What kind of meat you should feed your dog?

Each meat is rich in protein, but each has a different nutritional value. White meat (chicken, veal) does not provide the same nutrients as red meat (beef, horsemeat). A great part of the food are also fish, provided, however, that we give them cooked. Offal exhibit excellent protein content, but they also have drawbacks: cause […]

What vegetables give your dog

Many dogs do not like vegetables, which are, however, a cheap source of carbohydrates, perfectly complement a shortage of meat. Green vegetables do not play a significant role in feeding our four-legged companions fill the stomach without providing too many calories, thereby reducing the risk of obesity, provides calcium and some vitamins, as well as […]

The dog does not come close to the bowl

For a dog , like other animals , the food is extremely important. This ensures its survival . However, it happens that some dogs too scrupulously defend their food. When we try to get closer to the bowl, growl , and an extreme case may even bite. This problem becomes especially acute when there are […]

Prepared foods for dogs

Dry food   Despite its name, it contains approximately 10% water. Although all species have similar nutritional composition, use of different materials, and some may be better digested or tastier than others. One of the advantages of dry food is its low cost, especially if you have a large dog. It can be purchased and […]

Dogs are carnivores

Dogs are carnivores . Dog teeth are constructed differently than human – are used for tearing meat and rozszarpywnia . They have flat surfaces for grinding grains, as in the case of human teeth . The process of digestion begins in the stomach of a dog , rather than in the mouth . All the […]