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Barbet very old French breed of hunting dogs. The history of the breed dates back to the sixteenth century when Barb was used during royal hunts . His job was finding and bringing of water and wetlands . Over time, Barbet been superseded by other rasyi almost extinct . In the 20 – of the twentieth century, a group of French enthusiasts of the breed has decided to renew it .Barbet is ancestral breeds like the Poodle and French Briard shepherd and other Water Dogs .



The main character is a Barbet patience and gentleness . It’s a dog balanced, calm and gentle towards people and other animals. Due to the stable nature is an excellent family dog . His subtletyand make sense of the Barbet works as a dog for a child . Barbs are dogs who love the company of a man , much too attached to his family. It is joyful and cheerful never aggressive. Barbet is a dog barking , but alert and warn foreign person in their area.


Barbet well suited to an apartment in the block and into the house with a garden. This is not a race that requires too much traffic . Barbet is an alternative for people who would like to have a special, loving and rare canine friend.


Barbet is a medium- sized dog . Its weight reaches to 25kg . It looks like a small bear . Barbet coat varies from slightly wavy to tightly coiled , woolly . A thick coat is easy to felts , so every now and then should be shorn . Owner Barb must, however, be aware of the need for regular grooming your dog at least once a week . Barbet color is black (the most popular ) but there are brown , red , gray and spotted .Currently, there are no requirements for hair FCI Barbet ie we can show it at exhibitions in both long and short .


Barbet is a very intelligent dog that is happy and quick to learn . Attending puppy kindergarten barbs an edge among other races. Barbet is a dog , who eagerly jumps over obstacles – agality , take part in competitions of obedience – obiedence , as well as working with people with disabilities – kynoterapia , assistance dogs .Of course Barbet is also a hunting dog in this direction used in Poland and in the world to hunt waterfowl .


Because Barbet is still very rare breed in Poland and in the world , there is no genetic burden of cancer , elbow dysplasia and hip, eye diseases . So these are the dogs live even 17 years .


From the moment when President Obama bought for his daughters Cao de Aqua portugues , interest in this type of dogs around the world has increased. The so-called . ” Water dogs ” are many types , races, and perform your all requires extensive study. Due to naming , it falls to mention Carl Linnaeus and his work ” Systema naturae ” (published in 1735r . ) , In which all shaggy dogs used for hunting birds water called the ” Canis aquaticus ” . Professor at the University of Uppsala dwuimiennego popularized the principle of biological nomenclature . His classification of animals is , in some cases , very successful , quite humorous . example rhinoceros scored for rodents … We are interested in the ratio of the scholar to the dogs , which are very liked . always went to church with her beloved Pump. article , we will mention some , of that type of quadrupeds , and a little further I will try to describe the French Barbet . farming in remote times. motive was hunting for waterfowl, as well as otters . In the UK , references to this subject dates back to the turn of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries . term ” otter dogges ” but more concerned hunting techniques , rather than a specific type of dog . It is difficult to determine . Räber believes that bred in the nineteenth century Otterhound had nothing to do with hunting dogs used in England before, during hunting otters .


Today, there is a whole group , quite similar dogs that kind of thing in common is an excellent coping with water element. The nationality of the output is selected in the breed name. It is therefore the above-mentioned Otterhound English , Frisian ( Dutch ) wetterhound and stabyhoun , Irish Water Spaniel – Irish Water Spaniel, awaterspagnelle . The latter is the name the word ” spaniel ” probably due to the use in hunting waterfowl . This company should be mentioned American Water Spaniel ( American Water Spaniel ) , which is more than the other , these dogs like spaniels and differs from the Cao de Aqua whether portugues espanol perro de aqua .Let us Barbet . As the design and basic characteristics of this dog are already described on the site , let us focus on the interesting history of the breed and its origins.There are many hypotheses about the origin of Barbet . They agree that it is an old , primitive race, probably akin to such chien de brie pudlowi and Gryffindor .Some cynologists believe that the barb is the ancestor of all European water dogs . Others are of the opinion that their ancestor was the Cao de Aqua portugues . Due to the lack of a documented genealogy , the dispute can not be resolved . The characteristic length hair and loczkowatość , it features exterior affects all water dogs .Barbs are very rare dogs. In past centuries , motive for breeding race was their extraordinary ability as a hunter helpers .

Hunting of dog was the great passion of monarchs and aristocrats . There were among the rulers of France, diehard fans of hunting , such as Henry IV (late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries ) and Louis XVI (XVIII -th century ) . Fashion hunting with dogs is a type often change. Over time, barbs were replaced by other races . Thus, the major theme farming stopped working. Although mentioned in the breed standard emphasizes ” ordinariness ” Barb , this should not be construed as commonly occurs , because it is a rare dog today . Räber given – in the 1970s , in France estimated the population of the present race for 200 pcs

In this way, narrowed somewhat formally , versatility Barbet work by assigning a narrowly conceived specialty. You can agree with Hans Raber , which highlights – some similarity physique appropriate wyżłom our hero , but rozczochranym thick hair. A little woolly and dense coat should be clipped . The attractiveness of this dog is combined with a variety of common coat . Barbet ointment may be uniformly black , gray , chocolate , fawn , sand or white , patchy or less uniform patches . Acceptable various shades of tan and light tan . Desired same tone the entire body. A long , woolly and curly coat, can create strings . Evenly cover the entire body , looks natural – this is an essential feature of the natural breed.Some cynologists believe that the barb is endangered breeds . I do not share this belief . Indeed, in the twenty-first century , almost the rule is – a rare breed of dog , if only for the fact that their are enthusiasts who will do whatever in their power to save the quadrupeds and distribute . Barbet certainly deserves it. The breed is well developed , among others, in Germany. Also Polish cynology actively participating to save the breed.




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