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What kind of meat you should feed your dog? March 14, 2014 at 12:34 am

Each meat is rich in protein, but each has a different nutritional value. White meat (chicken, veal) does not provide the same nutrients as red meat (beef, horsemeat). A great part of the food are also fish, provided, however, that we give them cooked. Offal exhibit excellent protein content, but they also have drawbacks: cause constipation and other digestive disorders are sometimes the cause of skin lesions. They can be used in combination with other meat or periodically once or twice a week. The most valuable offal is spleen, liver, kidneys, least – lungs were and guts.

What vegetables give your dog at 12:32 am

Many dogs do not like vegetables, which are, however, a cheap source of carbohydrates, perfectly complement a shortage of meat. Green vegetables do not play a significant role in feeding our four-legged companions fill the stomach without providing too many calories, thereby reducing the risk of obesity, provides calcium and some vitamins, as well as have the ability to facilitate – even accelerating – going intestinal contents. And yes, the dog nutritionist meat only flushes every two-three days, while the dog, whose diet also includes green vegetables, gives stools daily. We do not recommend feeding your dog starchy vegetables (potatoes, beans, green peas), because they are difficult to assimilate and calories. Determined priority is given to rice, which when cooked is an excellent source of carbohydrates.

The dog does not come close to the bowl at 12:31 am

For a dog , like other animals , the food is extremely important. This ensures its survival . However, it happens that some dogs too scrupulously defend their food. When we try to get closer to the bowl, growl , and an extreme case may even bite. This problem becomes especially acute when there are children in the family . It is normal that you can not disturb a dog while eating , but when excessively guarding him , you have to take the appropriate steps .The first and best solution to this problem is simply to prevent it. The dog should be taught from a puppy that when approaching his bowl, it is connected with something positive . When we feed the puppy , should the food be near his bowl , and from time to time to throw something to him . Then the dog knows that we are a source of food , not a threat. When there is a problem with an adult dog , you must do the same. But it should make a grown man and not a child.In the case of an adult dog , you can also use a safer method . First, put an empty dog bowl . Then he will probably look at us . When you look at us , we praise him and just throw some food in the bowl . When they eat , repeat it until you finish your meal. Bowl ‘re taking only when the dog is already full. Such a dog getting used to the fact that we are not a threat , it should take about a month. For the first week we put food into the bowl from a distance. Then slowly we should be approaching , and every time the dog looks at us , it must be an explicit praise and food.We should never drive a dog. When at some stage start to keep an eye on the food , you need to take a step back in training. It is best to approach the bowl from different directions , always holding in his hand the food. This will help your dog feel calm when different people will be approached from different angles. At the final stage of training should touch the dog when we throw the food into the bowl . The first time you only need to lightly dab the dog up on the second. Then gradually we move to the stage of light pats . You can even try to touch the bowl. But you have to give the impression that it was quite random while of adding food.

Prepared foods for dogs at 12:26 am

Dry food


Despite its name, it contains approximately 10% water. Although all species have similar nutritional composition, use of different materials, and some may be better digested or tastier than others. One of the advantages of dry food is its low cost, especially if you have a large dog. It can be purchased and stored in large quantities for several weeks. However, if it is held too long, it can erode and lose vitamins. Dry food is more concentrated and can help dogs suffering from food. Abundant stools are difficult to remove, for example lawn, although less smell. One word of warning – at the beginning it is difficult to assess how much dry food should be administered, and its excess can cause obesity.


Food semi-dry


Sometimes called “soft-moist” contains about 25% water. In general, resembles canned or piece of meat and for this reason many owners prefer it on the dry food. Semi-dry foods are packaged in a medium-sized portions and do not need to be refrigerated. Diets based on a semi-dry foods are more expensive, but are a good option for dogs accustomed to fresh meat when it is difficult to get them. Some small dogs love it. It contains a lot of sugar, and is therefore not suitable for dogs with diabetes.




This is probably the best known food for dogs, but many people do not realize that there are 2 types to be used otherwise. Some contain grits , making it a complete dish , others only meat and for them to add crackers to balance them . You always have to read the description of the preparation . Administration of the meat itself without the biscuit is expensive because it takes more of it to satisfy your appetite dog and it is not a nutritionally balanced diet . Each species has a different composition of canned and may require different amounts of biscuits per can . If the dog does not want to eat biscuits , you have to try nutritious canned . Note that, although convenient, they are heavy to carry and take up a lot of space ( we carry and store more water than other types of food ) .Canned have different tastes . Some components may not correspond to our dog and cause diarrhea. You can also get special canned food , including food for puppies , of fine texture , food with a mild flavor for demanding small dogs , and food for special recipes for dogs with certain health problems ( doctors ) .

Dogs are carnivores at 12:21 am

Dogs are carnivores . Dog teeth are constructed differently than human – are used for tearing meat and rozszarpywnia . They have flat surfaces for grinding grains, as in the case of human teeth . The process of digestion begins in the stomach of a dog , rather than in the mouth . All the digestive enzymes are geared to digest meat and raw products . So if a dog has to be healthy , you should get the meat .Like the human body , the body of dogs consists of cells , each of which needs 45 nutrients. A protein are from 9-12 amino acids, minerals, vitamins , carbohydrates , fats and water. Of course, all these components must be included in the diet in proper proportions , so that they can get the appropriate chemical processes needed for their digestion, absorption and excretion. The cells will persist only if they are immersed in the fluid , which strictly controlled composition can not be changed by more than a few percent.All nutrients can be assimilated to the fuel being replaced by the body for energy. The energy used to generate heat , so that heat was dog can control his body. Moreover, whatever the dog is doing , that is fun , running, work , etc. depend on how much fuel he will provide , because the more good quality fuel , the more energy you produce the body of the dog.To measure the amount of energy provided by the dog food, used the term ” calorie ” . In the optimal situation every pet should consume the amount of food , which is needed to meet the demand for calories . The appropriate number of calories your dog will survive in good shape to old age , to produce the energy needed to grow , reproduce and maintain good health throughout life.