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Obesity and the dog March 7, 2014 at 9:14 pm

If your dog eats more than normal, you suspect an invasion of internal parasites or other diseases. Part of females exhibits increased appetite in heat before , and almost all – in the end of pregnancy and after childbirth. The administration of certain drugs is the cause of the increased interest in food ( hormonal preparations , vitamins, micro – and macro ) . Increased appetite observed in dogs in the cold season , especially in animals kept outside the home.Excessive food is the most common cause of obesity , especially in older dogs in which the production of hormones regulating metabolism is limited.



Another cause of obesity can be bad metabolism , lack of physical activity , disease . Obesity leads to a reluctance in moving , shortness of breath , dog quickly gets tired and reluctant to respond to commands . Fat accumulates mostly in the intestinal mesentery , causing enlargement of the volume of the stomach. Less frequently observed in dogs local obesity in which the fat accumulates in the form of tumors and folds floating above the surface of the coating skin .

Convulsions in dogs at 9:11 pm

Convulsions extend generally in the form of attacks combined with the loss of consciousness and convulsions of all skeletal muscles. Pupils are strongly enhanced, and the oral cavity can escape the increased amount of saliva. Some dogs with convulsion attacks unconsciously give feces and urine. Less contractions limited to only one half of the limb or animal. The attacks of convulsions followed a similar and are often preceded by a concerned dog, as well as symptoms of fear. Convulsions should be distinguished from muscle tremors occurring as a result of the cold, tics nosówkowych, tetany postpartum. In the latter case, the bitch has a difficulty in raising up, moving, observed tetanic muscle and accelerated gaping breath.


Coughing in dogs at 9:09 pm

Depending on the site of irritation of the nerve endings contained in distinguish cough mucosa tracheal , bronchial and laryngeal . In an artificial cough in dogs can be called by pressing two fingers on the rings of the trachea trying to narrow it . A cough is the sound created as a result of the rapid excretion of compressed air through the respiratory system. Depends on the resistance that exhaled air has to overcome on the way . Cough can have a dog different degrees of severity. It may be common , rare or panic , and depending on the severity of the disease process dry or wet and painful. Sometimes dogs are preparing for the cough becoming legs wide apart and pulling the head forward . Cough is the most common treatment of diseases of the respiratory system , circulatory system and as a result of aspiration . Sometimes coughs of leakage through the nose or mouth open wykrztusiny liquid .

Fleas in dogs at 9:07 pm


The fleas on the dog spend a little time – about two hours a day. The remainder of the day quietly lay their eggs in the house and garden. You can assume that for every face on the dog flea falls ten fleas spread throughout the house.To fight them effectively , you must destroy all at once. Bathing in the middle przeciwpchelnym not work the best, and its effects are short-lived. Fleas can come back at the dog after a few days of the most accurate bath . Experts evaluate the effectiveness of different collar przeciwpchelnej . The best means to control fleas are : powder, ointment , lotion and spray kill fleas on the dog and ” poison ” to combat fleas in the house.Never use two measures at a time – do not we put a dog collar przeciwpchelnej after a bath in insecticidal shampoo unless recommended so the vet . This way you can cause poisoning . Please refer to the instructions for use of and adhere to it. The best and healthiest way to control fleas is regular vacuuming the apartment. Places where the dog particularly likes to stay , to be vacuumed daily. If we put Flea & Tick Collars for vacuum cleaner bag ; kill parasites sucked inside . The dog must regularly bathe and brush .

Poisoning a dog at 9:04 pm

It may happen that your dog will find at home, in the garden or on the street toxic products ( cleaning products, rat poison , insecticides ) and swallow them . As soon as you notice this , try to make vomited : Force him to drink more water very salty or enter emetic. After emptying of the stomach , use a laxative , for example, paraffin oil or castor oil.Further action depends on the type of poison ingested . Metaldehyde , the main component of the protection against slugs , will be offset by barbiturates . The antidote for coumarin , most commonly used rat poison , will vitamin K action of strychnine , causing violent cramps tetanus , mitigate the barbiturates . Remember that you should not give milk , which in some cases ( poisoning with insecticides , phosphorus ) can aggravate the symptoms of poisoning . Apply more effective shielding drug and contact your veterinarian immediately .In the case of gas poisoning your dog will react faster than you. First, you get tired , then drowsiness and weakness , onset of sleep and coma . In this case, do artificial respiration and immediately drive the animal to the vet .