Obesity and the dog

If your dog eats more than normal, you suspect an invasion of internal parasites or other diseases. Part of females exhibits increased appetite in heat before , and almost all – in the end of pregnancy and after childbirth. The administration of certain drugs is the cause of the increased interest in food ( hormonal […]

Convulsions in dogs

Convulsions extend generally in the form of attacks combined with the loss of consciousness and convulsions of all skeletal muscles. Pupils are strongly enhanced, and the oral cavity can escape the increased amount of saliva. Some dogs with convulsion attacks unconsciously give feces and urine. Less contractions limited to only one half of the limb […]

Coughing in dogs

Depending on the site of irritation of the nerve endings contained in distinguish cough mucosa tracheal , bronchial and laryngeal . In an artificial cough in dogs can be called by pressing two fingers on the rings of the trachea trying to narrow it . A cough is the sound created as a result of […]

Fleas in dogs

  The fleas on the dog spend a little time – about two hours a day. The remainder of the day quietly lay their eggs in the house and garden. You can assume that for every face on the dog flea falls ten fleas spread throughout the house.To fight them effectively , you must destroy […]

Poisoning a dog

It may happen that your dog will find at home, in the garden or on the street toxic products ( cleaning products, rat poison , insecticides ) and swallow them . As soon as you notice this , try to make vomited : Force him to drink more water very salty or enter emetic. After […]