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Boxer (dog)


Derivation of the race , it also has its own history. In the Middle Ages , in the European countries occupied by the Germans used for hunting dogs called barenbeisser ( devourer bears) . In the British Isles , in a bloody circus performances and bullfights used include bullenbeisserów ( dławiciel , devourer Bulls). Some varieties of these dogs were crossed with each other , including in the breeding experiments already existing in England called the bulldog breed .Bullenbeissery also occurred in Germany. Had the reputation of a very clever dog , cat impressive speed. They were able to fix the nose trick for most furious bull. They were also very efficient at hunting as dogs nagonkowe . Many authors have reported that the original German hunting dogs , at various times were crossed with English Mastiffs . In the second half of the nineteenth century , a significant extirpation in Germany and especially wild game , wild boar, contributed to the decline in the popularity of these dogs in a certain sense to retrain them. They have become essential in the cattle forcing traffickers . Hans Raber says that ‘s a good bullenbaissera paid surprisingly high prices. A master butcher to the question whether there would sell his dog said, ” even if it would give me enough ducats if my dog weighs , I can not give it back , because he is at my work is absolutely necessary .”Among the ancestors boxer dog tags should mention also present in the Middle Ages in France , which according to historical sources was called ” dławicielem Brabant ” . At the end of the nineteenth century, many occurring in Germany bullenbeissery make a career in the urban community . Not only butchers but other social groups – students , actors begin to appreciate the hilarity of this dog , temperament , unique facial expressions of his mouth. At that time, began to use the name boxer .


With anecdotes about ancestors boxer survived such one of Tyrrasie , dog Bavarian bandit chieftain . ” Awfully big and definitely long dog , ointments brown , with dark stripes and black patches , guarded with admirable zeal safety of his master and saved him from a number of danger. Pubs are usually put on the table , and his fiery gaze was always directed at the door so that he could see coming . seemed also that he knew very well enemies Hiesel (s bandit named Matthias Klostermaier or Hiesel of Bawarii.Przyp . aut. ) , often because rats are not attacking a man who , as it turned out later not had good intentions in relation to Klostermaier . therefore many villagers believed that this animal was possessed by the devil. ” That the offender ended up on the gallows and the then customary with Mr. hanged the dog.Leaving the kind of historical sequence kynologom should mention that the ” mother race ” will be a bitch called Meta von der Passage , which appears in the pedigrees of all boxers and a composition of blood brabantczyka , and seize the English bulldog . In addition to the mainland breeding boxer , especially Italian (to a lesser extent German ! ) Powers in this race are the United States and England . Enthusiast and connoisseur of these dogs can easily know the copies of the continent with a slightly different sculpture of the head, strongly arched forehead and chin strongly indicated that gives the effect of ” arrogant ” poddarcie nose.Poland cynology joined quite late in the breeding boxer. In the 20 years between the first models were imported from the Czech Republic and Germany. The national exhibition to be held in 1935 in Lviv on 34 dogs for guarding and defense were the only two boxers . It’s hard to talk about any pre-war breeding lines as such have not survived . Some experts these dogs , thought that the then owners of boxers led peculiar breeding policy by crossing them with English bulldogs . Both races were called ” cwajnosami ” , distinguishing only ” the big ones ” ( ie boxers ), and ” the thick ” ( ie bulldogs ) .


he post-war initiative , basically farming origins of these dogs in Poland were quite tedious . Poniemieckie remains very different units , crossed with similar others, Danes de Bordeaux . The effects of these actions , inscribed to the so-called . Pre- Book , and the sharp , three generations of selection, if there were no unusual characteristics of the breed – the fourth generation of the right to earn a pedigree.Current position in dog breeding Polish dog tags boxer is strong , especially the actions of a few Enthusiasts of the breed , influx of ” fresh ” blood , by importing valuable material and coverage abroad. At the international dog show in Poznan , there are around 70 representatives of these nice , yellow and brindle pets are evaluated separately although they are one race . Only the winner of the breed is somewhat ” common ” .It seems to me that the popularity of boxing in our society is moderate which penalizes the uncommon dog. Great looks, great physique , dynamics, jumping, wonderful harmony of the anatomy of sophistication rarely seen in the community of dogs – all promoted boxing as an original ” calling card “, definitely ennobling ” the other side of the leash .” Typical boxer is quiet and yet very fast , intelligent , gentle and obedient , yet alert, observant , bold and distrustful to strangers . Very attached to his guardian and family members . Strongly defends the leader and members of his family . Is easy to train and works well both as a dog as a companion and protector . His bitterness and fearlessness gives the owner a substantial safety comfort .Appearance : Height at the withers : male 57 – 63 cm , female 53 – 59 cm . Weight : Males about 60 cm of growth – more than 30 kg , females of growth ok.56 cm – Wed 25 kg . Colour : yellow or tabby , short hair , shiny , clunky . Head: Slightly domed , clear front edge , mouth wide and strong, not pointed and narrow. Boxer has always overshot . Eyes: dark, intelligent eyes , expressing energy , not gloomy or bad. Body: silhouette square , straight back , withers well built , chest deep, reaching to the elbows , the topline elegantly sloped towards the rear .

Cons: head tapering or buldogowata too bright eyes, muzzle converging or light, nose niedopigmentowany, roach or sway back, loose elbows, any distortion of limbs, asymmetrical white markings too large (more than one third figure), malice, unpredictability, lack of temperament.