Dog’s Senses

  The senses are the dog just like the man to collect information from the world around him, receiving stimuli, to communicate with him .However, some of them in a dog plays a more important role than in humans . Man looks and thought “what a beautiful” …. Dog smells and feels “hmmm interesting smells” […]

Cardiac massage and artificial respiration resuscitation

  Cardiac arrest is the cessation of shares otherwise heartbeat. In such a situation, a person must act quickly to save the dog’s life. If you do not smell heartbeat (putting a hand or an ear to the chest just above the sternum in the elbow) and heart rate (applying the three middle fingers on […]

A. B. C. First Aid Dogs

In the modern human world full of wide streets and cars rushing after him , and lurking on the dog of various other hazards , statistically almost all of us have , or will have to deal with the situation when it was or will be the only person who can give first aid dog […]