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Alaskan Malamute

History of the breed

Alaskan Malamute owes its existence to the people residing in areas of Canada , the U.S. and Russia in the ice world stretching from the Bering Strait , to the fjords of East Greenland. This people is Inuit . Prior to 35 thousand years ago, people migrated from Asia Liquid center and crossed the Bering Strait . With them migrated jackal -type dogs . These dogs were crossed with Arctic wolves , and over the centuries they have brought the beginning of a distinctive type of races in northern Malamute . Were characterized by rough, shaggy fur , tail curled over the back and pointed snout .

People living in these cold areas without access to any technology, accompanied by their dogs , with which they hunted , hunted game and moved around , but not yet known if this sled benefited from two rods whose ends are combined on the back of the dog. When the peoples of the far north populated defined area , began to breed dogs with specific features they need and temperament . Began to appear in certain patterns , and so people called Malehmiuci selected the dogs strong and durable, which could be operated at a very frugal diet . The people are using these dogs to hunt and move when started running out of food while overcoming large areas . These dogs are not moving their belongings had to be quick , because moving along with their masters . Were very persistent and strong. Mahlemut Inuit settled in areas near Kotzebue Sound in North- Western- part of Alaska . There just has this wonderful breed . Alaska Malamute dogs Some also further south near the coast . Alaska Malamute been friendly to man , but not with other dogs. Often competing for food, for leadership of the herd of females . This struggle often ended in tragedy for one of the dogs. In addition, dogs were regarded as food and in severe cases ended up as food for humans and other dogs. Individuals experienced the strongest , and the average life expectancy does not exceed seven years . Additionally Mahlemuci kill and eat dogs aggressive towards humans , so today unusual gentleness in their relation to man . Some dogs castrated to avoid wszczynały fights , eating too less and better work , and the culture was spent only young strong and hard working individuals . At the outbreak of the gold rush in 1896 . searchers began to need strong dogs to work and moving loads. The cost of the team was very high around $ 1,500 per team and $ 500 for a good dog . Race was approved by the ACK in 1935 , the same year as that was ” Alaskan Malamute Club of America .”

About the breed


Alaskan Malamute – Dog extraordinary in every way. Certainly, every farmer is willing to say the same thing about the breed that grows. But how to explain this amazing combination of captivating, primitive type of beauty so much associated with the wild wolf, with the unusually mild and friendly for human nature? Mild wolf – at first glance, unlikely, but possible. In many publications’ll find a term that is not malamute dog for everyone. And that’s the truth. Often decide on a breed of dog ownership solely in appearance, and not paying attention to his character, temperament, disposition or usability. So we created for you this as objectively as possible “Understanding Race” is not hiding defects and sparing no advantages so that you can thaw it contradicts decide whether you want to be happy Malamute owners …. or not.



The breed standard says a very friendly attitude to human Malamute . In the past, they were used not only for hunting and transporting loads , but also to care for children . Aggressive dogs consistently eliminated from the culture often their deaths . Thus, in today’s Malamutes aggression towards humans is rather unusual feature . In relation to children Malamutes are very friendly , docile and very patient . Calmly tolerate them ” petting ” and here is our job to ensure that the child is not guided by curiosity got the dog accidentally harm such as inserting a finger to his eye. It is this great patience and love for children Malamute made these dogs started to be used in dog therapy or treatment and rehabilitation of people with disabilities through contact with the dog. In Poland, dog therapy works for several years and is an increasingly popular form of rehabilitation. Malamute gentle disposition makes it unfit to guard the premises. However, it has a great sense of the situation and is able to distinguish the intentions which arrived at our guest . If we are to welcome him warmly – the dog as well. If the guy ‘s intentions are not friendly , strongly connected with us emotionally Malamute will react anxiously. Do not expect , however, that we will defend tooth and even training in this direction will have no effect. However, the Malamute is a dog very przyjecielskim towards people , just a little different thing applies when it comes to its relations with other animals . Here, some features are apparent dominance over other dogs. Normally, he would have to be ” the boss ” , but not in any way provoked by another dog that turns its submission – it should attack . The tendency for hunting can make the Malamute throw in pursuit of roe deer and hare . Such hunting but usually fails and dog after a while returned to us panting , but happy with the adventure. Malamutes are also known for their love of dealing havoc in domestic poultry houses . Chickens are pretty easy prey and they often end their lives in the teeth dog that once you find a way into the house , then we can be sure that there will be a frequent visitor . A big attraction is also cows, horses and goats . So it was good to adequately protect the area where the dog runs so that he had no possibility to get off the fence.


We do not see, however, Malamutes as murderers and conquerors weaker hens. Remember that our dog will behave like this will teach him and he will do it for what we allow him. We know Mal, who brought up from birth in the holding bore little chickens in his mouth and he did them any harm. Some breeders also breed Malamutes aforementioned livestock and dogs used to have learned how to treat them with indifference. In conclusion we can say that the Malamute would be willing to accept any other animal if they start it early enough acquainted with him, and the greater the number of new developments will acquaint our dog the more civilized he is going to behave. Although it happens that some deep-seated tendencies we can not completely eliminate, it very much depends precisely on us – the people.


Some speech – stupid , because they do not carry out commands issued . The reason for this disobedience , however, lies elsewhere. Till the time one would like to hear his thoughts , when the tenth time in a row make him sit and give paw. ” For what? ‘ve Done it so many times. Enough , this is terribly boring , can I just go already ? ” – Sometimes you can see it in his eyes. The monotony and repetition of ” the circle ” of the same – it’s not for him. The Malamute is not a blind performer of our commands. It is not our servant, but a partner . Although many of them end with very good results rate PT ( Companion Dog ) , however, they can not be ” stop -the-fly ” such as a German shepherd . If we want to learn something nastawmy a rather long period of time , and let the lessons last a maximum of 10-15 minutes , may be varied and interesting, and each correct behavior of winning something delicious . Let’s be consistent for him . Earlier, let’s make with other members of the household as the dog is allowed to do and what not to . Malamutes are very docile , despite appearances, brilliant and very eager to learn , because above all appreciate the work and human contact . The key to success in education Malamute is to develop an individual relationship between man and dog. If we succeed , then we have reached half the battle . Such a relationship is not created immediately . You have time to work on it for a long time . Spending time with your dog often , talk to him , try to learn and get to know each other and produce half of the bond itself. I did not even notice when.


Stringent conditions from which they originate malamutes made them dogs exceptionally resistant to disease . If you only see to terms vaccinations should not have major health problems of our Malamute . Particular caution is recommended in case of small puppies. It is very important quarantine -vaccination . For three weeks after each vaccination , let us not allow a situation in which the puppy Zia could come with viruses or bacteria. This could end tragically for him . Izolujmy them from other dogs, especially stray and those for which we are not sure whether they are healthy. Best and safest way is at this time at all to avoid contact with other animals puppy . Give time to the young body to produce its own protection . Pilnujmy that the puppy does not mean the place where a lot of droppings of other dogs , and anything that is not raised from the ground. The most common though still sporadic adult affliction is Malamutes Błądkowo – intestinal upset . Symptoms include loose stools , and there is , unfortunately , but mostly our fault . Stomach Malamute is quite sensitive to sudden change of food , and if every day we’ll feed him other than that he was eating before, his digestive system may react in this way . Usually one day fasting (only water to drink ) in this case relates very good effect. If you want to change the karma of our dog should do it gradually over a 7-10 day adding to the food that you eat a new food yet . We start with a few granules, and gradually change the proportions of adding new , and speaking of the old food until the complete replacement with a new one . In addition to vaccination at six months odrobaczyć dog. Puppies dewormed every three months to complete one year of age. Nieodrobaczany dog can lose condition – to lose weight, although the appetite remains unchanged , the hair can become dull , become brittle and fragile . The first signs of infestation , and we should respond quickly because the toxins produced by the worms can make a serious damage to the dog’s body . Normal body temperature of a dog is 38 – 38.5 degree Celsius. Dry nose is usually a sign of the relatively high temperature of approximately 40 – 41 degrees . Physiologically, the dog may have a dry nose during sleep , and when present in the overheated room. In other cases, the temperature may be indicative of incipient infection. Malamutes disease is rare , and as already mentioned, are relatively resistant , but if you ever notice worrying symptoms in our dog may indicate a deterioration of his condition or infection , do not even try to treat it on your own , do not enter ” human ” drugs , do not let’s party in August at the vet but just let us go to him. Just as every person has their GP , so our dog should also have your veterinarian . Let us choose which doctor and try to , if necessary, to walk with the dog back to him . Let the vet know our dog from the start.


The remains of the table, not even the question. We have our own food, and their dogs . Spices we use are definitely not dogs . We recommend dry food ready , the market is now plenty of choice. They have all the essential nutrients your dog and micronutrients in the right proportions . Karma can be adjusted individually for each dog. They are food for puppies ( separately for the race of small, medium , large and giant ) , for adult dogs ( low, medium and high activity , and for dogs prone to allergies and skin problems ) and for older dogs (over 8 years old) , easily digestible and easily absorbed . Some food also contain ingredients teeth cleaning and strengthening of bones and joints. Choosing karma should take particular care to the growing puppy . Not żałujmy money for good karma , because after all, puppy grows only once and just as we do not invest on a dog grows . Deciding on the choice of food we should know that the sales are known. food from a “higher ” and “lower- ” shelf. The difference between them lies not only in price but also in composition. Cheaper feed is produced from less valuable and therefore less digestible products. Let us choose food grade ” Premium ” . They are very well balanced , made from high-quality , well- digestible ingredients. Dosage depends on the age and weight of the dog. All information on this topic can be found on the packaging. Of course you can feed your dog personally prepared food – cooking vegetables , rice, cut or grind the meat. But all this takes time . Ingredients must be listed in the right proportions , and this added vitamins and trace elements , which dose you should consult with your veterinarian. Vitamins are natural source of health but served in excess can be harmful. Vitamin C is the only one where the excess is flushed out of the body . Excess other vitamin accumulates in tissues and organs , which in turn can lead to damage. Overdose of vitamin D3 to prevent rickets causes leaching of calcium from the body , and excessive calcium administration can also be harmful. Feeding dry food ready so it is not ” going to the sitter ,” but rather a reasonable move. We save time , while we are confident that our dog gets all that is necessary to maintain proper body condition .

Malamute summer


It goes without saying that winter will malamut of years . Often view Malamute summer with a thick , rich fur arouses sympathy and makes one think that the dog must be terribly tired in this ” outfit ” . The name of the breed ( Alaskan Malamute ) says that the dog comes from Alaska. But remember that Alaska is a land of eternal ice and there prevail both gradual frosts as 40 and 30 gradually heat. These dogs are so well adapted to the changing weather conditions . Thick fur more help than harm at high temperatures. Why ? The Malamute has a fur consists of two layers: a dense , woolly down ( undercoat ) and more rigid outer coat . It is this dense undercoat provides excellent insulation and protects the dog both frost and the heat. It is much harder to tolerate heat short-haired dogs ( such as Dalmatians , Dobermans , Shepherds … ) and with a short muzzle ( such as boxers , pugs , Dogue de Bordeaux … ) . Muzzle the dog is a very important element in the process of thermoregulation. If you are short cooling process of the body is much more difficult . Add to that the incredible innate physical fitness Malamute and we have the answer . This does not mean , however, that heat is indifferent to him . Malamutes summer behave in a rather peculiar way . Naturally reduces their physical activity . Living in a dog house usually sleeps most of the day lying down in a cool place , which he himself chooses . Exhibits greater activity in the early morning and evening. When the dog lived in the backyard you will skew to dig holes where they put out and przesypiają most of the day . In this weather , do not forget the fresh cool water in a bowl of our pet. Malamutes love to swim almost as much as running . If only we can let’s get our dog to the water . Better yet, go with him to a place frequented by a few people. His behavior can induce panic when we let him off the leash around sunbathing sunbathers . Most are wild gallops banks of the beach, slalom between the blankets and otrzepywanie out of the water . This, however, retains the majority of dogs – not just malamutes . This trip to the water on a hot day will certainly be a great attraction for our dog . We have already reduced physical activity Malamutes summer. That results in reduced activity of the dog in the heat of the day often has a smaller appetite , and sometimes it happens that they do not . Do not force him so , and I do not recommend to eat. A smaller amount of traffic resulting in less demand for energy , which provides food. If your dog sleeps almost all hot day , its demand for energy is negligible. Hence the reluctance to eat. The best time to walk in the summer is the time between 6:00 and 7:00 am and 21:00 – 23:00 pm. In the meantime wychodźmy the dog for a short time to got their physiological needs ( if the dog lives in the house ) . If you follow the above advice we will see that malamutowi summer is not so bad , and certainly no worse than other dogs.






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