Anal glands November 3, 2013 at 9:41 pm

Perianal glands are modified skin glands . They occur in the belt cutaneous – symmetrically on both sides of the anus in most mammalian prey, as well as in pig and deer . In dogs, they are transformed sebaceous glands . The discharge has a very distinctive smell that is so intense that he who once met him probably will never forget. In the old days , before the domestication of dogs perianal gland secretion that allow animals to mark their territory. Every stranger approaching individual, already from a distance know that the site is busy and to avoid fighting best to stay as far away from him . After the domestication of dogs , however, much has changed. Dogs no longer live in herds became less aggressive , and the determination of its territory has become practically useless for them . The perianal glands began to fade , and today seems to already be completely unnecessary . Despite this , the glands had not been uwstecznieniu and in modern living dog does more harm than good. As long as the owner is not observed by the dog’s ill effects , it does not need to be particularly worried about their proper functioning . Some dogs throughout their lives do not feel the presence of these glands. However, if the veterinarian will recommend the prophylactic treatment from time to time , you have to make it a priority . The majority of dogs perianal glands cleansed itself during defecation . Not all animals are so lucky , however, and in some individuals , must be removed mechanically gland secretions . The procedure is painless and can be done it in any vet’s office . Sometimes it happens that one or both glands are plugged by too dense secretion . Since the discharge words can not get out in this case, inside the gland , begins to jostle them from the inside. This causes the dog initially slight itching, which, however, very rapidly and is characteristically manifested by the animal . The dog feels uncomfortable and trying to solve your problem , rubs and anal in all possible ways . It can be seen licking, biting the anal area and rubbing against the walls and other items. Very characteristic behavior is the so-called sledging in the sense that the dog is trying to move in a sitting position , vigorously rubbing his anal area . Dogs perform this action particularly keen on rough surfaces , such as what behavior brings animals to the greatest relief . Often, the above-mentioned symptoms is accompanied by an unpleasant smell coming from the anus . Noting distressing symptoms in your pet , the owner should immediately contact the pet to your veterinarian. At this stage , the solution turns to clean their professional glands by squeezing . It is not a difficult task , and after a brief training by a doctor , every owner should learn to do it yourself.

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