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First Aid dogs

In the modern human world full of wide streets and cars rushing after him , and lurking on the dog of various other hazards , statistically almost all of us have , or will have to deal with the situation when it was or will be the only person who can give first aid dog .Starting from a situation seemingly simple ( disinfect wounds , proper removal of grass ear , ear, eye flushing invited sand , the proper administration of medicines ) and extreme events ( accidents involving dogs , obstruction hemorrhage , security breach , proper transport the injured dog , burns , performing resuscitation ) .In fact, we are not able to predict when and where we can encounter in need of assistance dogs and their owners usually top-down should be prepared for such an eventuality . Witnesses accidents involving dogs in the first reflex want to help him, but repeatedly after reaching directly to the need of an assistance dog break his hands and did not know how to proceed in such a situation . Saving lives, stabilize state , or even ordinary relieve exhausted by supporting the dog’s illness requires us basic knowledge of what, where , how and when to perform .The basic rule is NO HARM , therefore, to be able to help you to be familiar with the principles of first aid in different situations arranged by fate. Please be borne in mind that a first aid emergency treatment – preliminary , which often may decide to continue ” to be or not to be” dog. Such a basic and tips are collected and included in our guide . In any case, should not be limited only to the advice in this article and to treat them as final and sufficient guidelines for self- treatment of dogs with severe injuries and symptoms , after accidents , burns , poisoning , trauma , fractures , etc. ! Always PRIORITY should be to ensure the dog , as soon as possible professional help from your veterinarian. Prior to administration or application , please contact any medication , even by telephone with your veterinarian to seek consultation.Each pet owner recommend completion of First Aid kits , taking into account the needs of his milusińskiego . About what should it find a wider wrote in a separate article – HERE .Many situations – especially with food poisoning – could not have happened at all if dog owners took care of adequate collateral things potentially dangerous for the dog, did not report on their own, without consulting with your veterinarian medicines for human use , avoid planting in the garden and rearing in the home of poisonous plants for dogs, not fed dog food affecting the dog’s body . More about what harms HERE and HERE .To all those who choose to leave the dog we suggest before you go to look for the doctor and the clinic – the best of services -clock – in the target place of residence – you never know what might happen . On the way we take cache first aid kit with basic first aid measures taking into account the needs of the dog. Anyone who regularly walks with the dog on long walks should hide in your pocket , even a handkerchief material (single pass for nothing when it comes affixed ball of the injured paw ) . If fate decides that you will be the only person who can give your dog first aid remember a few basic principles:- Act quickly and prudently ;- Stay calm and sobriety of mind ;- Assess the situation and injuries ;- Try as soon as possible , contact your veterinarian , and in situations requiring this call him at the scene ;- The aid keep safety precautions and addressing the needs of a dog in need of aid , but also his ! ;- Take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the dog , depending on the assessment of the situation and injuries , use the appropriate way forward (suitable arrangement , pain relief , maintain the vital signs , the removal of possible sources of damage , reviving and protecting wounds , etc. )

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