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Airedale terrier

Airedale Terrier originates from the valley of Aire in central England . Probably made by crossing the Otterhound with sharp terrierami . This makes it suitable for hunting otters, martens, water rats , ferrets and waterfowl .Consistent selection makes Airedale terrier presents itself as a powerful and versatile utility dog . He became renowned among other things as a dog meldujący during the two world wars (hence the term ” dog of war ” ), and as a paramedic .




This dog can perform many functions – can be a dog rescuer , a guide for the blind, avalanche dog , family and hunting . It is full of temperament , but not nervous . It is easy to education and likes to play .When necessary, the Airedale terrier has a protective instinct and is alert . It needs consistent parenting, attachment and movement. If you seek to dominate , it must be from that far myself. All you need is a basic understanding of the behavior of dogs.This is not a dog for the people living in the city and as well as comfort . Its great advantage is that the hair is not lost if they are regularly trimmed . In Germany, the Airedale terrier is a recognized breed of dog business .Airedale terrier puppies are born black with yellow signs and gradually become lighter .

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  1. Hi all holders of beautiful and wise aired , I wanted to ask you about a very important issue for me , I have a decisive dog breed Airedale terrier – I dream about the dog , but not at the price of suffering . Now, she and her husband work outside the home and our favorite would have to stay at home for about 8 -9h day. This is the only problem that difficult for me to make the final decision to have a dog. Besides, we are ready for all the other cases involving the possession of this dog ( maintenance, training , time spent together ) . We have a house with a large fenced garden , we do not have young children and want the dog was part of our family . My husband is keen to see yourself as a trainer and I’m very happy zabierałabym dog joint jogging . As a puppy dog would be provided appropriate care , but in the long term would have to learn to stay alone in the house for the duration of our stay on the job. That’s why I wanted to know how the dogs breed Airedale endure loneliness 8 -9h per day , or can be used to this mode of life , and if at all it make sense to think about the dog’s living this mode … I will be grateful for any advice on this topic for the benefit of any future Airedale (or even two ) in our home ..

  2. Hello everyone , I am new on the forum , this is my first post , so please bear with us if there are any faults I am writing because I have a problem , perhaps small , but nevertheless I would like to know your opinion on this topic twice already so I witnessed a situation where Erdel rushed and wanted to bite a dog that is smaller than themselves, and in one case it was a puppy. Dogs do not have a reason for it , nor were those caught on , or even approached them . If the puppy had not pulled the dog could end up really tragic , because it was not ” just frightening .” Too bad , because I do not often have the opportunity to meet this dog , and I regret that once they see it in such circumstances … I read about these dogs quite a lot because of this , I’m going to have takowego often look through old posts in this picu of Airedale , I know I need to educate Erdel consistently that there was then a variety of surprises (that is , moreover, applies many dogs ), but to what I saw , I really did not expect the airedale … And here I have a question to the owners Erdeli : if you once it happened , and whether such behavior is in your dog , let’s call it ” universal ” ? As I wrote earlier, I do not have many opportunities to even see Erdel live , not to mention dealing with them (unfortunately) , and when I discovered the race fell in love with her, but what I saw last bit dampened my enthusiasm … Thank you in advance for reading and replying .

  3. Swipe – Airedale who was throwing the puppies has something of the psyche that’s for sure.  For me, my Airedale had and continue having problems with German Shepherds (as was the little dog attacked him and remembered not the bastard). On the other dogs on walks no problems and can recollect it. This is not the first skin to initiate fights, but if you donate some other male tries to attack him.

  4. Thank Nitencja,Now I’m calm when I saw this bitch is throwing the puppy I was literally in shock. In life, I would not expect, and the more Airedale bitch …

  5. Swipe with any dog can make a dog aggressive. In most cases, people are guilty of aggression, quite often without being aware of it. And what’s happening in the cases seen by you, you can not tell without seeing the situation.  BTW Consistency is needed in the education of every race.

  6. Welcome swipe  Yesterday I wrote a post but I dogo wcięło  As he writes Nitencja this bitch is physical. Or had some traumatic experiences associated with puppies or mutant psychic. Erdelek known to me they are very caring mothers and pups take a long time.  At Bear, as his mother ran a four month Hesi education dealt with the Kok grandmother as if she understood. And before the pups do not approached, was not interested in them.  Currently I have a dog and a young so I do not have much experience in this matter. Regon loves other dogs, if they do not link to each would run sniffed and August fiddled. How goes the other barks Regon disgusted that such unsociable August found. I never heard from him growl or zjeżenia thick hair on the back of the neck. Sometimes poszczeka the dogs but the barking of a treble, inviting

  7. Swipe -no , I do not know what to say .. none of my bitches do not hit the dogs , neither the large nor small. Easy can hang out with all the dogs , with no trace of aggression. But there are situations where they can react quite strongly to aggression , and then in a split second striker is on the shoulders, held on the ground – but without trying to bite , jerk – just hold and wait what will happen next . However, puppies are treated as they should – that is to say , on a good day , and set it quite sharply. This applies especially to their own children when they come home for a visit – then visit begins with prioritization herd , which to the outside observer may appear to attack. It and gurgle and holding on the ground – if puppy does not comply immediately. We call it home ” thud ” and kindly be warned owners of ” our ” puppies , which may be encountered while visiting us so much that he never has the setting of real anger and aggression – suk is a reaction to the young dogs that fall to them to home, remembering my childhood and start to smell too rowdy I have not seen a situation that you describe , so I will not comment on then bitch . But I know a lot of Airedale and among them only one female, which can be called a dog aggressive towards other dogs even brought back to the clippers in the other country , quite sharply in August to cast my bitch and tries to bite . But this one , the only Airedale of this approach to other dogs , what I know . Others are set quite favorably to the world and can beautifully play with my bitches before or after clipping .. and you have to remember that it’s finally grown , foreign dogs .

  8. Swipe – my AT did not react to the dogs that pass between his legs. I remember the situation as I was walking down the street and attacked him york, biting my legs, and my AT just above the legs raised. It was hilarious.  The situation was different when determining the hierarchy of the herd. He set my terrier grabbing her by the neck, lifting up and shaking. So ended all fights between dogs in the house, as jagd continued to growl (he started all the fights, he was older and could not come to terms with the loss position) to AT him let go, never done him any harm.  When it comes to large adult dogs, particularly Rottweilers do not forgive any, like he first did not start, but any excuse is a good

  9. A Vigo although sometimes prone to dog fights …. but  …. I noticed when the dog is calm rather peacefully into the set,  …. and Vigo, is not sociable though not complaining to each dog that he comes along as a szczenięcych time.  Bad hits to any aggressor in the type amstaf Shepherd then sometimes can not handle the cereal puff-although less frequently it happens to him because he knows that I do not like Pancia … However, females and cubs already loves drooling and fear **** s me laughing paternal instinct that is at play in that often gives smoker companion regardless of years does not like to dominate, and sometimes as Korca Minio runs patiently with dangling dog in the neck – BOS witness

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