This breed is still quite rare . Excellent guardian and protector and at the same great family dog , which is 3 in 1 It looks impressive, but everything in it is just a dog tags : pendulous ears , do not cut the tail of medium length hair . Males reach a height […]

Science purity dog

The problem with the advent of the home a puppy is polluting his apartment urine and feces . Pure science should start from the moment of bringing your puppy home . To reduce the losses associated with the presence of a puppy , preferably roll the carpet in the room where the puppy will stay […]

dog Vaccinations

The puppy is not vaccinated should not be taken for a walk ! You can only go out with him , carrying him in her arms. The source of infection , such as distemper or parvovirosis are not only other dogs , but also places where dogs are present , pee , they do together, […]

Fighting fleas

Fleas are the most common and most important external parasite of dogs. They cause dogs two medical conditions :pchlicę , the dog Flea infestation , which leads to flat zapchleniaflea allergy dermatitis ( FAD) manifested itching, redness of the skin, scabs , alopecia , skin lesions ( sores ) . These changes are located mainly […]

What you should know raising your puppy.

Deworming dogs The dog must odrobaczyć drug prescribed or sold by a veterinarian – this will ensure appropriate to the infestation , the selection type and dose. Before we go to the veterinarian after deworming drug , you should weigh your dog , as anthelmintic dose depends on the weight of the dog . Small […]