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basset_houndI still remember as a child viewed an animation of two detectives dog Droopy & Dripple-Doo. Slow, devoid of emotions, calm, sometimes sluggish, but perfectly using their sense of smell father and son-in which everyone recognizes Bassets. In race fan so grotesque exaggeration of features Basset sure to bring a smile. But there was something in it.


Basset hound is the main and most famous representative of a large family of Bassets, classified in Group VI FCI-hounds and hound, in Section 1-hounds.Our low to the hound as any gończak owes its origin bloodhoundowi, with whom in 1982 in England artificially (for the first time in the world) spowinowacono dog from crosswords now defunct French Basset d’Artois with little known today artezyjsko-Norman Basset.With this mix was very strong, with a perfect sense of smell hound, working very closely on the trail, but the rush of reaching speed up to 40 km / h. First Bassets were also used to hunt hares, and thanks to a massive build and short łapom perfectly worked well when working in tight thickets and bushes. Today Bassets work as a blood tracking trial at an artificially arranged with Wilderness paint paths.

As in earlier times basset hunting alone for the present owners of this breed main problem may be the parental insistence , arbitrariness and independence. Castigated scholar to task basset is often tardy in carrying out our instructions . Sometimes nieukładnym and responsive to our every beck and call the dog. To this day, makes me smile at the memory of the displayed Basset baby class at one of the exhibitions . During the round of honor on BIS szczeniątko laid down on the grass and not a thought to move. The poor owner does not give advice to encourage dog ‘ request and the threat of ‘ caught him in his arms and carried her to the ‘ box ‘, where he took 1st place . This is the basset . His education requires our patience and consistency.

A very interesting characteristic of Basset gives Stanley Coren :

Domination  – very low

Intelligence  ability to learn – very low

Emotional reactivity – very low

Sociability – very highThe level

energy expenditure – very low

This characteristic is confirmed to us that Bassets are dogs designed to work with humans in close contact with him , but at the same time independent and acting instinctively . Working in the forest is their passion , but as opposed to other beagles do not run the track, because I do not like to run.The education Basset to remember a few important things . These beautiful , melancholije , brown eyes do not tell us the whole truth about the nature of their respective owners . First of all, it basset dog hunting instinct with which it is impossible to be bored and in need of continual training.This is a working dog , boredom causes destroy and devastate everything within his paws and teeth;Basset gończak as everyone is smart and smart – remember wrongs can not be deceived . This clever opponent . Cunning temper that uses any inconsistency in training and education. Weak people call hounds stupid , I think that they are indeed extremely bright and intelligent , which is why our owners tend to move in the field . Bassets in urban suffer more often in overweight , which can ruin their health. The reason is their łakomość and willingness to ‘ hunt ‘- hounds because of all races must be fed wisely taught to not eat anything on the court and be provided with regular dose of exercise and fun.In short – basset dog is affectionate and gentle, but not fearful and aggressive. It has a pack instinct , sense of smell works , which combined with his strength and perseverance is extremely valuable feature . Basset has a low , melodious voice .

General Appearance : low to the dog with a large body mass , but the proportion site. It is desirable to a large amount of loose skin .Head: narrows towards the muzzle. At around the eyes and forehead may be a small amount of wrinkles , and the skin on the head must be loose enough to create folds . The skull should be well rounded , medium-sized , with a gently marked stop . Muzzle narrow its top line has a length close to the skull. Nose black, with bicolorów is allowed even lighter flesh-colored nose with wide nostrils . Upper lip overlapping the lower . Teeth must be full , perfect , regular , strong jaw , perfect scissor bite . Basset hound eyes should be dark or light brown , with a shape similar to a robber and not very deeply embedded in the conjunctiva of the lower eyelid visible . Set low , velvety, delicate and long ears that the strains must be above the tip of the nose , hanging curl up inside. Neck long , well muscled and well rounded . Jowl clearly marked .Body: long and deep . The back is straight , fairly wide, but not too long . Chest not too deep or narrow. Clearly rounded , long ribs occur far back . Loins slightly arched. Croup muscled , broad and convex .Tail : Fairly long , strong at the base , tapering . It is a well- muscled , moving gently raised and carried saber . It can be worn vertically or curled .Limbs: short but strong with strong bones. The forelegs well, but not hard with elbows bent adjacent to the chest and folded skin on śródręczach . The hindquarters are very muscular and well angulated , with short śródstopiami and straight run . Feet strong, with large pads , massive , and the standing firmly based on the ground. The front feet may be slightly outward .Basset movement is free , steady , long-distance foreleg stride .Coat: Short hair , but not too thin, short and smooth . Acceptable coat all hounds .



Dog low to the ground with a large mass , proportional , full of character . It is desirable to a certain amount of loose skin .BEHAVIOUR – NATURE :Dog gritty , working by scent , having the instinct of the pack , with a deep , melodious voice , very durable while hunting . Gentle, never aggressive or timid . Emotional .


The top line of the muzzle is almost parallel to the upper line of the skull and it is not much longer. Moderate amount of wrinkles on the forehead can occur and close your eyes. The skin on the head , however, should be loose enough to create clearly defined folds when will download it to the front , or when the head is tilted .Skull :Domed skull with prominent occiput . Forehead medium width , tapering slightly toward the muzzle.Stop moderately marked.


Nose entirely black except for dilute-colored dogs who may be brown or liver . Nostrils large and open , the nose may protrude slightly in front of her lips.Muzzle narrow, but not pointed.Upper lip overlap considerably lower .Jaws / Teeth: Jaws strong with a perfect scissor bite , ie upper teeth and lower teeth come into contact with them closely and are properly seated in the jaws , teeth complete and regular .Eyes diamond-shaped , not protruding nor deep-set , dark, but in dilute-colored dogs can be light brown . The word their is a quiet and serious. The conjunctiva of the lower eyelid visible, but not excessively . Light or yellow eyes are highly undesirable.Ears set low , well below the eye . Long, stretched forward reach well beyond the tip of the nose, but not excessively so . The narrow over the entire length , curl inward. Very soft , delicate and velvety .


Very muscular , well arched, long, with a pronounced but not exaggerated dewlap .


Long and deep throughout length, withers and loins are approximately at the same height.Back fairly broad and straight. From the withers to loin back should not be too long.Loins may be slightly arched.Chest : Seen from the front parapet is perfectly adapted to the shape of the bent arm. Prominent sternum , chest neither narrow nor too deep. The ribs are well-rounded , but not barrel-shaped , long, well back .


Well set , rather long , strong at the base and tapering at the bottom of the overgrown moderate amount of hard hair. In a move gently raised , saber . I’ve never curled or carried vertically .


Forelegs short , strong, with good bone . The skin on the pasterns creates folds .Shoulder too heavy , well laid back.Elbows turning neither in nor out. Ideal adhere to the chest .Arm in the upper part is slightly inclined to the inside, but not to such an extent as to restrict the freedom of movement , or cause the contact arm in motion or attitude.

Wrists :

deformed limbs , twisted wrists are a serious drawback.The hindquarters are strongly muscled , seen from the back , buttocks , they have a ball . Skin folds can form between the ankle and paw , while the back of the ankle loose skin can create an extensive fold .Stifles well bent .


metatarsus short , slightly substituted under the body , turning neither outside nor inside , and when the dog is in natural stance fit the contour of the body.

Paws massive, heavy-boned and thick pads . Front feet may be directed straight ahead or slightly turned out , in any case, in the standing position should be based both on the ground so that the weight is evenly distributed between the toes and pads . Feet leave traces of a large dog , and no part of the foot without pads do not make contact with the ground.


Traffic is very important. Action uniform and casual , the forelegs are long stride toward the front , rear an excellent driving force gaits both forward and back are free . Must not have a stiff gait shackled at the ankle or knee . None of the fingers can never be dragged along the ground .


Coat Smooth, short and dense, but not too thin. All contours of clean lines , no frills. Hair long , soft with fringe is a serious drawback.Colour mostly tricolor (black , white and tan ) ; bicolor ( lemon with white) , but all of coat seen in beagle dogs are allowed .


The height at the withers from 33 to 38 cm (13 to 15 inches).


Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault to lower scores depending on their degree of severity .


Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.Health and careBasset does not cause a lot of problems when it comes to daily care. As a small gończak with short hair requires only a conventional treatments, such as combing, bathing, trimming nails. We only need to pay attention to the care of the ears, which are subject to frequent inflammation and disease.Unfortunately Bassets because of prolonged and heavy construction are vulnerable to problems with joints, spine, and sometimes it do not tolerate walking up the stairs.According to veterinarians breed is prone to falling in glaucoma, retina problems, immune deficiency, slipped disc, trombocytopatię Bassets, inguinal hernia, Krabbe disease, glikoproteinozę.

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