CARE perianal a dog November 18, 2013 at 4:17 pm

Daily care of this area is taking care that they are clean. We must therefore regularly wash them with water , and also ensure that the hair does not stick together and do not form there felts . It is good to cut it with scissors excess hair growing on the area.Failure washing these areas , in addition to the ugly smell , leading to the remains of decomposing urine or feces and debris discoloration of hair in this area . This is particularly important in breeds where the belly fur is long. Urine soaked hair becomes too brittle .In addition to taking care of hygiene , you should keep an eye on whether the females vaginal males with foreskin does not escape any suspicious discharge. Any observed changes best to consult with a veterinarian. In males, very often too profuse discharge of the foreskin , the discharge is usually yellowish, purulent like color. In such cases, before returning to the state veterinarian is worth several times the dog to catch rinse the place with such solutions as rivanol or potassium permanganate . Aspire liquid into the syringe (its size depends on the size of the dog ), and then enter the end of the bag , we let the fluid outlet fingers holding the liquid does not spill out. Fill holding massage fluid to reach all the corners, and then empty the bag . Top this procedure done for example in the bath, helping to ensure that our carpet against strongly coloring solutions . Such mouthwashes carried out usually for several days at a time to reduce the amount of mucus produced by the dog . It is very important to monitor the status of about anal glands dog. More details on this subject in the ” about anal glands

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