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American Staffordshire Terrier




Amstaff is a descendant of the English staffordshire bull terriers that were imported to the United States in the nineteenth century. American breeders prefer dogs larger and more massive, with the result that in 1936 established a separate breed standard and has been given the name of american staffordshire terrier – in short amstaff.In the U.S., these dogs are usually cut off the ears. In most European countries it is prohibited. For 1900 years amstaffs were used to fighting. Like their British cousins. Yet now they are animals gentle and devoted owners and their children just need to properly educate. They are prone to attack other dogs, however, appropriate education can significantly reduce this habit.



The uncommon dog , greatly simplifying , ” has been derived ” through crossbreeding old bulldogów with former terrierami . Significant was here especially with the Staffordshire terrier , they used English to get the right dog for fashion of his time fighting these animals and dog fighting with a bull . English Parliament in 1835 officially banned organizing dog fights . This did not mean that he should stop this practice , which continued even in the twentieth century. This prohibition was also a contribution to the development of exports from England and Ireland to the American continent , dogs & bull type terrier …. to organize fights , but not only. The first American settlers were exposed to many dangers and therefore were required comprehensive , hard, fast, alert and courageous dogs . Their tasks included the protection of homes and farms , some had to perform the functions of pastoral – to herd cattle, and protect them from wild animals. Nimble and quick dog had to deal with both rodents and various , often dangerous , reptiles. It is recognized that some of the larger dogs are better meet the demands guardian and protector , so the preferred breeding bigger ones , which over time has contributed to the growth of the overall population . The driving force of the development of culture ” pit bull ” ( fighting arena called the pit ) , however, were fighting dogs. At one time, interest in these practices also appeared in Mexico. Although the country’s cock fights were the most successful competition dogs but also proved to be good for ” making money ” and provide emotional bloody amateur performances. In the interwar period there was a further increase in interest in this type of Americans , primitive pastimes , especially since at play high-stakes betting. Previously imported staffordshire bull terrier , as a basis to derive ” improved ” version of the little dog , who took a leading place among the dogs a pit – bulls , dogs for fighting. Strength bulldog , terrier agility and legendary courage of the dog , pet it determines unusual. He is intelligent , lively, perceptive. These features make amstaff wonderful guardian , guardian , protector , a valuable member of the herd – the family. Already during World War I, American pit bull terriers, enjoyed great popularity in the United States . For his services at the front ( he saved the lives of many soldiers , warning of a gas attack ) , a dog named Stubby rank of sergeant and received a medal for bravery . Presidential medal , decoration of the White House , General Pershing made . Representatives discussed race became somewhat synonymous with America. Their likeness appeared on postage stamps , in comic books and posters . Some companies have used images of a pit bull for advertising their products (including Lewis ) . Enthusiasts of these dogs come up with two names : the American pit bull terrier and American Staffordshire terrier . The difference is formal, contractual , although not completely. In 1936, a group of farmers who want to expose their kids to events organized by the American Kennel Club, and develop a culture based on a specific standard , both in terms of appearance and characteristics of human companion dog , breed registered under the name Staffordshire Terrier . The word “American” was added only in 1974. This standard is recognized by the FCI , i.e. International Federation Kennel Club which also owns Poland . Dogs called american pit bull terrier are not recognized as a breed above / in canine organizations . The AKC – the main and largest American club – exclude the use of dogs for fighting (like FCI) . A judge who observes a dog show with scars , scars indicating that the dog was used for fighting – should disqualify him . It should be mentioned that at present other than the above mentioned , the American Kennel organization , including rigorous approach to dog-fighting and participation in such events cause penalties in the form of such lifetime revocation genealogies, prevent the registration litters , etc. The American Staffordshire terrier is a dog but feels very strong . Musculature , flexibility and agility with the full expression of the general expression, gives it a quaint charm , very lovable dog. Despite the long-term culture focused on consolidating friendly features amstaff remember that temperament and mental characteristics of representatives of the breed are significant potential for aggression towards other dogs . Provoked to attack, not socialized amstaff , not raised and properly trained from the earliest period of life, can become a source of serious problems for its owner . Puppy socialization should begin early – getting to know foreign people , other animals and especially dogs (but not provoking a fight ), and any environmental phenomena such as traffic, different sounds , is a range of experiences, which should be well known to have a young representative of the present race. Travelling various means of transportation such as a car , bus , or train as well as the peaceful response to unexpected stimuli like passing a bicycle , running man or someone moving differently than others are also important determinants of the civilization of our kids . Care should be taken so that the dog never left unattended outside their dwelling or premises .

At the age of 10 – 12 months it is advisable to our ward pszeszedł obedience training . Intelligence , mobility, activity of the advantages of easy to learn, and when fully grown up – a good part in various competitions , such as agility ( an appropriate time to overcome the obstacle course ) , pulling loads , etc. In the case of individuals stubborn , not willing podporządkowujących the will of the guide – consistency , calmness and patience in training your dog usually brings the desired effect. Care is very straightforward – a few minutes of brushing is a massage of the skin, remove the fuzzies and, consequently, that in the right gloss coat. Bath limit to a minimum , making sure to thoroughly rinse the appropriate shampoo and wipe the entire body. Periodically clean the eyes , ears and teeth ( to prevent scale buildup ) . If the dog does not run on hard ground which favors the natural wear claws , they should be seen and that in the cut . Health problems that wyodrębniałyby discussed race from other dogs , do not exist. But we must remember that amstaffs are immune to pain, and it may happen that for a long time , the individual will not showed any signs of illness or injury. Hence the need for careful observation of the four-legged companion in time to prevent the development of disease.


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