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Allergies in dogs March 7, 2014 at 9:03 pm

Just like humans , a dog allergy can cause numerous pathological symptoms : hives , eczema , hay fever , asthma . Most allergy proteins induce (both animal and vegetable ), or chemical substances.There are two possible situations : animal sensitized after the first contact with the allergen and reacts violently with him the following contacts , or is characterized by excessive sensitivity to the substance and the violent reaction of the organism occurs at the first touch.There are a variety of allergic diseases , all of them appear acute or chronic inflammations with effusion , edema ( swelling e.g. proximate the spilled or urticaria , swelling Cłuinckego , where there is a huge size of the head engorgement ), pruritus (e.g. intense itching at eczema caused by flea bites ) .Prevention of allergy is extremely difficult because very few exceptions, it is impossible to accurately determine the allergen that is causing the symptoms , and allergy tests are not yet widely used in veterinary practice . We can however reasonably well treated acute forms of the disease due to a potent antiallergic drugs such as corticosteroids or antihistamines .Companion animals , especially dogs, have a clear tendency to allergies : extremely easy to sensitize the smaller amount of irritants . This explains their frequency of occurrence in various types of skin diseases . Who has not had a dog scratching incessantly in this or any other time of year?This fact is probably due to considerable interest in trace elements , homeopathy or acupuncture , which , it seems , could play an important role in the treatment of allergies.Fortunately, we know some of the allergens : lubricants , solvents , perfumes , plastics , antibiotics , pollen , etc. Sometimes they just simply avoid to avoid allergies .

The use of a suppository for dogs at 9:00 pm

Suppository easily used in lying dog. At least for the first time should act in this way, because conscious dog , not knowing what we want to do with it , may try to bite . The next time you hold the dog by the scruff of the neck , and then the other person grabs him by the tail with his left hand and right trying to push the suppository into the rectum .Suppository need slightly warm in his hand , to make it more slippery. After inserting the suppository should be pressed into the anus tail and go with the dog for a short walk . He turns his attention and prevents the expulsion of the suppository into the rectum .How to keep a dog? For this purpose, the collar is not too useful because the animal suffocates . From a psychological point of view, it is more appropriate for your skin strong grip on his neck . This forces each dog obedience , because in this way the mother held him . If you have further been shaken , it will be a strong argument . This method should be used rarely , because the dog has a strong impression . Totally senseless beating is forbidden by hand or stick. The dog does not understand this sentence. Hand your dog must be associated with something pleasant , the stick can hurt . Is permitted only slate newspaper or something similar.

Spine dog at 8:58 pm


The spine is a column composed of individual bones called vertebrae interconnected strong ligaments. Through the middle of the column runs the neural tube of the spinal cord. Most of the nerves coming out of the entire body of the spinal cord. Between the two vertebrae is a fibrous insert called an intervertebral disc that relieves excessive vibration and movement. Its structure is similar to onions – has numerous thin “skin” and a smooth, shock-absorbing agent similar to a golf ball. When the dog gets older, its intervertebral discs become less flexible and less flexible spine. In some breeds, such as the dachshund, Pekingese and basset, takes place earlier. These breeds are prone to eject the disk, often imprecisely called “falling out”.

The skeleton dog at 8:54 pm

The dog skeleton are two basic types of bone. Long bones (such as limb bones ) and bones flat ( skull , pelvis , shoulder) . Although the basic design has not changed since the inception of the genre , the limbs were significantly transformed . Think of the difference between the silhouette of a dachshund and a St. Bernard . The cause is the fact that the man selectively bred dogs, whose bones were different length and thickness.The role of the skeletonThe skeleton is a bony lever system , discussed the muscles attached to them . The bones are connected by joints that act as shock absorbers. They have a complicated structure, which gives them great stability while allowing movement . Ligaments are attached , which allow for some degree of movement in certain directions .Each pond is surrounded by a joint capsule containing synovial fluid . The ends of the bones of the joint belonging to the cartilage covered with a smooth surface. Thanks to her, and the presence of synovial fluid friction within the joint working is minimal, and by its flexibility eases as any shock .The development and growth of bonesLong bones in the embryo has its origin as the structure of cartilage , which are replaced with the correct bone in the later weeks of pregnancy . Limb bones can be considered as a tubular structure of the joint ( joint) at both ends. Part of diaphyseal does not belong to the pond is covered with a hard, fibrous periosteum . In young , growing dogs inner layer of the periosteum is actively growing and building bone increases its diameter. To tubular bone does not become too thick and heavy , the older part of the tissue is resorbed , which maintains the proper wall thickness or cortical bone .When the dog stops growing , the activity of the periosteum almost disappears , to return again in the event of breakage in the place that you need to ” fix ” . To avoid weakening the bone as a result of this process , the interior is filled with fine bone trabeculae . The space between them is filled with a young animal’s bone marrow , replaces fat as they grow older dog.Bone elongates in the areas close to the joints, called growth plates where cartilage is still produced as a progressive layer as in the episode plate metaphyseal growth . The cartilage is converted into bone , and thus lengthens the bone . The majority of dogs aged 10 months long bone growth is complete.Bone growth requires fuel and it is supplied through the blood vessels . The main part of each bone is supplied by one or two arteries , penetrating through the so-called . Digestive hole in the shank bone. The hub receives blood from the arterial ring inside the joint capsule . These arteries penetrate the entire root bones to nourish the growing bone. They also provide food for the inner layer of articular cartilage , the rest of her food comes from the synovial fluid .

Cardiac massage and artificial respiration resuscitation November 22, 2013 at 4:33 pm



Cardiac arrest is the cessation of shares otherwise heartbeat. In such a situation, a person must act quickly to save the dog’s life. If you do not smell heartbeat (putting a hand or an ear to the chest just above the sternum in the elbow) and heart rate (applying the three middle fingers on the arteries in the neck, inner thigh in the groin, the inside of the base of the tail or on the wrist) you immediately begin CPR.

Prior to resuscitation should remove the dog collar, open and clear of any foreign bodies mouth, pull the tongue, and then place it on the right side.Place one hand on the left side of the dog, just below the elbow (between the third and sixth rib). Put your other hand on top, then press firmly down and forward, toward the dog’s head. Press in this way three times, and then blow air in the nasal cavity, in / g principles: pumping, pumping, pumping, blow. “Pumping” is to take place at intervals of less than one second. Remember that heart massage makes sense if it is started within 5 minutes after the cessation of heart.Put pressure on your hand or fist chest, depending on the size of the dog:- In small dogs just behind the elbow on bridge

If you are alone it perform more or less pressure every 5 seconds – 15 compressions and 2 breaths then . If you do heart massage , couples that oppress 100-120 times per minute ( small breeds ) , 80-100 times per minute ( large breeds ) chest while leading artificial respiration.Artificial respiration is carried out by the mouth – nose . It should , however, check whether the trachea is way isolation . If the mouth is a foreign body should be removed earlier . The pressure and the amount of air blown into the nose should be adapted to the dog ‘s size. Collapse hands around the dog ‘s mouth and blows air into your nostrils . Wait until the air leaves the lungs and repeat the admission of air again. Perform about 20 breaths per minute , about once every three seconds . Continue artificial respiration until the moment when the dog begins to breathe alone . Control your pulse and observe whether the breathing and heart rate returned to normal. If within 10 seconds, the dog is still not breathing and his heart was not beating a resume CPR . Urgently contact your veterinarian.- How to carry out the restoration of the shares of breathing in dogs small.

Collapse and shockPlease remove the dog collar, check the appearance and color of the gums (pale almost white are a sign of blood outflow and problems), open and clear of any foreign objects and liquids mouth, pull the tongue, and then place it on the right side (in the dog unconscious check your heart rate and reflex respiration in the absence of take CPR). The dog should have peace and quiet. If the cause of shock and collapse is not heatstroke dog should also be covered. Please try to provide a better blood flow to internal organs if the position change does not cause pain dog should be placed so that the back part of his body was located above (eg, you can plant a pillow, rolled up towels, blanket, jacket). Dog should not lie on one side of more than 10 – 15 minutes. Urgently we contact your veterinarian.

Extension or torsion of the stomach A dog that is suffering from enlargement of the stomach, suddenly becomes restless , trying unsuccessfully to vomit , drooling profusely. His stomach rapidly expanding volume, is tight and painful. The animal breathes with difficulty, and breaths are short. Then comes the shock , the dog falls into a coma and then threatens him with a quick death , in the absence of immediate treatment . Therefore, if you suspect your dog turn ( a risk factor derivation is irresponsible dog for a long tiring walk right after eating, jumping , running, climbing stairs after meals) is the only thing you can do to save the life of a dog as soon as possible to go with him to the veterinarian . More HERE . pulmonary edema The main symptom of pulmonary edema , severe difficulty in breathing – the dog has an open mouth , die from lack of oxygen , blue when pressed him mucous membranes of the mouth , and nostrils may appear foamy discharge . This complication , which is the swelling of the lungs, is often due to left ventricular failure , but can also be caused by the inhalation of smoke , electric shock, or stenosis of the trachea. The slight and chronic pulmonary edema may occur when heart failure. It causes coughing and barely discernible trouble breathing. Suspected pulmonary edema requires extremely urgent veterinarian must in fact be completed as soon as the body’s need for oxygen.heatstrokeOne of the dangers lurking on the dogs is overheating or heat stroke . When overheating occurs disturbances of mineral water . Dogs are not able to lose excess heat from then , as happens in the case of humans . Dogs spewing cool your body , which causes a strong evaporation of water , but also minerals. It produces excessive water deficit and even more dangerous for the life of the animal deficiency of minerals necessary for the proper functioning of all cells , especially nerve and muscle . In hot weather dogs also lose excessive amounts of sodium , potassium, magnesium . Excessive intake of water supplements water shortages while deepening loss of electrolytes. Therefore, it is recommended during the hot days replenishment of electrolytes by the administration to dogs to drink non-carbonated mineral water , and the administration of potassium -magnesium preparations (eg Aspargin , Kalipoz , Kalium effervescens ) . You can also use the hot days the water drained from cooked potatoes , which contains a lot of sodium and potassium (water , of course, must be chilled ) . The loss of water and electrolytes can lead to hypovolemic shock and death of the animal . Unfortunately, by panting dogs also give off heat, because their muscles are constantly working . If the dog also will be in an environment in which there is too high a temperature ( and already 25 degrees Celsius for a dog can be a danger ) is not able to cool your body and as a result gets heat stroke . That is why it is so important to ensure your dog when traveling and resting the right conditions : – Leave it in a shady spot with access to fresh air and water (preferably mineral non-carbonated ) ; – Never under any circumstances leave the dog alone in the car, even when it is parked in the shade and no open window ; – On a hot and sunny day , try to go out with the dog frequently for short walks, never immediately after a meal , if possible, avoiding hours of sunshine largest ; – Dogs young , old , sick at heart , having problems with your lungs are more sensitive to heat than others and you do not need to pay special attention ; – Look after good condition robes dog: Regular bathing, combing and clipping ( in races that require it ) ; – Dogs deprived coat , like the naked Chinese Crested , Mexican naked dog in addition to the danger of overheating are additionally exposed to burns and dogs albino and white pile tend to melanoma ; – Dog breeds with short noses min . such as Pekingese , bulldog , boxer, bulldog , and dogs with strongly developed undercoat are more prone to overheating ; – During any longer walking so keep the container together with water and a bowl . Pay close attention to the behavior of the dog . Symptoms that may indicate concern about the impact of : – The first symptom of heat stroke is a significant unjustified agitation of the animal; – The dog does not lie , but usually sits on the front legs apart , or is often no longer want to drink ; – Rapid panting combined with ślinotokiem and foam ; – Pulse is quick and hardly noticeable ; – Leather lips it’s getting dry; – Dog suddenly weakens , it begins to lose consciousness ; – Breathing is shallow and irregular ; – Tongue and gums become clear dark red color or language much turn blue ; – Body temperature rises rapidly going in temperature ( 40-42 C); – Additional dog may get convulsions , diarrhea and vomiting. If you have observed these symptoms should as far as possible , AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO GO TO THE DOG TO THE VETERINARIAN , who will take appropriate action. Treatment of heat stroke is most often chilled intravenous electrolyte solutions glikosterydów this expanding anti- edema of the brain , heart drugs , diuretics. When the prompt delivery of the dog to the doctor is not possible or expect his arrival is to be a dog to help themselves :First of all, the dog must move in shaded and as cool and airy place . Dog trapped in a closed vehicle exposed to the sun to be with him as soon as possible to draw .