Parasites of the dog

  A very important issue is to ensure that the skin of your dog did not appear ectoparasites such as pchy , ticks . This is very important, because often these parasites cause various kinds of skin irritations and allergies , as well as the transfer of disease ( ticks ) and intermediate hosts are […]

Dog Dental Care

Every owner should also take care of the condition of teeth and gums of your dog. Healthy gums may not be redness or bloodshot.Over time, the teeth of dogs deposited stone (especially fast miniature breeds), which is sliding on the gums leads to inflammation (redness), expose the cervical, diseases of the gums, foul smell of […]

CARE perianal a dog Daily care of this area is taking care that they are clean. We must therefore regularly wash them with water , and also ensure that the hair does not stick together and do not form there felts . It is good to cut it with scissors excess hair growing on the area.Failure washing […]

Claw care for dogs

Height claws should be checked regularly and if necessary, trim them . Watching claws draw attention to their condition . Healthy nails should be shiny with no cracks and delaminations . It may not have anything to emerge and should not emit any smell. Odor coming from the claws may indicate eg paronychia .The nails […]

Eye care for dogs

  Care is the daily removal of secretions escapes . Dried secretions removed dipped in boiled water with gauze . You should also see the same bags conjunctival paying attention to their color and blood supply ( not to be congested ) . One can also , if necessary, be washed with saline.Long-haired dogs , […]