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Nursery for dogs October 16, 2013 at 5:31 pm

Very good investment in the future of your dog is to take him to classes in kindergarten at the age of puppyhood . Our pet will have the opportunity to do so for fun and socialization with other dogs. He can also learn appropriate behavior when in contact with the representatives of their species.Mind puppy is very absorbent , like a child’s mind . All you dog learns as a child , you will remember for a lifetime.When looking for puppy kindergarten , we should look at what is on offer. Best to take your pet to this nursery , where in addition to playing with other puppies offered basic obedience training . Of course, fun and socialization are very important. It is important for people and dogs enjoying themselves , and the instructor was friendly and knew about what he was doing .Meetings with other dogs should be enjoyable for our pet , but they should be under our control and not rely solely on the fun and madness , which could lead in future to us that it would be difficult to control the dog in the presence of other dogs.In the nursery , which is well run , puppies should be able to play together for the first 2-3 hours of classes on the first two meetings , and at subsequent meetings for about three minutes after class . In this way the dog will know that it first needs to work with us , and the reward will be playing with other dogs. This principle should apply throughout their lives and to teach it as a child would be a sensible step .During the classes in kindergarten puppy should learn basic concepts such as “sit “, “down ” or “stop ” . It should also learn of becoming a place and coming on command . If the nursery is run by professionals , the dog should be no problem to perform these commands .If it happens that the leading nursery say that the dog is too young to train , you better stay away from this nursery . Witnessing this will be a lack of knowledge about dog behavior.

Learning the commands “sit” at 5:19 pm

The seat is a natural position for the dog . The study of this command is a good start training. But before I proceed , make sure that the dog does not have any problems ( such as defect hips) and can easily sit down , not having any trouble with it .When we know that our dog is completely healthy and has no problem sitting down , make sure you have a treat . Keep it between thumb and forefinger , the dog saw him . Hand is directed upwards. Then we call a dog. You have to show him that we have in hand a treat . Best to give it to smell , and even to lick , but you do not have to let him take it.Then wait for a while , without spending any commands . The dog will focus his attention on us and sit down . As soon as you see that the dog sits , it must be immediately rewarded delicacy and pride . Then you have to repeat this process two more times.When you repeat this process , you need to attach to the stimulus sound and visual character . Then just enter the command . When the dog sits , say ” sit” and gently raise the wrist. This should be repeated 5-10 times.Finally, we spend the command ” sit” , using both voice signal and the movement of your hand , even before the dog begins to sit . This sequence also need to repeat 5-10 times. When the dog does not want to sit down after the command , do not repeat it . We take delight in its range , the level of the arm and spend the sound of discontent like ” oh! ” Then wait a few seconds and try again.When a dog has more or less learned to command , we should not give him a reward every time. Best to give a treat every other or every third time or even a quarter . The dog in this way, learn faster , because it is never certain when it receives a reward. You should never completely eliminate the awards and always have to praise the dog

Dealing with puppy at 3:46 pm

To puppy feel at ease in the pen , it takes a few days. Should be gradual habituation . If all we do well, will pen a nice place for the dog and the dog will treat this place as their own den .When you first introduce your puppy to the crate , you should let him go in there alone and thoroughly explore everything . When a dog does, you must temporarily close the door and open it after a while , praising the puppy. Then throw him a treat to the pen , and when it will take , close the door for about 30 seconds . When you open the door , praise your pet . This should be repeated as often as necessary until the dog is happy to spend five minutes in a playpen . Then leave the crate door open and the next day we start all over again.After several days, reaches that same puppy will enter and leave the pen , and will be willing to remain in the middle irrespective of whether the door is open or closed . During the training, we should not leave the puppy in the pen closed for more than three hours . Perhaps he will be there any longer , the door will open.Some puppies and dogs will never give up training in the pen and start to get excited when you need it to be. Excessive beeping , peeing , biting or scratching wire means that the dog is not well suited to the pen. In this case, best to keep your dog at home or find another solution.

The choice of method of training at 3:43 pm

There are many methods you can use to train your dog – from the primitive beginning , a rather sophisticated finishing . The methods of training in some (but relatively small ) extent, is affected by technological progress . For example, does not need to put a fence around your yard , because you can install invisible electronic fence that does not allow the dog to leave the area because it sends an electrical pulse every time the dog will try to do it.The choice of method or a combination of several methods of training depends on what best suits the owner of the dog and what works best in a particular race.Before you started the training program , you should consider what is the purpose of training and what you want to achieve. Many people headed to look at buying a dog , not paying attention to the typical character and utility features of the breed . As a result, the owner is unhappy , when the dog grows up.Almost all dogs can learn to perform basic commands of obedience , but the characteristics of the breed may hinder this task. Both Collie Collie and Jack Russell terrier can learn the command “down – stay ” , but probably in the terrier need more time and determination by the teaching your dog the command. In recent years in our country have become popular labrador retrievers . Many families are choosing to buy a dog , because it is really a wonderful breed – suitable for children , is prone to training and requires no special care of hair . Unfortunately, many people forget that this breed requires a large amount of traffic and is a member retriever , therefore, like to retrieve everything that is not glued to the ground.Our website contains brief descriptions of hundreds of races, so if anyone wonders what to choose , take a look at the descriptions of the most interesting in this case. In addition, many books have been written describing the breed of dog , more or less detail .

Dog Training at 3:38 pm

The dog is usually totally dependent on its herd , which is his family, which lives . He is a man and a dog all the functions of life – food, companionship , exercise and a safe haven . This does not mean that we should approach the dog as a child .The people who treat the dog to pet uncertain , nervous and overly attached to them . Some people think that this proof of devotion, however, is not the case . The dog simply can not handle the situation when it is away from its owner .Puppy usually everywhere it for your own . This is not surprising , since we provide all his needs . When a pet has become accustomed to the new environment , we should encourage him to be more independent. It’s not the dog we need less , but not to us addicted from their emotional security .Of course, we should know what the word ‘independent’ in the dog. This is not a dog who does what he pleases and when she feels like it . The idea is that the dog was confident enough to withstand the absence of the owner and do not get excited , such as when we go somewhere in the house or go to the bathroom.What can we do to encourage the dog to be more independent ? There are a number of ways. We should not always react when the dog awaits our attention . We should only be done on our terms. When the dog comes to sit next to us , we move up . If you start to whine and paw catch us , you need to ignore it . Some might think it’s cruel , but that does not.When the dog is too exuberant when greeting us when you get home , you should ignore it until it calms down . Then it should be rewarded for having calmed down . If you start to jump on us , we turn our backs on him .Do not allow this, the dog went everywhere for us . Closing the door behind him. It should also teach your dog some exercise and perform commands that has earned our attention .