of a German shepherd Swiss Shepherd Dog Club , abbreviated SC Similar association was founded in the USA , in 1913, Anne Tracy founded the German Shepherd Dog Club of America . While in Germany, she met white dogs of this breed from the culture of the Habsburg Hohenzollern , had a big impression on her and decided to devote himself to their culture . Bred many white and multi-colored dogs , from the best German lines . To the popularity of the German Shepherd in the U.S. contributed to imported dogs from a German kennel ” Giralda Farm Kennel .


German Shepherd interest grew from year to year , but the color white became less welcome. It is strange , because the white shepherd existed long before the breeding of pure-bred German Shepherd . Biel is an ancient ointment herding dog , white dog less afraid of sheep , but about dusk, when the wolves attacked the flock was easier to distinguish, more visible . Under pressure from farmers and ” superstition ” was black and white for the ugly , white color lovers lost the dispute , and the consequent disqualification at shows , led to the cancellation of the white color of the pattern of a German Shepherd , which also surrendered to Switzerland , in 1968 . German Shepherd Dog tags Club of America . Lovers in the U.S. is not accused of breeding and formed clubs fans , and released their pattern is identical to the standard German Shepherd FCI . Only in Canada, the Canadian Kennel Club ( CKC ) continues to recognize the color white . In Canada and the U.S. in the pedigrees still get the German Shepherd breed white color shown on the club shows . In the early 70’s were imported from the United States this dog to Switzerland , male LOBO , born March 5, 1966 all year so before closing the books for the white color is considered to be the progenitor of the white shepherd dog breeding in the country. Descendants Lobo systematically recorded in the Swiss Stud Book ( LOS ) and other white shepherd dogs imported successively from the United and Canada. In 1984, the family of the Canton of your Epprecht wandered a white bitch , fell in love with this wee pup , but after 3 years of female left. They wanted again such a wonderful dog and brought from Holland 9 weekly bitch : Mire van Eekeren . For a long time the white shepherds were cultured without maintaining a uniform exterior . Only just Epprechtów family decided to set up the club, whose purpose would be breeding white shepherds in one type , the organization was named : White Swiss Shepherd Society , and in 1989 entered into the commercial register , and in 1991 it was considered as a breed club of the Swiss Society Kennel Club .. White Shepherd Association has developed a temporary pattern that 01.06.1991 was approved by SKG , and the goal of both organizations became the recognition as an independent white shepherd dog breed on an international scale.

In 1997, the FCI (International Canine Federation) recognized these shepherds as a separate race under the name WHITE SHEPHERD American-Canadian, but the register was entered before January 1, 2003 under the number 347 and was given its official name: WHITE SWISS SHEPHERD. From that moment, they may be exposed to exhibitions of dogs in all Member States and associated with the FCI.   Both the long-haired variety and short-haired occurs on one ring, both equally are accepted. Currently, White Swiss Shepherd increasingly diverges from its predecessor German Shepherd, through the years of selection in Canada is different in terms of character and physique.

In terms of health sheepdogs white Swiss should be treated the same with meticulous care and German Shepherds . Both races are exposed to dysplasia (like all large breeds ) and even with barefoot is not covered by the compulsory tests in this direction , it should be overexpose and accordingly also in this respect (not just the exterior ) copies selected for further breeding . The first year of life Shepherd is particularly important , should be given calcium preparations and strengthening joints (even if we feed only dry feed ) , the more attention and effort be devoted to this period , the greater the chance that the puppy will grow into a strong and well-built dog. As the spigot is not yet fully recognized breed ( they have no right to obtain title CACIB or application for International Champion can obtain championships and individual states to full rights ) should also pay attention to the breeding of the nature . White boys should especially during adolescence attend dressage to get to know other dogs , new situations , and vice versa – by owner to get to know your pet and know how to behave in the environment. Shepherd , both szwajcary and German can be timid and should be from a puppy to devote much attention to their socialization ( if you live in the country – ride with them to the city and vice versa) , not selected for further breeding individuals fearful and aggressive .