The representatives of the old French breed of dog , structurally , are a cross between mastiffs and Doberman . The remains of the dog skeletons 2,000 years ago unearthed in western France , to speak of a very high affinity ancestors of our hero to modern living beauceronów . The first written records […]

Bergamasco Shepherd

                  Cane da Pastore Bergamasco (lit. Bergamskiego Shepherd Dog – from the city of Bergamo , Italy ) is an almost perfect dog that meets the desire to have scary -looking dog , as large ( females 56 cm + / – 2 cm, dogs 60 cm […]


It’s a hunting dog, so working-and yet never remain in isolation from the man whose company they like. These dogs are healthy, energetic, always cheerful, even extremely friendly, very easy learning, but walkin own way. To all mother nature has not skimped this breed beauty-the hazel eyes, long ears drooping slightly, white tail and compact […]

Akita American

Akita American. Large Japanese Dog (Akita American type) As dogs are companions Samurai and Shoguns, were seen as bold and fearless. Their very attitude meant that often deter strangers. Dogs were used during the course of game hunting. Currently, there are excellent dogs-comrades serve as a guard dog, and the dog team. To date, courage […]

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever that only partially work was scheduled culture , and partly the case in the activities of the British dog lovers , gave the beginnings of the breed golden retriever . The name ” retriever ” is derived from ” to retrieve ” – bring on searching. History says that the golden retriever is […]