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Basenji breed is probably very old. Images similar dogs can be found on grave reliefs from the time of the fourth dynasty of Egypt around 2000 BC Today we know basenji come from Congo, went to Europe in the 30s The twentieth century.Basenji dogs are typically hot climate. They have short hair, slight physique, long legs relative to body length, pointed and very mobile ears and tightly curled tail. These dogs are genetically very similar to wolves. They are difficult to train, but do not have special requirements, they are quiet and are suitable for a dog for company.Females are in heat basenji once a year. Characteristically, these dogs usually do not bark, but seem to sort themselves howling.



Basenji dog is a lightweight , balanced design, delicate bones, aristocratic appearance and graceful gazelle . Dogs of this unique breed in many respects are similar to cats. This dog is very clean, washed up like a cat and the cat is restrained in contacts . He has a great deal of feline nature and willy-nilly have to put up with it or … choose another race . It should be in relation to the fair , tolerant and very, very patient . It is very lively, warm , elegant, clever observer – nothing escapes his notice . Wash themselves licking their fur, do not bark – only (rare ) issue sounds like a mixture of laughter and throaty yodel . These are dogs with iron health , most do not like the rain, cold and drafts. During the winter, can not stay out in the cold with no traffic . These dogs are an independent , who attach themselves firmly to his master and family. Basenji , due to the size , short coat , and ease of maintenance are excellent dogs home . It is great for both the tiny flats and a large house with a garden. It has very short hair , easy to cultivate , and his hair does not seem any odor. This dog has a distinctive gait.

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Basenji dog is the only one of its kind. It differs not only its sleek look, mysterious, thoughtful, careful, penetrating gaze, but most of all traits. It is a race that is like no other, very wide range of behaviors, independent personality, the distance to the surrounding reality. In moments of intense interest and attention and curiosity frowns head tilted to the side. Can he see situations in which it is located and therefore will not be blindly obedient, ignoring commands in his opinion meaningless. It is self-confident and not afraid of anything. He enjoys the company of people is never aggressive. Definitely not like to be alone.  Wrinkles no longer a puppy and can survive into old age. Basenji Females are in heat only once a year. Puppies are born mostly in November and December.

She loves the freedom and not always immediately comes to call. Therefore, as soon as the focus is on teaching the dog coming on command . We also need to be very consistent and firm . We must realize that this is a dog with “character ” . It has its own mind and will not blindly execute any commands issued by the owner as shepherd . As with any highly intelligent creature will consider first what to do , and then take a decision in his opinion the best , but not always such as the owner expects it … In Europe and the U.S. was brought to the role of the dog fancy , and companionship . In Africa today , it is used as an aid to hunting . As the only among dogs never bark . There is, however, silent … It can very rarely (I’m at my bitches old woman heard it only twice in my life ) to issue voice like a yodel . Basenji great to grow up with the kids. It is a dog very patient , willing to play with a ball for example , would never do harm to the child – even inadvertently . Due to their specific nature, uncommon personality , be silent , this breed is gaining more and more supporters . Dogs of this breed loves the heat and the heat . He can live in a small , urban flat and large farmhouse. Basenji are suitable for people who already have a dog in your life , know how to deal with the dog and what , in any case, do not do it. Requires knowledge of dog psychology , proper treatment and understanding. The owner of a dog person really should be balanced, calm and responsible .

General appearance: Basenji is a lightly built dog with a delicate bones of aristocratic appearance , wysokonogi in relation to the length of the body, always balanced , attentive and intelligent. Pleated head with erect ears , worn proudly on a curved neck. Deep chest extends beyond a definite waist , tail tightly curled . This gives a picture of a dog with good proportions and gazelowatym charm. Characteristics . No barking , but it is not dumb . A typical sound is a mixture of laughter and yodel . Also noteworthy is the high purity . Behavior. Intelligent, independent , but friendly and attentive . The provision of strangers . Head and skull . The flat , well- shaped , of medium width, tapering to the nose , with poorly expressed expressed alloy . Distance from occiput to stop slightly more than from stop to tip of nose . Side lines of skull taper gradually towards the muzzle , as evidenced by a balanced line cheeks. Formed on his forehead visible folds . Eyes dark, almond-shaped , obliquely and directed into the distance. Expression should be quite difficult to determine , unfathomable . Ears: Small , pointed, straight, slightly heaped , delicate set rather far to the front of the head. The tips of the ears lie closer to the center than the outer base of the head . Jaws : Strong jaws with accurate , regular and complete scissor bite , the upper reaches of the lower incisors government without a gap , the teeth are upright . Neck strong, of good length , without thickness . Well- formed , at the base a little fuller , with elegant arch of the back . Well set into the shoulders emphasizes the proud posture of the head. The forelegs . Shoulders clean cut , muscular , but not overloaded . Elbows close to your chest . Seen from the front, they form zebras line extending along the leg to the ground. Forelegs straight , with fine bones, with a very long forearm . Pasterns of good length , straight and busy . Hindquarters : Strong and muscular. Hock deeply embedded , not twisted or outside or inside. Drumstick with moderately longknee joint . Feet small , narrow and compact with thick pads , well  toes and short nails . Body balanced with short, straight back. The ribs are well sprung . Chest deep and oval . Loin short and deep reaching the bridge dates back to the clear deck. The tail is set high , the curvature of the ischium extends beyond the bridge of his tail, it emphasizes efficiency hind legs . Well curled over the spine , single or double twist adjacent to succeed.

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