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Dog’s Senses November 22, 2013 at 7:11 pm



The senses are the dog just like the man to collect information from the world around him, receiving stimuli, to communicate with him .However, some of them in a dog plays a more important role than in humans . Man looks and thought “what a beautiful” …. Dog smells and feels “hmmm interesting smells” .Emerging puppy is blind and deaf, but able to receive the first stimulus is through węchowi, by touch and to a lesser extent by the taste.  One of the first senses that a newborn puppy world receives it.


In this way begins to communicate with his mother, felt her warmth and closeness .Dog deprived of touch mother and her caresses, and then touch and the presence of human socialization period will grow into a dog distrustful.

That is why it is so important introduction by man of Early Neurological Stimulation Puppies. The dog receives stimuli using the entire surface of your skin, although it should be noted that the special role played by the sensory hair arranged in tufts above the eyes and below the bottom lip so. whiskers. It is thanks to the dog by touching any object recognizes its shape, or texture. Each touch of the dog owner is enthusiastic and emotionally received, what the dog signals throughout your body, you need to be noted, however, that certain points on the body of a dog are of “strategic” importance … eg. provides the most positive experience for the dog Mizi eyelet, or under the chin, and already pat on the head is associated with the act of “power” ….. behaviors are innate in the fall after wild ancestors, so it’s important to be able to know the dog’s psyche and its associated behavior.


Thanks SENSUAL smells, newborn puppy correctly recognize the specific scent strips milk bitch and no problem will go to the “diner”. Smell plays a dog receiving a dominant role in the world. Man receives world primarily sight ….. dog follows the smell. The nose is the most important dog “tool”. Dogs with long kufach have a better sense of smell than dogs with reduced kufach. The undulating inner surface of the nose is almost as large as the surface of the canine body. The olfactory epithelium in the nose of an adult human is approximately 3 cm2, while the average dog’s nose occupies an area of 130 cm2. Canine nose has, until 220 million olfactory receptors, for comparison only man 5000000. The wet nose also recognizes much more scent molecules than dry.


Sniffing dogs regardless of breathing. Cat nose is able to recognize about 500 thousand . odors , and the man only 2-4 thousand . The reaction of the dog to smell less than 0.1 su man is 0.45 s panting while the considerably weakens the process of sniffing, hence the harder the dog panting , it feels less odors. The ability to sense the breathing dog odor is reduced by approximately 40 %. The softness and mobility nostrils can also locate the direction from which the fluid smell. Therefore, even before seeing the dog ” interesting object it ” already knows in which direction to follow him . Their sense of smell is much better than the human sense of smell , as they have many times better sense of smell than a human , up to 10 000 times . Hence, this dog ” curiosity ” in obwąchaniu every “new ” in its environment. In this way the dog recognizes ” an affiliate of a peculiar odor unique business card .” So a well-developed ability to ” perceive the world” smell , and especially the presence of other beings ( animals and / or humans) used just a man who already in distant times domesticated dog to move with him to hunt ….. long long time later, the great advantage of the dog nose has been used to work in the service of man ….. rescue dogs searching people under the rubble , or avalanches , dogs in the customs service and police searching the hidden drugs, bombs, sniffer dogs for locating missing , or search for the right person. sense of smell plays a huge role in the social life of dogs. dogs , like other animals communicate using pheromones , their different types are separated and depend on the situation : fear , curiosity , excitement ……… run their production . often walks dogs ” mean” place …. people used to say that leave ” dog list ” and in fact is a lot of truth in this , as in urine are also specific pheromones which are hallmarks for other representative species. pheromone -producing cells are also found in the skin hence the ” peculiar smell dog ,” and the irresistible desire rubbing against objects to leave them ” a personal business card .

After about two weeks after birth dog eyes open ….. from that moment the dog begins to receive incentives sense of sight – but must admit that the sight is not the strongest point of the dog. No dog does not see anything out of the plane , even looking at the most realistic picture . It is adapted for hunting dogs because well- register move. Visual acuity in the dog world is underdeveloped is not able to record the details in comparison with man falls approximately 6 times less . Often you can meet up with the theory that dogs perceive the world in shades of black, white, gray , but in the case of dogs so that they see in the colors blue and yellow , and green color probably is for them a shade of gray or white , you probably also can not distinguish red from orange and rather see these shades close to gray .For dog eye colors are not important but rather their focus , which means that objects are more vivid by the eye dog better perceived . Dogs have only 10% of the human visual receptors , but it is their field of vision is much larger. Dogs can see what happens to the side , nay even anything for them, because the scope of the field is up around 200-270 degrees and depends on the length of the muzzle and the wheel and the rear sight.It is assumed that dogs with shortened muzzle ( brachycefaliczne eg pugs , pekingese ) have eyes set frontally and their range of vision is similar to the human field of vision , and dogs with elongated muzzle ( dolichocephalic ) – have eyes set wide on the sides of the skull , and their field of view reaches up to 270 degrees. For comparison, a person must be satisfied with the possibility of observations in the 180-200 degrees. Despite the low ability to recognize objects look, the dog has a good orientation in low light , plus are backed by some smell , hearing and sense of touch , which is also more strongly developed than in humans. It is also related to the construction of the eye. The pupils of the eye dogs are much larger than most people. Greater ability to capture light dogs owe much larger lenses . Volleyball dog is dominated by rods , which are sensitive to dim light was , also plays a big role glossy area under pręcikowymi cells , reflecting “concentrated ” light ( a special tapestry located just behind the retina acts as a kind of mirror ) , less is with a suppository responsible for seeing bright lights and colors. As already mentioned, the dogs can see much better movement . At the same distance as perceived by dogs moving objects , the objects still remain invisible . For example, notice the immovable object at a distance of 700 meters, while the same set in motion from a distance of 800-900 meters . Dogs that have widely spaced eyes have excellent peripheral vision , eg Greyhound – Saluki is a typical visual learner their eyes are positioned on the front of the skull , which provides them with a great vision dwuboczne . Dog eye therefore equipped with larger pupil , more focused light lens , a larger number of rods and tapestry reflective , is significantly more sensitive tool for vision in dim light than the human eye . Proven that the dog need a quarter of the light needed for human to see well at night. Around this same time , when the dogs begin to see can explore the world even with only one sense of who ” activated ” at a similar time – your hearing.

SENSE OF HEARING is a dog extremely important “tool” in the collection of the world. Hearing dogs are extremely developed, much more sensitive than humans, the scale of earshot dog goes further than the range of human hearing. They can hear sounds that come even from a distance of over 70 meters, it is much better than the man who will hear them from a distance of 10-25 meters.

Dog Ears 17 include a muscle it makes that they can optimally be set in the direction of the sound source in its final . Dogs can hear sounds with a frequency of 35 000 vibrations per second and are able to recognize the sounds that differ by one eighth note. They can also control your inner ear catching among various murmurs specific sound , which they depend . Dog grabs the ear sounds so high-frequency vibration , or with such a high pitch that the human ear , they are no longer audible . Dog not only captures the weakest sounds, but it has also aware of which side the sound is coming. The ability of this man mastered to a negligible extent. Dogs have excellent auditory memory and therefore the diagnosis of equally driven by the sense of smell and hearing. Each probably known examples when the dog sitting in the house suddenly begins to wag his tail and runs to the door to greet his master even on long before the door he comes .As with other animals, dogs taste sensations are dependent olfactory experience and sense of smell . SENSE OF TASTE , but dogs do not play quite as large a role as a human – you can tell that it is not important to him.


Dogs have far fewer taste buds than other animals, thus distinguish the flavors just as pleasant, neutral or unpleasant. Dogs can for example, immediately recognize whether the water is drinkable or not , as are equipped with special receptors that allow you to analyze even subtle changes in the chemical composition of water , especially mineral content . Often we used to say that the dog willingly eats things stale ” strongly smelling ” eats them , not because it taste good , but because it specifically – read – irritating for him to smell . In addition, the canine psyche works based on instinct , if something runs out of the dog’s diet nature itself will tell him that recruited in nadarzającym the moment. So, if your dog is happy to reach for ” miscellaneous ” should consider his nutritional program .In addition to the well-known , say there are two senses , whose mechanisms of action are least known to man …. One is the innate ability of orientation in unfamiliar territory it – SENSE OF ORIENTATION . Spatial orientation can not develop through education or science, while it can be improved , what man is carefully used . Some dogs are able to flawlessly beat hundreds of kilometers and quite alien a place to go home. Such cases were not once, not twice described. Man deported in a strange place , without a map , help others , and some of the reference points is not able to come back …. dog can certainly speculate here posiłkując additionally well- developed senses of hearing and smell your way in the not yet elucidated for a man finds a way .

Another mysterious ability of the dog is a ” gift of telepathy ,” or early anticipation of certain events and situations …. Let’s agree that this can be called a sixth sense . All known cases where this before , eg onset of the earthquake or volcanic eruption , it is the world of animals, including dogs react at the earliest – the calm – suddenly they get all worked up – instinct begins to prompt them that this place will soon be dangerous. Dogs , like many other animals are sensitive to vibration. Many of them have a “gift ” to predict an attack , eg epilepsy in people suffering from this disease. This ability is already used by humans , and dogs with this ‘gift’ are properly trained to develop this skill . No one has saved his master’s life react by barking , whining , etc. licking at the right place with the attack. It can be assumed that the dog was so honed and more developed , some senses more sensitive and can quickly capture some psychological changes , geophysical , chemical and physical place in the world and the human body.